Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Election Fraud: YouTube Censorship/Twitter Facism & Hypocrisy

 These were pulled by YouTube today.  What are they afraid of?

I fail to see how Rudy Giuliani speaking about the hanky-panky going on during the election is a threat to anybody - except maybe the crooks that actually pulled the hanky-panky?

And now onto Twitter's FACISM and HYPOCRISY.

The following is a pic of a tweet that Alec Baldwin posted:

This tweet has inspired many other people to join in and talk about how to commit a murder against the current president of the United States.  Trump is not a thug, and he did not destroy the country.

If anything, it seems like people like Alec Baldwin with such hate-filled rhetoric are the ones that inspired people to riot.

I really wish this sick man would seek professional help - he needs it.

Personally, I did not like Obama, or Bush, or Clinton.  But, I never ONCE suggested that any of them should be murdered, tortured, or anything like that.  

Anyway, this is a hateful tweet that is suggesting violence.  Twitter has not pulled it - or cancelled Baldwin's account.

Their community guidelines (i.e. their 'rules') do not apply to people they like - just as the lockdown rules do not apply to the elite.

That Twitter CEO needs 3 things:

1. Charges brought against him for obstructing a United States Election.

2. A Shower.

3. A Shave.

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Election Fraud: The Server Flipping Votes

 This phenomena was observed by many people.  Some made YouTube videos that were immediately censored.  Personally, I think that YouTube needs to be found guilty of conspiracy to defraud a U.S. election.

Here is a clip from Banned.Video

Here are the numbers from the server:

timestamp: 2020-11-04T04:06:512
trumpd: 0.566 (1688780)
bidenj: 0.42  (1253159)
votes: 2983712
timestamp: 2020-11-04T04:07:432
trumpd: 0.566 (1689208 +428)
bidenj: 0.42  (1253476 +317)
votes: 2984468
timestamp: 2020-11-04T04:08:512
trumpd: 0.56  (1671332 -17876)
bidenj: 0.426 (1271406 +17930)
votes: 2984522

So, if I understand this right:

At 11:06, there were 2,983,712 votes.

At 11:07, there were 2,984,468 votes (756 votes came in).

At 11:08, there were 2,984,522 votes (54 votes came in).  But notice how only 54 votes came in, Biden gains 0.6% and Trump loses 0.6%.  54 is not 0.6% of 2,984,522 - not even close.  Donald Trump lost 17,608 votes, while Joe Biden gained 17,390 votes - can you say BULLSH!T?

Meddling with an election should be a serious crime - I wonder why the FBI/CIA and others are not investigating this?

I went to the FBI web-site, and I was tempted to report a felony to them - there are too many to count in this election.  Has anybody else tried this?  Reporting any of this data as a felony?

The answer that most people have is that the FBI is a corrupt institution now.  Proof please?

Anyway - if Biden gets into office, there will never be an honest election ever again.  All I can say is enjoy the next few days as you can - after that - America will be gone forever.

Monday, December 28, 2020

Election Fraud: The New Corona Virus

 So, right when there is a vaccine for covid19, all the sudden, a new strain appears.  This one, called the "super-duper-covid-vaccine-won't-work" is worse than the first, and guess what - we need to continue the lockdowns.

Clearly, the lockdowns were bullshit to begin with.

I tried to share the Bakersfield CA doctors talking about how the lockdowns made no sense.  They really did not - unless their goal was to put small business owners out of business.

And you know what - I said I wasn't going to do this - but I changed my mind.  Let's time line the last 4 years:

1. Donald Trump is elected.  Many people are not just upset - they go full NUCLEAR.

2. Riots start in many areas in the United States.

3. Hypothesis about 'Russian Collusion' pop up everywhere.

4. For 3+ years all we hear about is Russian Collusion.

5. For 3+ years, the media engages in complete smear campaigns - looking stupid as they do.

6. We hear that Russian Collusion is fake news.

7. We hear that the Russian Collusion investigation cost taxpayers MILLIONS.

8. We witness a fake impeachment trial - what was the reason for impeachment?

9. The impeachment accomplishes NOTHING.  Trump is still in office.

10. We all hear that a nasty bug is going around that can kill millions.

11. We hear numbers of fatalities coming out of Italy and other countries.

12. We witness the Governor of NY place COVID patients into senior homes - causing many unnecessary deaths (gotta get the death toll up somehow right?).

13. We see pictures of hospitals in NY with people everywhere.  They are fake - they are from Italy.

** One of my friends LIVES in Italy.  I asked him how many friends he has that are sick or dead - he said, "NOBODY"

14. We keep hearing about how incompetent Trump is at handling the crisis.  Despite 'hearing' it, we also hear that Trump reached out to the private sector, and gave many the PPE they needed.

15. We see a black drug-addict/criminal dying a horrible death - again, again, and again.

16. We see riots popping up everywhere - not just where George Kirby died, but other states, and even other countries.

17. We see statues getting pulled down because they "owned slaves".

18. We see statues of people getting pulled down who did NOT own slaves.

** At this point, it is important to note that pulling down statues and burning things down and talking about how bad they are - all happened in South America - and in Communist China - this is how the Communist Revolution in China unfolded.

