Friday, December 27, 2019

Has Anybody Read This?

I just found it while looking for memes... I think I'll order it.

One thing that is VERY discouraging about these e-social circles, is that MRA/MGTOW and whatnot is just a tired rehashing of feminism.

Feminists hate birth control pills.

Feminists hate makeup.

Feminists hate men which is why...

Feminists hate sex, unless they can use it as a weapon.

The areas that are different is Dr. Kshatriya's blog, and The Anti-Feminist.  There are other blogs out there, but they are not solely dedicated to the subject.

Sexual False Consciousness - I think the best example of this is MGTOW.  These poor deluded fools believe they have a CHOICE, and THEY are CHOOSING to avoid women.  Wrong.  You are incels, or borderline incels.  The "choice" is not yours.

I noticed this disconnection from reality and rehashing of feminist values when I first found these circles.  Anybody remember 'AmericanWomenSuck'?

Is it by design?

Or are the people running those blogs completely ignorant of what feminism is?

I don't remember where I first saw the above meme.  It was thought provoking though...

Women (and girls) are often portrayed as being morally superior , and at the same time portayed as delicate and incapable of managing thier own affairs...

On Christmas day, I sat and reflected on my life.  I might post about it.  I am hesitant though, as my conclusions were quite dark.

Anyway, I hope anybody reading had a Merry Christmas and will have a happy new year.

If you've read the book, please share your comments about it.


  1. What you can expect to read in The Feminist Lie; the meat and potatoes of the book is talking about The Duluth Model of justice that is currently world wide throughout all western countries. Where the book falls short is the Yes Means Yes laws of 2016 and #metoo picking up in 2017, but the book came out in 2012 or 2013, so that's pretty much forgivable. Going MGTOW monk is pretty much the answer at the end of the book. Overall good book, but Rookh's Havok is better.

  2. Another good book to check out is TF Monkey's 13 Rules On How Not To Be A Fucking Cuck.

  3. As for being an incel, one guy suggested that if a someone has the money to spare to hire a hooker, then he is not an incel. I think what we are looking at is that women are making themselves so exclusive sexually that they are cutting their own throats. They don't have the option of hiring a hooker. That could explain why birth rates are falling through the floor. We're entering new territory. Women have always had reproductive access. Now, they are cutting themselves off. When the realization of this hits women, feminism is not going to be very popular.

  4. Don't forget the classic Predatory Female by Reverend Lawrence Shannon. I think there is a free pdf for that one somewheres

  5. What DDJ fails to mention in his book is where he mentions "the return of family values" without mentioning Responsibility placed upon men without being given proper Authority is Slavery which is exactly what we have nowadays; and Authority given to women without holding them Responsible is Tyranny which is again what we have today. #takewomensrightsaway #feminismmustdie #endfemaleempowerment