Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Black Lives Don't Matter

Not to liberals/democrats.

Earlier today I came across a news article where one of the founders of BLM stated they just want to get rid of Trump.  The article has disappeared.  My attempts to find it...  Well, just google "black lives matter want to get rid of Trump".  It'll be a slew of articles from CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, POLITICO and other fake news bashing #45.

With Trump in office, black unemployment is at an all time low.

Donald Trump has done more for Blacks than any other president.  Except Mr. Lincoln.

But who cares... Orange man bad right?

The irrationality and hate from the left has become absolutely choking.

Before any nimrods jump on me and accuse me of being a right wing extremist, I'll say I'm a registered non-partisan.

But, who cares orange man bad right.
No good will come from Black Lives Matter.

Police will not patrol black neighborhoods anymore.  Gangs will take over.  Young men and women wanting to get out of those neighborhoods won't - they'll be trapped by gang lords.  They won't get a good education.  They won't get a good career.  They'll be stuck in the hood.

I studied feminism in detail.  Despite what the faggot MRAs say, it was a left wing movement.

It was disguised as a pro female movement.

It made women miserable and a complete joke.

Black Lives Matter mimics feminism in many ways.  Promises liberation, where no oppression exists.  It dwells on things in the distant past, often revising history as necessary.  It is a left wing movement.  Right wing blacks are not welcome.
Welcome to the left wing mob my friend.

They're about to do to you what they did for women.

Black Lives DO NOT Matter to these people.

Orange man bad is all that matters.

An aside - My house was robbed last night.  It should be entertaining to see how the police are these days.  I have already filed a police report.


  1. Replies
    1. I'd guess about $1000 worth of stuff.

      I don't want to give details over the internet, to avoid doxxing.

  2. I am sorry to hear that. The loss of the stuff is little compared to the loss of confidence in the security of your house. Years ago, I had the radio stolen from my car. It was a long time before it was replaced.
    To get back to the post, how big is the swamp and deep does it go? Feminism took decades. It seems like BLM came up with the spring grass, having been dormant since the last election.

    1. Liberals/Democrats have been screwing with black people for years. As long as they vote democratic, they won't get LABELLED as 'Uncle Tom'

    2. I was informed of something recently. Eighty percent of the black vote is female. Something else to make my head want to get scratched.

    3. What I want to know.

      What percent of ppl dying from covid are republican?