Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Election Fraud: The Server Flipping Votes

 This phenomena was observed by many people.  Some made YouTube videos that were immediately censored.  Personally, I think that YouTube needs to be found guilty of conspiracy to defraud a U.S. election.

Here is a clip from Banned.Video

Here are the numbers from the server:

timestamp: 2020-11-04T04:06:512
trumpd: 0.566 (1688780)
bidenj: 0.42  (1253159)
votes: 2983712
timestamp: 2020-11-04T04:07:432
trumpd: 0.566 (1689208 +428)
bidenj: 0.42  (1253476 +317)
votes: 2984468
timestamp: 2020-11-04T04:08:512
trumpd: 0.56  (1671332 -17876)
bidenj: 0.426 (1271406 +17930)
votes: 2984522

So, if I understand this right:

At 11:06, there were 2,983,712 votes.

At 11:07, there were 2,984,468 votes (756 votes came in).

At 11:08, there were 2,984,522 votes (54 votes came in).  But notice how only 54 votes came in, Biden gains 0.6% and Trump loses 0.6%.  54 is not 0.6% of 2,984,522 - not even close.  Donald Trump lost 17,608 votes, while Joe Biden gained 17,390 votes - can you say BULLSH!T?

Meddling with an election should be a serious crime - I wonder why the FBI/CIA and others are not investigating this?

I went to the FBI web-site, and I was tempted to report a felony to them - there are too many to count in this election.  Has anybody else tried this?  Reporting any of this data as a felony?

The answer that most people have is that the FBI is a corrupt institution now.  Proof please?

Anyway - if Biden gets into office, there will never be an honest election ever again.  All I can say is enjoy the next few days as you can - after that - America will be gone forever.


  1. It amazes me how many people I talk to don't see this coming. They're talking about 2024 already. I think one of the first orders of business for the incoming regime is going to be to take the Republican Party out, likely before 2022 and probably via some False Flag. The Democrats won't last long after that, either. We'll have a new 'Unity Party' by that time and you'll get to vote for candidates from the same party like in Chinese elections.

    1. Unless Trump pulls a rabbit out of his hat.
      And, the problem with that is - all the information about this fraudulent election, and many of the people. So - it's possible that even if Trump loses, things might still turn around.
      People are starting to realize the lockdowns and covid were complete fakes.

    2. NightWind: I agree with you. They will get rid of the republican party and the democrat party - claiming all it did was generate bickering. There will be a new "unity" party or some crap like that by 2022 or so.

      And - the dems will win georgia for the upcoming election. Thats a given since they just showed us all they can rig an election and get away with it.

      There are already dems wanting talk about rigged elections to be a crime.

      Once Biden is in office that will happen. Nobody will even be able to question election results

  2. I think that most of what our opponents were counting on is that between early November and late January is not enough time to contest an election. That is not with the Deep State obstructing every move. It is not over yet and the fat lady hasn't sung. He may still pull a rabbit out of the hat.