Friday, December 13, 2019

Richard Jewell

I'm going to see the movie this weekend.  I am curious - are they going to portray the media jackals - as just that - jackals - crooks - hacks - liars - or is this movie something else?

Well, judging from the sh*t storm that is brewing (or is it just a publicity stunt?) I'd wager a guess that they are portraying journalists as the scum they are.? Or are they sick of a republican (Clint Eastwood) being famous in Hollyweird???

Judging from what the lame-stream media is bitching about, it looks like their chief complaint is - get this - the way womyn are portrayed.

Female actress ripped for 'misportraying' womyn.
Reporters deny female nature.
Here's one that reads like it was written by a mentally challenged 4 year old.

Most complaints are how a drug riddled cunt named Kathy Scruggs used sex as a weapon - a bribery weapon to get information from F.B.I. agents. As well all know - there is no such thing as a woman who would ever do anything like that - naawwwwwwww. Anyhoo, this cunt overdosed on drugs - big surprise eh?
Kathy Scruggs
I have had a lot on my mind lately - many of which revolve around Dr. Kshatriya's latest posts - very thought provoking indeed. They involve my meeting an 80 year old "whore" (no not for sex perverts - and please notice the quotes and italics if I remember to put them in) - just in my social circles. She was what inspired me to write God Bless the Whores because of various things I heard her say - I'll talk about it later.

I offer you a slightly revised post I did back in 2010 about Richard Jewell (it was being used to 'doxx' me - so I removed it - here it is again)

I want to go back in time 14 years. One scrupulous news story that has been stuck in my head is that of the Olympic Park bombing, and the assumed suspect Richard Jewell.

When I heard about the Olympic Park bombing in 1996, and the security guard that was the first to notice the "suspicious package", the story intrigued me.
Richard Jewell
The main source of intrigue, Richard Jewell, the security guard that noticed the suspicious package, was a suspect. I kept thinking to myself, "This man was doing his job - he noticed a suspicious package - and reported it - after reporting it, he began clearing the area - at a risk to his own safety - he is not the villain".

According to the media this was not the case. No. Richard Jewell had in fact clandestinely planted the bomb just so that he could spot it and get called a hero. Yes - you read that right. Men are not heroes at all. They secretly do evil so that they can dishonestly get labeled as heroes!
Total Crap
This incident in 1996 is a first-rate example of our media and how quick it is to disrespect men. Any "good deed" must be shot down promptly. How dare anybody in our society call any man "good" or a "hero". One can see an insane eruption of trash in the news when any man does good.

The media - and the masses - would rather believe some half-baked garbage about one man's scheme to plant a bomb and later spot it - just to get "hero" status.

Of course - the TRUTH - that a security guard was BEING A SECURITY GUARD - and noticed something suspicious and radioed it in - is OH SO MUCH LESS PLAUSIBLE now isn't it...

In 1996 after the bombing, there is a madman on the loose. He had killed 2 people (one died of a heart attack from the panic that ensued) and wounded 111 others - with his bomb at Olympic Park. I am guessing that if Richard Jewell had not been doing his job, many others would have been killed and injured.
What's the big story in the news?

Richard Jewell's pornography collection! And the fact that he is fat, and a failure at being a deputy sheriff!

Some madman is killing people with bombs? WHO CARES! We want to know more about this 'Richard Jewell' character. After all, he was doing his job, and saved lives.

People might start to believe that men are good.

We cannot have that!

We need something, ANYTHING on him to defile his character - pornography will do!

Also, let's not forget the fact that he is fat! AND - he wanted to be a deputy sheriff - yet he isn't - we can therefore label him as a failure!

The bomber went on to plant 3 other bombs before being caught! He went on to kill a police officer, critically injure a nurse, and injure at least 5 others.

Thanks to the men-hating feminists that run the media!

It is apparent from incidents like this - and others (like say Lorena Bobbitt) that there was and is no male-hatred in our culture. There was and still is an insane rage against men in our culture. I offer the following mock newspaper headline. Ask yourself how ridiculous it sounds. And keep in mind that this is basically how the media handled the story.
Jewell died August 29, 2007, from natural causes at the age of 44. He was suffering from severe heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, and obesity.

Gee, I wonder if this man's poor health at the age of 44 was somehow related to all the stress he had to endure during the feminist men-hating media's bashing of him. (sarcasm - I do not wonder - I KNOW).

The media has a comeuppance coming that is RICH-ly deserved!

Hopefully, I'll be alive to see it!

Some cunt calling herself 'Klo' posted comments on the post too - she made a complete fool out of herself - and used usual tactics like 'you hate women' or decided to be a grammar-nazi (attack punctuation and spelling rather than the argument) - a blundering dint to be sure!

Stay tuned for my next post - I'll talk about 'whores' - specifically older ones. Are women getting worse? And that is the real reason young men prefer old 'whores'??? Have modern women become so intolerable that young men will pay an older women rather than put up with modern woman bullshit? 

I ask next post!


  1. I hope the film is a success. That in itself will steal the fire from the harpies. As for the reporter, there is an old saying, "You can't libel the dead." What is novel about this is that the harpies are on the defensive. I do hope that means that they are losing influence.

    1. There is something else. The harpies have Hollywood a boatload of cash. From wrecking the Star Wars franchise, which Disney paid George Lucas four billion, the New Ghostbusters, and Captain Marvel, they have been a terrible drain on profitability. Let's hope that they want to get back to making movies popular with normal people.
      I'll give George Lucas the two dollars to buy back Star Wars from Disney.

  2. "Are women getting worse?" No, but they're being incentivized and subsidized by government to behave badly. Young men prefer old whores because they're easy. Young women have always been insufferable cunts. It is just that older men have always been competing against younger men for the same 18 to 25 year old demographic in terms of pumping and dumping young women. Older men have always had the advantage of wealth and experience over younger men.

    1. Why would the government incentivize that?

      You need to establish motive.

  3. Women account for more than 80 percent of all consumer purchases and everything is taxed. It is a control/class warfare issue. Give the illusion of merit based upward mobility up front while pulling the rug out on the back end.

  4. Most government make work/bureaucrat jobs are filled with women and women vote. They want da gibsmedats