Monday, June 15, 2020

Just Keep Watching the Television...

Charles Lieber Communist You've all heard of the Commie-Pinko Charles Lieber being arrested (during the COVID-19 crisis) for not reporting funding from China or something like that. Yup. Nothing to see here. Watch the horror stories on CNN and MSNBC and other fake news outlets - pay no attention to Charles Lieber! Ya got riots, race hatred, deadly diseases all kinds of crap to be TERROR-ified by!

Simon Ang Communist Have you heard about Simon Ang? Another professor from Arkansas also arrested - during the COVID-19 pandemic too! But - ehhh - it's just wire fraud. Nothing to see here! Watch those riots on NBC, ABC, and CBS - all that racial hatred! I mean, you gotta stay up to date right?  Watch them riots and Orange Man Bad!

Anming Hu Communist Wait - Here's another - Anming Hu a professor at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville was arrested too. And son of a gun - coincdentally - during the COVID-19 crisis. Well, all of this is a complete coincidence. Keep watching the riots and the faked footage from an italian hospital on that coronavirus thingee. YUP! Nothing to see here.  Orange Man Bad!

James Patrick Lewis Communist 'Ello Govonah! What's This! A professor from West Virginia University was also arrested during the onset of the COVID-19 crisis. Huh. Will the coincidences ever stop! The important thing is to watch the riots on T.V. and listen to all the fake news talking about what bad people Caucasians are!  Orange Man Bad!  Hydroxychloroquine KILLS!

The arrests are continuing too - many others are being arrested - and VERY HARD to track down on the internets. It's almost like the information is being obscured by other things - or even censored - nah can't be - America Loves the 1st amendment - especially liberals!  Not like liberals ever want anybody to shut up!

Well, I'm sure this is all a coincidence. I'd wager a guess that the 170,000 twitter accounts that Twitter just deleted were probably just conservatives and not REALLY related to the Chinese Government...

I wonder too - just imagine what you could do with 170,000 Twitter accounts. 170,000 accounts all in unison agreeing with each other - and liking whatever they will - I wonder if you could influence people to - oh I don't know - RIOT Maybe???  Get blacks to riot in America - the country that produced more famous black people pioneering is various fields than any other country on the planet - by getting them to think they are being oppressed by America?  Nah - couldn't be...

Well, all of this is nonsense anyway. There is no reason for China to inflict harm on the United States of America now is there?

It's not like they were manufacturing a deadly virus, and make a vaccine for their own people, and nobody else - and that virus accidentally escaped from one of their labs now is it?

Just imagine what would happen to China - if all the countries on GOD's green earth discovered that they did manufacture a virus, and that virus was meant to KILL people (except China's own) - and that escaped and killed many other countries citizens...

I wonder...

What would happen to China if that were revealed...


  1. Twenty percent of Earth's population resides in China. I guess that the other eighty percent would be very angry.

    1. Great. How much arsenol is in China vs the rest of the world...

  2. What would happen to China would be that Xi's plan for the 'New Silk Road' would collapse. In fact, they were responsible for causing the pandemic in Iran and Korea; and very likely caused it in Italy too.

    The only place you can find news about Swamp-Draining in Academia and elsewhere is to go to the US Department of Justice's website and read their Press Releases. The MSM has access to all of that too but ignores 99% of it.

    1. Thanks. One of the arrests above i initially found there, but it was hard to read so i swapped it with an article from a lesser known outlet.

      I'm going to monitor that sight more closely

  3. While this is not about China, Covid-19 is still very much with us. Toronto is still shut down.

  4. There is one detail that does speak for the Chinese. This disease is not very deadly. It's about as potent as ordinary influenza. You would think that if someone wanted to cause havoc deliberately, they would have released a more powerful virus. I can imagine this getting away from them in their laboratory. What is the old saying, "Never attribute to malfeasance that which can be explained by incompetence." China suffered too.

    1. It's a crappy bio weapon because it was made in China. Everything from China sucks.

      They were trying to make a bio weapon. It escaped. Chinese citizens died along with other citizens.

      The labs in China need to be wiped off the face of the planet. China should no longer be allowed access to the internet. COOL laws need to be reinstated.