Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Watch this while you can - It is being censored

YOUTUBE LINK for some reason, they are pulling it.

I have downloaded it.

Liberals are debunking it, conservatives are not.

Something is very wrong here.
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Sunday, April 26, 2020

COVID19 - the COMMIE FLU - symptoms

After more than a month of calling people, I finally spoke with somebody via phone who had the COMMIE FLU.

Here are the symptoms he experienced:

The first thing he said, "it is not the flu".

First four days - no sense of smell or taste, a mild cough that kept getting worse.  Nose dry - not running - throat dry.  Increasing fever.

Day 4 - 11 really dry cough with small amounts of blood in it.  High fever.  Sensation of weight on chest.  No energy.

Day 11+ cough subsiding, but no energy.  Sensation of a heavy weight on chest.

He is a 54 year old man living in New York.  He has been sick for 28 days now.

He is slowly getting better.  He said days 4 - 11 he felt about a 3/10.  Extreme fever and dizziness.

Day 11+ fever going away took about 2 weeks to go from 3/10 to 7/10.

Day 28 he says he's still at a 7.

This sounds like a real nasty virus. 

I am not sharing this with you to frighten you.

Knowledge is power.

If you experience something like this, and you are having a hard time breathing, DO NOT F×CK AROUND, DO NOT BE A TOUGH GUY.


It is important that like minded men survive this thing.

I have a feeling that Dr. Kshatriya was spot on - the 2020s - we are in for a fight, and there is strength in numbers.

Stay well, follow the CDC guidelines.

Do not ignore this or downplay it.

Yes.  50% of people who get this never experience symptoms.  Good odds - but don't play them - not worth it.

Stay well, follow the CDC guidelines.

Friday, April 17, 2020

CoronaVirus - the COMMIE FLU

I have been scatter brained lately - and drained lately.  I am having a hard time collecting my thoughts - here are some random thoughts (some of these are humor/sarcasm - in case any futrellians are reading)

So, with the new corona virus, is the 10 second rule for food dropped on the floor changed to just 3 seconds?  Or is this a myth?

Now that all the children are quarantined in their houses - many wimminz are claiming that "children are more vulnerable than ever to sexual predators".  Yeah - bullshit.  These cunts never miss an opportunity to berate men do they?  Anti-feminist nailed it.

Millennials are seriously retarded.  When the corona virus first came out, they said, "It doesn't effect young people".  Bullshit - it effects everybody equally.  The reason this rumor started - SPRING BREAK.  Spring Break generates 1.8 BILLION in revenue.  More than enough reason to lie.  Which is what they did - and what the millenials were retarded enough to believe - now many of them are sick.  Not only sick - but media interviews of them showed how callous they were about this pandemic towards "older" people.  Not only are they retarded - they are sadistic too.  F*ck them all. 

So - when this crap first started, many people said that the coronavirus came from a lab in china.  They were all labelled as conspiracy lunatics.  Eh - not any more.  I wonder if the people who berated them as "nuts" feel any kind of remorse - I doubt it.

If this is a conspiracy to make Trump look bad, why is Trump going along with it?  This is not a conspiracy.  The corona virus is real.  People are dying.  Trump has a spine - he would have called the corona virus "fake news" when it first came out.  Instead - he took action (which got him called a racist of course).

That said, I have inside information (I know 3 doctors).  They are all being told to label all deaths at this time as being caused by the corona virus.  This is true.  If a person dies from a heart attack - and they had a cough or anything else - doctors are being ordered to classify it as a "corona virus death".

Masks.  I read some articles that say to wear a mask.  Others say wear a mask if you are sick.  Others say do not wear a mask.  Wearing a mask will not harm me - and it might protect me - therefore, I will wear a mask when in public.

If this is a conspiracy from globalists, why are the globalists looking really really bad right now?  China is going to get bitch-slapped really hard after this.  It has already been shown that the closed their country off from wuhan, but allowed international flights in and out of wuhan.  That is how it spread so fast elsewhere, but not in their own country.

What the actual F**K is china doing playing around with deadly viruses in labs anyway?  To make vaccines?  Vaccines for who?  Or better yet - who will they DENY THE VACCINES TO...

The lame stream media is constantly making complete fools out of themselves.  Whenever Trump says any thing (like the whole hydroxychloriquin thing) the media immediately jumps all over it and spends air time telling people how he is wrong.  Trump already put together a video montage of all their miss-informations.  It is absolutely unreal.  Despite all this, people are still tuning in, and hating on Trump.  Their carelessness and incompetence is costing lives - no retribution in sight.

Maybe people should try filing wrongful death lawsuits against some of them?

Anyway, me and mine are all good.  I hope you are too.