Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Election Fraud: Meet the Players


Start out with a nice video from president Trump.

Here is a confirmation from a REAL news source NewsMax:

So, why is this happening? 

Simple.  The politicians want to pass a fake bill through the senate - and the lame stream media will give everybody the impression that "It's the best thing in the world!".

But it isn't.  Trump will veto it, and they will say, "SEE! We told you Trump was a bad person!!!".

Painfully obvious - just as painfully obvious as the rigged election.

By the way - that blonde braided woman - it seems she ran through the same stack of ballots several times.

This woman belongs in jail.

Will that happen?  Well, I am skeptical.  It seems like Obama appointed judges all over the country to just ignore things like this (crimes that favor democrats).

And remember everybody - Republicans are the bad ones.  They're fascists right? 

Take it from this celebrity (if he looks good, then he must say good things):

And - I almost forgot a video that YouTube allegedly deleted:

I found it on the Gateway Pundit I think.


  1. Thanks for the video to Trump's address I hadn't viewed this one yet.

  2. He will have to veto it. It is that bad and his opponents are going to scream.