Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Attention Women: You're Being Lied To

   In 1963, the United States passed the Equal Pay Act. This was an act designed to quell hysterical feminists of that era who claimed that there was a Wage Gap.

That was 57 years ago.

And I still hear young women complaining that they do not get paid the same as men. I still hear that there is a Wage Gap.

The obvious thing that regular readers aware of: there never was or is a wage gap.

For some odd reason, a slew of women refuse to believe this.

I cannot comprehend them.

They have had 57 years of voting in their favorite left-wing politicians.
They have had 57 years of passing all kinds of legislation.

And it still exists?

If you are one of those women and reading this:

Either your politicians are incompetent and cannot enact change


They are lying to you and installing a sense of hate (via fake injustice) in you to get your vote.

I believe this is what is called a Demagogue. In case that is a 50 cent word for you: A Demagogue is a leader who gains popularity in a democracy by exploiting emotions, prejudice, and ignorance to arouse some against others.

And the whole Wage Gap hoax is just one in a stream of bogus issues that are hysterically presented to women (to get their hate going full force).

Do you like being mislead by women like this:

It is also very awkward that women like that are even idols for women - lame.

For the women my age - who were naive enough to listen to hate mongers - I have only 1 question


  1. Women are not rational, but they are wholly calculating. You either have power in the world and over a woman, or she hurts you. This is basic read pill. You will not explain self-interested reason to savages and women. They have very different reasons. Fool you a thousand times, then shame on you. You need attractive animal power not cooperative human value to make your case. Red the effing pill already: evolutionary psychology, empiricism, rationalism. A woman's happiness is a false idol. Women don't seek peace. They are happy seeking more. The alligator-shark circuitry never turns off.

    1. Hmm. I do agree with you - women don't want peace - they want drama (you said 'more').

      Also, 57 years of brainwashing is not going to disappear overnight - it'll take decades for it to go away.

      I was hoping to lure some feminists into a debate. This is going to be my new post format. Next one, I'll throw some humor in it.

  2. Women want to believe it. That is why it persists. I used to watch a lot of CNBC and the CEO of Pepsi was once asked about the wage gap that she affirmed, why she hadn't hired all women if they work for seventy seven percent of what men do. She responded that it was too complicated.
    Yes, Jack Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act into law. It was that long ago.

    1. Equal pay act into law - a long time ago - 3 generations roughly. And women still claim that there is a wage gap.

      Clearly, that act did nothing - they should repeal it then?

      "Too Complicated" - now that is funny.

      Translation: I don't want to expose the lie we have all been told and end all the unnecessary hatred.

    2. The interpretation that i took was that men were so productive that paying them a dollar for every seventy seven cents paid to women gave Pepsi more value. That is the part that the CEO was afraid to speak. From a productivity standpoint, men have to be paid far less than they are worth so that women can be paid the same as men.

    3. That does bring up a good point. How many women spend too much time at the water cooler?

      Every job I've had, when i go to get water there's always 2 or more women already there gossiping...

    4. It always has been that way and always will. If women got paid based on productivity, they would be screaming.

    5. They're already screaming...

    6. I don't think that any employer has been found guilty of underpaying women. Recently, the BBC did their own audit and found they had to start paying a lot of men more.

    7. I've heard that some companies are so fearful of discrimination lawsuits that they purposely pay women more to avoid them.

    8. It would not come as a surprise to me if most companies do that by default. The BBC ladies were jealous of the top talent and their pay, but never thought about the bulk of it, the middle and lesser. Apex fallacy strikes again.