Saturday, February 22, 2020

Why you should watch "Richard Jewell"

My previous posts on this, I kind of pussy footed around - hoping not to spoil any thing in the movie.

I'm not going to do that this time.

Richard Jewell is a movie that any disenfranchised man should watch.  You might be thinking something like, "I'm not fat", or, "I don't live with my Mom" etc...  Both shaming tactics if you think about it.  Most of us are in the same boat - regardless of skin color, cultural heritage, weight, height etc...  Richard Jewell represents the plight of the loner male in America - and how extreme and out of control the hatred of men has become in the Cuntry - in more ways that one.

Let's do a list of reasons you should watch this movie.

1. Clint Eastwood made it.  Clint Eastwood is a badass - period.

2. In the FBI interrogation room, Richard Jewell is asked to sign a release form - I believe the FBI agents were trying to trick him into signing a confession - NEVER SIGN ANYTHING ANY GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL ASKS YOU TO IF YOU ARE ACCUSED OF A CRIME
The movie showed that scene, and I was mortified - they were trying to get him to erroneously sign a confession - and here I thought that was illegal in America.

3. The "thing" that gets Richard Jewell into so much trouble in the media is a "modern enlightened evolved" women...  Her promiscuity, drug use and hatred of men are briefly touched on in the movie - she refers to Jewell as "the fat fuck that lives with his Mom."

4. Sam Rockwell plays Jewell's attorney.  Sam Rockwell has won a ton of awards for being a seriously AWESOME actor.  Sam Rockwell is BADASS!

5. Kathy Bates plays Jewell's mother.  Yes, Kathy Bates might identify as a feminist - I don't know - it is irrelevant.  She is a good actress.  Feminist or not.

6. One key point made in the movie - the lead antagonist Kathy Scruggs does not have a change of heart until she hears Jewell's mother badmouthing the press and the investigation.  No woman cares what any man has to say - or what any evidence might suggest.  Only a weeping woman is adhered to - whether said weeping woman has legitimate grievances or not.  A crying woman can always be trusted and listened to - no man can.

7. I watch a lot of real crime TV series (like say - Forensic Files).  A tired cliche - when it is not the husband that did it (murder) - it is some loner male.  Yeah - right.  I actually have watched several where the accused loner male fought the system - and the system fought back hard - yet the loner male prevailed - and SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE revealed his innocence - and often revealed corrupt judges, police and other government officials.  Richard Jewell depicts the plight of the loner male wrongfully accused - and taken to the Nth degree.  I often wonder if the police often pick loner males because they cannot provide an alibi - and cannot afford good legal counsel...

8. There is a good amount of humor in it.  For instance, if my memory serves me, Jewell says, "I just want the whole world to know...that I am not a homosexual."  Funny if you think about it - here is a man accused of TERRORISM - and he is more outraged by the incompetent presses attempts to slander him as a homosexual.



9. All the WRONG people don't want you to watch it.  All the lamestream media outlets like DailyMail, CNN, Variety, NBC etc...  Feminist biased male bashing news companies do not want you to watch it.  You should therefore watch it, and spread the word. 

And yes, I did catch this.  I think Clint Eastwood purposely tries to convey a message that the FBI and the MEDIA are two franchises in America that are not to be trusted.  They are shown as corrupt, incompetent, and hateful organizations - accurate I am sure.

Many media outlets actually had the unmitigated GALL to point out "inaccuracies".  Now - my my my - ain't that the pot calling the kettle black...  Seriously - it is just laughable at this point.

When the same ass-hats that tell us 300,000 women are trafficked during the Super Bowl, 1 in 4 er 5 er 6 women will be raped every 6 and a half hours, and 98% or all men sexually harass women ... when clowns like that say it is a bad movie - I personally feel an obligation to watch it - which I did - and I absolutely love it.  When it comes out on DVD - I am going to buy it and watch it again.  I found that at home, I can pause, rewind and whatnot to catch things I missed in the theater.
I knew the explosion was coming too - I braced for it - and I still jumped in my seat when it happened.  The cinematography was absolutely OUTSTANDING!

The DVD is scheduled for release March 17...  I'm there.


  1. I see your point about loner males being good targets as patsies. They can't provide alibis. That could explain the negative reaction to the movie. Law enforcement wants to retain this option. The last thing they cn deal with is a stone cold whodunit. It's just easier to pin the whole thing on an innocent patsy.
    The problem with that is that it encourages crime because someone innocent is behind bars while the guilty are free. It is also discouraging because the truth will get out and there is a terrible price for injustice. It will turn the public to cynicism.

    1. I've watched enough Forensic Files - and I have seen a few where the "patsy" fought back and won.

      I wonder how many did not fight back - or fought back and lost...

      And - call me a dope - I am skeptical about "fibers" and "dna" evidence. I think it is a bunch of crap. Also - I notice that when they have DNA evidence - they fail to mention good old fashioned fingerprints... Like they have one but not the other???!!! WTF?

    2. You make a good point. Could they be lazy? Proving a case twice over would not be a bad thing. Proving it once with questionable evidence is not good.

    3. In the future I plan to do a post about the forensic files where the accused fought back and won.

      I also want to do a post on the Rajneeshee cult from the 80s...and how it fell apart because of a woman.

  2. I would like that. I do wonder how many people are in prison who shouldn't be there. Trials are expensive.

  3. This may interest you.

  4. It just occurred to me that, when the police realize they have the wrong guy, their best defense is to brazen it out, follow through, and prosecute. This would protect them and their employer from civil prosecution by defaming the plaintiff.

  5. As Rod Serling used to say, "This is submitted for your consideration." While watching this, it occurred to me that when a bent cop abuses, the city is on the hook for the liability he incurs and will go along with a cover up. My guess is that one in a thousand of these will come to light.

    1. Like many cops - you find a bully and a coward under the uniform. Not very shocking.