Wednesday, June 3, 2020

NBC is Fake News

This might be old news to some - and I want to clarify - not MSNBC - but NBC.

So - we have all seen the video of the brave man who video recorded the pile of bricks - here is a screen shot:
Please observe this image carefully.  He is standing by a cross walk - you can see the white light figure near the top middle of the screen.  Also notice behind him there are lights and sidewalk - like he is near a city strip.

This is from a VIDEO. If it were one still frame - you could scream "photoshopped" - not applicable here.  Watch the video - the link is above - notice the street he is on - crowded with businesses. 

I have been damned curious who the hell put the bricks there - and no major news outlets are covering it.  Why not.  I did find that NBC finally decided to cover it - HERE IS THAT LINK.

To start - observe the title of the article:
"Viral rumors about bricks meant to encourage protest shown to be false"
OK - so - all of you reading - you are not seeing actual PROOF - this is all just a RUMOR.
FALSE - we can all see the bricks, and this is no rumor.
The headline should read something like, "Bricks found it rioting cities are incidental, not meant to encourage rioting" - something like that.
Notice they come out guns blazing - RUMORS.

According to the article, they claim they used geo-location (not sure that is the right word to use here - see the link below):
"NBC News' Verification Unit geolocated the photos and tracked down the bricks to a Dallas parking lot."
Please pay close attention to the picture below:
 This is the construction site where NBC claims the bricks have been for months.  I watched the video - I don't think the picture above and the video are in the same place.

If I am mistaken (which happens of course) - please let me know.

It seems like NBC has deliberately located a construction site NEAR where the video was shot and is trying to claim that the pile of bricks blocking a cross walk have been there for months - then they give us a picture which looks like nowhere near where the original video was shot???

And they refer to all this as a RUMOR - fake - the bricks are real not a rumor.  And the image they provided above looks to be nowhere hear where the brave man recorded the bricks.

All this said, I do not believe that Bill Gates had anything to do with this.  Nor do I think Donald Trump had anything to do with this.

I am just seriously curious why the lamestream media FAILED to cover it - or explain it - and when they do - they seem WAY OFF - like trying to spoon feed us some BS.

Another mysterious incident is the 'Umbrella Man'.  A white man dressed in what looks like tactical gear holding an umbrella and a hammer - and systematically breaking windows of businesses.
LINK TO VIDEO - sorry - the conspiracy theory is in the video - that he is a police office.

I don't buy that.  But again, I wonder why the lamestream media is not focusing on him at all either.

A man in full tactical gear - who does not appear to be with the normal protestors - smashing windows with a hammer...

Sounds like a story to me.

If the media presented us with stories like, "Piles of bricks seen in Dallas are the result of constructions" - accompanied with images of the actual cross walk where the video was shot - and some others - but they don't do that.

Or, "Umbrella man with hammer is an ex auto zone employee who was disgruntled" - accompanied with photos of him and interviews with coworkers.

Instead - we get crickets - or we get lies and misdirection.

And isn't it awkward too - that right when the 'LOCKDOWN' is lifted - we get imposed curfews?

One news outlet (in Australia not America) offers a video of a white man stabbing a black man during the riots.  You need serious balls to kill a black man when blacks are supposedly "heated up" and "rioting".

Sorry, I have to call bullshit on this whole thing - from the COVID to the RIOTS.

There is something going on that they don't want us to know about.

One last weird thing:

All the Democrats I know are saying Trump is staging the riots to help himself get re-elected.
All the Republicans I know are saying Biden is staging the riots to help himself get elected.

Others I know are saying Bill Gates is staging the riots - No reason given by those people.

The grim fact is, Biden's campaign managers do donate money to organizations that are bailing out the rioters.  Sorry Dems...


  1. News Now Houston identified Umbrella Man as a St.Paul policeman. Actually, his ex-wife did. St. Paul PD has denied this.
    His villain are the police unions and there is more than a little reason to suspect them. Cui bono.
    As for NBC, it is good that both Chet Huntley and David Brinkley aren't here to see this. The bourbon soaked cynics have been replaced by SJWs.

    1. I did a proper inspection of that image too. I really don't think that cop is the umbrella man. Eye color is different, shape of skull at eyebrow is different, and overall skintone is different.

      I won't discard the possibility that umbrella man is a cop, but I really don't think that's him.

    2. I think that the police have realized that they are in deep doo-doo since the video surfaced of George Floyd's murder. They are going to pull out all the stops to maintain their position and kep themselves unaccountable. They are not going to go down easy.

    3. The 4 officers have all been arrested and facing charges.

      Are you suggesting that the police are the ones placing the bricks?

      If you are, please elaborate.

    4. What I am suggesting is that this goes far beyond the death of one man and four cops going to trial. What I am suggesting is that police unions are in full panic mode.

    5. Interesting. I'll research this. I did not know police had unions.