19. We all see riots continue to play out in American cities because of black people being killed by the police (with iffy-wiffy details being given).

20. We all see more statues being pulled down because they are statues of 'bad people'.

21. We see people using firearms to defend themselves being charged with multiple crimes.  See Kyle Rittenhouse or the McCloskeys

22. We see the people endangering the safety of other having NO CHARGES PRESSED AGAINST THEM. Since they are rioting (i.e. destroying more businesses) - that is A-O-K.

23. We see people protesting the lockdowns being called super-spreaders.

24. We see people out rioting NOT being called super-spreaders.

25. We see California/Oregon forests burning.  We hear that it is global warming causing it (I guess that global warming only causes fires in those two states).  If you read alternate news, you hear about people being arrested for arson.

26. We see Donald Trump with a huge lead on election night.

27. We see the counting of ballots stop in several key states.

28. We see Joe Biden with a lead the next morning.

** At this point, based on where you get your news - you will see two things - Joe Biden picking cabinet members, or Donald Trump filing lawsuits and various videos of how fraudulent the election was.

Personally, I think it is too late at this point - but the speech the man below gives is truly inspirational.

I heard that some politicians want Trump thrown in jail - thrown in jail for what?

I also hear that some democrat politicians want to make "lists" of people that supported Trump.

This is NOT America anymore.

It resembles some kind of pre-WW2 Germany, or maybe the onslaught of the Chinese Communist Revolution.

This is NOT America anymore.

Buy guns while you can I guess - but keep in mind that if you use them to defend yourself or your property, you will be charged with a crime, and found guilty.

We do NOT live in America anymore.

This is something else. 

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Election Fraud: Chinese Interference

Watch it before the communists pull it.

I knew that China was behind the riots. It looks like they f**ked the election too.
YouTube pulled the video - watch on Rumble

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Election Fraud: Meet the Players


Start out with a nice video from president Trump.

Here is a confirmation from a REAL news source NewsMax:

So, why is this happening? 

Simple.  The politicians want to pass a fake bill through the senate - and the lame stream media will give everybody the impression that "It's the best thing in the world!".

But it isn't.  Trump will veto it, and they will say, "SEE! We told you Trump was a bad person!!!".

Painfully obvious - just as painfully obvious as the rigged election.

By the way - that blonde braided woman - it seems she ran through the same stack of ballots several times.

This woman belongs in jail.

Will that happen?  Well, I am skeptical.  It seems like Obama appointed judges all over the country to just ignore things like this (crimes that favor democrats).

And remember everybody - Republicans are the bad ones.  They're fascists right? 

Take it from this celebrity (if he looks good, then he must say good things):

And - I almost forgot a video that YouTube allegedly deleted:

I found it on the Gateway Pundit I think.

Monday, December 21, 2020

Election Fraud: Watch it while You Can.


So, I have been going through each state, and seeing which ones have more than 100% of the eligible voting population registered to vote.  Even states that are close to 100% would be suspect.

I keep hearing that Trump has big plans and whatnot - but I never see them.  I keep hearing about 'bombshells' but they are anything BUT bombshells.

Our election has been appropriated by criminals, and it seems like judges, politicians and other want to do NOTHING about it.  And of course, the media is continuing to call eye witnesses, video evidence and statistical impossibilities "baseless".

Anyway, here is my preliminary state voter analysis:

State Registered Qualified Turnout %Turnout
Alabama 3,708,804 3,534,452 2,323,282 63%/66%
Alaska 597,319 497,727 358,802 60%/72%
Arizona 4,281,152 4,628,522 3,385,845 79%/73%
Arkansas 1,755,775 2,128,496 1,219,014 69%/57%
California 22,047,448 27,170,431 17,397,269 79%/64%
Colorado 4,238,513 3,691,221 3,256,650 77%/88%
Connecticut 2,375,537 2,641,476 1,824,317 77%/69%
Delaware 738,563 668,525 504,010 68%/75%
Florida 14,065,627 14,391,694 11,067,456 79%/77%
Georgia 7,233,584 6,950,624 4,998,556 69%/72%
Hawaii 830,000 1,016,159 574,469 69%/57%
Idaho 1,010,984 1,110,755 868,105 86%/85%
Illinois 8,036,534 9,408,056 6,017,502 75%/64%
Indiana 4,585,024 4,694,121 3,035,088 66%/65%
Iowa 2,245,096 2,223,497 1,688,310 75%/76%
Kansas 1,851,397 2,049,278 1,333,804 72%/65%
Kentucky 3,565,428 3,193,812 2,136,768 60%/66%
Louisiana 3,091,340 3,290,774 2,148,062 ---
Maine 1,063,383 1,019,594 816,428 ---
Maryland 4,141,498 4,286,123 3,019,064 ---
Massachusetts 4,812,909 4,896,559 3,631,473 ---
Michigan 8,133,273 7,317,362 5,544,102 68%/76%
Minnesota 3,588,563 3,889,227 3,277,270 91%/84%
Mississippi 1,985,928 2,123,241 1,315,240 ---
Missouri 4,213,092 4,395,560 3,029,586 ---
Montana 696,292 739,858 605,750 ---
Nebraska 1,252,089 1,318,079 952,271 ---
Nevada 1,821,356 2,000,646 1,405,376 ---
New Hampshire 998,537 990,135 804,430 ---
New Jersey 6,486,299 6,544,590 4,565,757 ---
New Mexico 1,350,181 1,499,956 923,965 ---
New York 13,555,547 14,493,452 7,170,577 ---
North Carolina 7,361,219 7,002,737 5,524,813 ---
North Dakota 581,379 498,347 361,819 ---
Ohio 7,774,767 8,506,569 5,929,361 ---
Oklahoma --- --- --- ---
Oregon --- --- --- ---
Pennsylvania --- --- --- ---
Rhode Island --- --- --- ---
South Carolina --- --- --- ---
South Dakota --- --- --- ---
Tennessee --- --- --- ---
Texas --- --- --- ---
Utah 1,857,861 1,850,474 1,488,289 ---
Vermont --- --- --- ---
Virginia --- --- --- ---
Washington --- --- --- ---
West Virginia --- --- --- ---
Wisconsin --- --- --- ---
Wyoming --- --- --- ---

