Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Election Fraud: YouTube Censorship/Twitter Facism & Hypocrisy

 These were pulled by YouTube today.  What are they afraid of?

I fail to see how Rudy Giuliani speaking about the hanky-panky going on during the election is a threat to anybody - except maybe the crooks that actually pulled the hanky-panky?

And now onto Twitter's FACISM and HYPOCRISY.

The following is a pic of a tweet that Alec Baldwin posted:

This tweet has inspired many other people to join in and talk about how to commit a murder against the current president of the United States.  Trump is not a thug, and he did not destroy the country.

If anything, it seems like people like Alec Baldwin with such hate-filled rhetoric are the ones that inspired people to riot.

I really wish this sick man would seek professional help - he needs it.

Personally, I did not like Obama, or Bush, or Clinton.  But, I never ONCE suggested that any of them should be murdered, tortured, or anything like that.  

Anyway, this is a hateful tweet that is suggesting violence.  Twitter has not pulled it - or cancelled Baldwin's account.

Their community guidelines (i.e. their 'rules') do not apply to people they like - just as the lockdown rules do not apply to the elite.

That Twitter CEO needs 3 things:

1. Charges brought against him for obstructing a United States Election.

2. A Shower.

3. A Shave.


  1. I guess that Alec Baldwin is a hater. Haters gonna hate. It doesn't have to make sense, because they don't.
    How long has it been since you saw a county by county blue vs. red map of the US? There is not much blue on it.
    You're not crazy and you're not alone

    1. I keep wondering what the real numbers are... My guess is 74mil for trump and probably like 55mil for biden.

    2. We may never know. My gut tells me that it should have been a landslide for Trump.
      I hope the people that did all the vote rigging get prosecuted, but I lived in California to only see two trader get prosecuted for the billions in fraud from the energy manipulation of 2001.

  2. Thanks for preserving Rudy Guiliani's speech. He is a true friend to the President and the American people.

    1. You're welcome. Just doing what i can to help right now.

      I have already called my legislators and whatnot.

  3. Tomorrow, Jan. 6, we'll know more. I hope it is good news.