Wednesday, July 22, 2020

On Hate...

Have you ever noticed that there are quite a few people these days who absolutely insist on believing the WORST about other people?

If you follow this blog - we'll take the feminists as an example:
All Men Are Rapists.

Now, I have never raped anybody - and I have never wanted to rape anybody.  The idea of a woman screaming, kicking and crying while I am trying to have sex with her - major turn off.

I have never met a guy that would enjoy that either - so - why such a hateful statement from them?

Let's focus on something more modern:
Black Lives Matter pulling down statues because the people they portray owned slaves.

Well, OK - sounds solid - BUT - here's a hypothetical:

Slavery is legal, and you keep hearing about them being treated horrifically...

How many slaves would you buy?

Remember - people that supported slavery were willing to kill the president of the United States.  I am sure they would not have thought twice about killing an ordinary yocal with a few extra bucks - i.e. somebody getting in their face telling them they are wrong for owning slaves.

It is a strange phenomena that many people today go out of their way to look for the bad in people - and ignore the good (this is the attitude feminism dropped on men).

How many black lives have been saved by the police?

How many people on a murder spree in a predominantly black neighborhood were stopped by the police?

We never hear about that.  All we hear about is the minority who are incompetent or sadistic - and of course - WHITE..

We never hear about the good police do.
We never hear about the good men do.
We never hear about the good white people do.

Why is that?

And, when you try to show the positivity - you are often met with extreme hostility.


I believe that I do have a theory.  I have mentioned psychological projection before.  I think there is also something sinister going on and that is this.

These people who want to only show the negativity in others - are doing so to feel better about themselves.

They are evil, sadistic human beings and they want - no they NEED - to believe everybody else is just as sick as they are.

The sickest thing of all - many incredibly DUMB people waste their time listening to these haters.
Jenny Durkan


  1. I do have a problem with the police. They seem to think that they are entitled to kill people on a regular basis. It amounts to three people a day across the US, that is what one thousand to twelve hundred boils down to in whole numbers. Maybe, I have seen too many videos.

    1. That's the point of this post. You're being fed the negative aspects of the police and none of the positive aspects.

      Like a good lapdog - your gobbling it right up.

    2. It's not just the entitlement, it is that that they feel that they are superior to law abiding citizens who respect the rule of law. They hold us in contempt.

    3. Gobble Gobble Gobble. How many police officers have you spoken too? For real - I am seeing negative stereotypes being thrown out - when the fact is - people are ignorant.

      This is how hate actually starts.

    4. Also, in 2019 1004 people were killed by the police. That's less than 3 per day (source And how many of those fired on the officer first? None? Half? The number goes even lower when self defense is taken into account.

      And how many of those shot would have gone on to kill others if not stopped?

      You are stereotyping. Something that no true blooded antifeminist would do - as they know what it's like to be on the receiving end.

      Very tasteless indeed.

  2. There is a terrible problem with analyzing police statistics, the FBI, and we, have to rely on the police for them. You can see how this could be a problem.
    As for bias, I have to wonder if it works in favor of police as people have to see them as positive as they are dependent on them for protection. When I gave up drinking, I was told that I would never have to fear the bright lights in my rear view mirror again. That is not true any more.

    1. It's not true no matter what. Taillight out, your vehicle might match the description of a recently stolen vehicle, you might look like a murder suspect etc...

      Doesn't mean the cop is a dick.

    2. I am right to be afraid of what they may do. Now, look at you. The incident is only hypothetical and you are already making up excuses for them.

    3. I'm not making excuses. I'm counteracting your negative stereotype.

      It's what I do. Usually I counter feminism this way.

      It looks like lately, police are the target.

      The hate never stops.

      Are you from the USA?

  3. It's not hate on my part. As the former auditor says in the video. it's not a bad apple, it's the culture.

    1. You're following the MSMs cherry picked stories, you are hate.

      There are 800,000 cops in the US and the media goes out of its way to show us a few bad ones. And they show the same clips again and again.

      Back at ya.
      Feminists cherry pick rotten cases of men behaving badly to stereotype and demonize men.

      I find it disgusting that the mainstream is now targeting cops.

      It's not the culture, it's a steady stream of cherry picked stories or partial stories being repeatedly shown to enforce a narrative and crap ideology.

  4. Part of the problem is that we have to rely on the mainstream media for news. The problem with that is the police have suborned the press to be little more than cheerleaders. Without the police as a source, the press would have to go out and find news. That is too much like work.
    You guys believe whatever you want to believe. Reality has a way of correcting things. As for the police, they are only going to get worse as it gets harder for them to hire.There was a case recently in Fort Bend Co. TX. A deputy shot and killed a constable. That deputy flunked the last stage of his training and the sheriff kept him on. Lots of cops are flunking their psych exams. That should worry anyone. Acting like an ostrich won't help.

  5. You condemn my previous citation as being "cherry picked" and now you want my examples to be cited?
    This is for the death of the Fort Bend County Constable at the hands of the Fort Bend County Sheriff.
    As for the qualifications of the indicted sheriff, look at 5:40 to 12:30. David has sources in various Texas police departments.
    As for police flunking psych exams, that is speculation, but it can't be far from true. As for trouble hiring, I have heard that for the last twenty years and it has gotten more shrill in that time.
    I'll leave you with one more. This one says a lot about cops without getting violent. I think the whole lot of them should go to prison. Violating civil rights guaranteed by the US Constitution is a felony.
    Prison is a good place for people who have this much contempt for the law.

    1. One thing, allow me to clear up a point. The "whole lot of them" in the video should go to prison for violating that homeowner's Fourth Amendment rights. At the very least, they should have vacated as soon as they admitted to not having a warrant. That they persisted is telling.

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