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Election Theft: Left Wing Censorship


Let's see if BLOGGER censors them.

Remember - that left-wingers are supposed to be against censorship.

They clearly are not.

Both of these videos were downloaded by me from YouTube.  Then YouTube pulled them.

After this post, I will post the lists of senators and representatives to contact about our fraudulent election.

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Election Fraud: YouTube Censorship

 So, I've heard that YouTube is now censoring ANY videos that talk about voter fraud, or deny that Joe Biden is president.

Odd too.  Remember 4 years ago all the stories about Russia collusion?  Those were all fake from the start - no videos pulled or censored.

I am sick to death of these dirt bags doing this.

I am also sick to death of liberals. 

Ideas are being censored.  Where is the liberal outrage?  The mass boycotts?

There are alternatives to YouTube, but they all suck - Rumble shows the most promise though.

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Election Theft: The Blonde Braided Woman

So, Who is this woman:

What did she take in that video above, and is this the same woman who told Georgia election workers to go home at 10:30?

Please watch that video above carefully, notice the guy in the green jacket covers for her - and does a "fake" stretch just as she gets up to leave - yeah - nothing funny there.

This is the best image of her I could get.

Whoever she is, she needs to get arrested, deposed or whatever, and she needs to be asked what she took - and if she was the one that told people to go home prematurely, why did she do that?  Why were those other ballots under that table - and were they legit?

I also want to know why the video above is not viral like the other one:


Normally, under these extreme circumstances, I would make a video and post it on YouTube, but I know it would just get pulled, since so many others are.

The video at the top of this post got pulled several times from YouTube (the link is to BitChute). WHY???

I have also heard that in Nevada, HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of ballots were fake - people who do not live in NV, dead people, illegals, and people voting twice...  But a judge in Carson City threw the case out to delay the electorates?  Judge James Todd Russell - and others I guess - said there was no evidence of voter fraud (or election fraud).

Thursday, December 3, 2020

The Election was Rigged, and the News is LYING TO YOU!

I find it odd that most Lame-Stream-Media headlines say things like, "Trump Rehashes Baseless Voter Fraud Claims". There are more and more witnesses coming forward - many of them USPS workers, claiming the hanky panky they saw. At least two of them that I heard are NOT POLITICAL at all. I ask you to watch these videos:

10,315 Dead people voted. All his numbers add up to 143,835 votes. Biden won in Georgia by just over 13,000. Just the dead voters alone raise questions. Notice the big number 66,248 underaged voters. Are people telling thier kids to register and vote illegally??? Or did some unscrupulous hacker get a list of all the kids and register them to vote too - then fabricate the ballots?

The hot headed lady politician calls the witnesses LIARS. That was out of line. The beautiful witness replies, you can ask me a hundred times or in the middle of the night, my answer will be the same, liars need memory I don't.
Remember - the Lame-Stream-Media (NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, POLITICO, THE HILL, THE GUARDIAN, VOX - and I guess FOX now too - etc) are calling all of this "baseless".

Here is the kicker. I have been monitoring Donald Trump's YouTube Channel. He has gained 150,000 subscribers in less than 1 day. His latest speech got more than 5 million views in less than 24 hours. Here it is (46 minutes - WORTH THE WATCH):

You can scoff at this, and try to brush Donald Trump away as a "sore loser". But if you are reading this, and you value the democratic party, you might want to talk sense into your leaders. Eye witness testimony and VIDEO EVIDENCE is not baseless.
More and more people are coming forward.
Once one person squeels, they all squeel.

I do not know what the Lame-Stream-Media is hoping to accomplish by ignoring all this and calling eye witnesses "baseless".
I also do not know what YouTube hopes to accomplish by sensoring certain election fraud claims.
If all this is proven - I cannot see a reason why any sane person would vote for another Democrat ever again.