Wednesday, September 30, 2020

If They'll Censor the President, They'll Censor Anybody

 This is why I have no respect anymore for liberals/democrats.  This is a group of people who claim that they support freedom of speech, and fight against fascism.

No bigger lie has ever been told.

The fact is, liberals have convinced themselves that their way is the right way - the only right way.  All other possibilities, lines of thought and whatnot are therefore wrong, and need to be eradicated. 

That is called fascism.  And that is what liberals and democrats have come to.

Twitter is censoring the President of the United States, as is Facebook (and possibly other tech giants).  Not because he is a potty mouth, but because they disagree with his point of view.

The odd thing about that is, liberals have either been quiet about this, or have said, "Oh, well, they are a private company - they can do whatever they want."  If left wingers were getting censored, they'd be singing a different tune - we all know that.

Not one single liberal or democrat I know has said, "This is censorship, and that is wrong - we need to stop twitter from doing this."

Not one single one.  And going through it, I know more than 40.

Liberalism is a lie.

Democrats are also a lie.

If they'll censor the president, they'll censor anybody.

Liberals/democrats - you should have stopped this, but you didn't.

That speaks volumes about what you really support.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Attention Women: You're Being Lied To

   In 1963, the United States passed the Equal Pay Act. This was an act designed to quell hysterical feminists of that era who claimed that there was a Wage Gap.

That was 57 years ago.

And I still hear young women complaining that they do not get paid the same as men. I still hear that there is a Wage Gap.

The obvious thing that regular readers aware of: there never was or is a wage gap.

For some odd reason, a slew of women refuse to believe this.

I cannot comprehend them.

They have had 57 years of voting in their favorite left-wing politicians.
They have had 57 years of passing all kinds of legislation.

And it still exists?

If you are one of those women and reading this:

Either your politicians are incompetent and cannot enact change


They are lying to you and installing a sense of hate (via fake injustice) in you to get your vote.

I believe this is what is called a Demagogue. In case that is a 50 cent word for you: A Demagogue is a leader who gains popularity in a democracy by exploiting emotions, prejudice, and ignorance to arouse some against others.

And the whole Wage Gap hoax is just one in a stream of bogus issues that are hysterically presented to women (to get their hate going full force).

Do you like being mislead by women like this:

It is also very awkward that women like that are even idols for women - lame.

For the women my age - who were naive enough to listen to hate mongers - I have only 1 question

Friday, September 18, 2020


 A common ploy for conquerors is to create a slew of turmoil within while attacking from the outside.  I think communism is a force that does this.  There is so much infighting that the outer forces are weakened.

I believe that something similar is happening right now.  The riots are providing a distraction.  They are engineered to create a large amount of distrust for your fellow citizens.  Yes, there are people dumb enough to believe that yelling at people "YOU'RE RACIST" will magically make actual racism go away (a problem that is minor in the grand scheme of the USA).

While people have thier opinions and argue with each other, or yell and throw things at each other, I get the feeling that something more nefarious is occurring.

I've been browsing news sites (back door news sites as main stream is a waste of time).  I haven't found out what it is.


Thursday, September 17, 2020

Monday, September 7, 2020

GiveSendGo website pulled?

 I just tried to visit the site funding Kyle Rittenhouse.

It looks like it's been pulled.

It's no longer there.  I get a browser error.

Has anybody heard anything?