Tuesday, June 9, 2020

There is something wrong with the Riots and Black Lives Matter

For the past couple of weeks, I have been browsing all kinds of conspiracy theories on the riots.  I have debunked all of them (not going to waste time explaining) - except for the piles of bricks appearing in some cities - I can't debunk those.

Why all the conspiracy theories?

My own theory is this.

When something is out of place - or does not quite have a solid ring to it, people sense that - smart people - and they dig around - and find holes, or other things - and the conspiracy theories fly.

The people coming up with these are very smart.  Yet, not always terribly observant.

This is really going to anger a lot of people - but - somebody has to say it.
 Mobs of angry black people - er uhm - people - take to the streets!

The crime that Derek Chauvin is being tried and convicted for in the public eye is this

He deliberately killed a black man by putting his knee on his neck.  He was not trained to do that, he deliberately put his knee on his neck in order to kill George Floyd, and he did so simply because of George Floyd's skin color.

So - if George Floyd had been white, Mr. Chauvin would not have done that.

Remember too - George Floyd was a gentle giant - who once robbed a woman at knife point - - - gently I guess.

The media got everybody whipped up into a frenzy by showing the same clip over and over and over and over and over again.
 More angry black people - uhm - white Karens - people take to the streets!

Odd too - if it was a hate crime - why didn't YouTube censor it?  I thought that videos showing hate crimes were censored on YouTube?  Yet - it is there...???

What is happening here - America is doing away with due process, and relying on the court of public opinion to decide people's fates.  In other words, if CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NPR and all the other ass-hat-lame-stream-medias decide you are a bad person - you are f**ked.  You have no civil rights.

That is wrong.  Just as wrong as a police officer intentionally killing a suspect because of his skin color.

There is no court in America that will give Derek Chauvin a fair trial.  Said court would have to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Derek Chauvin would NOT have treated a white suspect the same way.

That is something that will never happen.

Kiss due process good bye.

Black people are dying in the riots - both police and civilians - black businesses are being destroyed.  Non black businesses that employ blacks are being destroyed.

All under the guise of "Black Lives Mattering" - bullshit.

This is the media taking control and doing away with people's civil liberties.  It is sad too that for some reason, they believe they can exploit blacks and get them to act this way.

This is truly a sad time for America and American Blacks.

As for all the white people holding signs.  Why do those people feel so obligated to prove something about themselves???

Anyway - throw your media induced hate-tomatoes at me below!


  1. I'm pretty sure it is all a government hoax:


    1. Ok. I haven't seen that one yet. And that narrator makes some excellent points.

      BUT. If there is a force or entity responsible for this, I'd guess its the media.

      The media stands to gain the most from it. Advertising.

      And - it is a puzzler. Where is the person filming from behind the police car

    2. Not convinced. He makes a good point about where is the other camera person... But Chauvins knee was on Floyd's neck for 9 minutes. He convinces himself there is no other cameraman based on less than 1 minute of video?

      I have also met masons. My martial arts instructor was asked to join as was i. They are incompetent douchebags incapable of pulling stunts like that.

      The real coverup here is hiding the fact that the media kept showing the same 3 to 4 seconds of video in order to enrage the public.

      They also painted an innaccurate picture of floyd in order to make the masses empathize with him.

      The media is responsible for the riots

  2. I think that the public just got tired of police intimidating everybody to no good end. They also got tired of seeing police get away with all manner of crime, including murder. Their patience ran out with George Floyd. It's just a matter of timing.

  3. I think that it was in an earlier post that you were going to look into police unions. They're real and real powerful. This video may help with an overview.
    Thy are trying to get the public to see things as they do. The problem is the public is not as psychotic as they are.

    1. Well, haven't had time, because as i said, conspiracy theories are flying, and i chose to investigate them. The one in the comnent above i hadn't run into. I watched the whole video - and at first the missing cameraman had me going until i examined how long the incident took place.

    2. The unions will be like an onion, many layers. There is a lot there to take in.

  4. The riots and demonstrations might be distracting us from what is really going on. People are furious at police. This is just seven minutes out of eight hours of a virtual town hall meeting with the LA Police Commission from a week ago. I'll bet the Police Chief's ears are still burning.