Saturday, November 16, 2019

Women Doctors

My trip to the urgent care and later the ER back in June really made me think.  To start, at Urgent Care, the lady doctor started yelling at me, "I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU WANT FROM ME!" (or something along those lines).  Bad manners to be sure, but ultimately, SINCE I HAD A WITNESS WITH ME, she sent me to the ER.

The ER was another slew of incompetence, the doctor there, another woman, spent all of 5 minutes with me and wanted to give me an anti acid with lidocaine in it.  I refused it - not just because I did not have heartburn (I had no burning in my chest), but a long time ago, a doctor injected me with a local anesthetic (lidocaine), and I had a bad reaction to it.  That doctor told me to remember to avoid lidocaine in the future.

Suffice to say, I am paying now for refusing that lidocaine concoction from her.  My latest doctor said sarcastically, "If I recommend you take something, will you, or will you just refuse it."

To which I replied, "HUH?"

He said, "You should have taken that lidocaine anti acid the doctor recommended in the ER."

I explained to him why I didn't - he looked shocked and embarrassed at the same time.

Clearly, by refusing it, I really pissed off the lady ER doctor.

Anyway, all this said, I decided to internet search for lady doctors - boy oh boy:

Let's start off with a lady doctor drunk in the middle of the day...
No?  So what you say?

Ok, How about a doctor attacking an Uber driver:

Still not convinced? How about a really rude doctor mocking a patients manhood?

You've already seen that? Ok, here's the grand finale (for now...)

Yup.  Disgusting isn't it?  Well, just remember...

I have to say that I am feeling a lot better. Vitamin supplements, D and B combined with KAVA and a higher protein diet - as well as regular chiropractic visits.
One of my friends pointed that quote out to me...

Odd isn't it?  That all the modern wimmens and libbies today are all screeching in our ears about how evil all the white men from that past were (and present too of course)...  Yet - they seemed to have some good philosophies towards life.

Oh wait - Edison was wrong - I am in the future, and the doctors today hate men, have bitchy bedside manners towards them and are just plain cunts in general like any other woman...

Seriously - is it just me - or has anybody else noticed that the medical field is also being overrun with incompetent hateful cunts?  Take note too - the chiropractic field is not over populated with womyn.

My advice:  Avoid going to doctors at all costs.  Research what is bothering you, and find supplements you can take, or diet changes you can make.  Look into chiropractic.

If you do go to the doctor/hospital:  ALWAYS HAVE A WITNESS WITH YOU.  Get a friend, and have them go with you if you do.  Have your cell phone ready to video if necesary.

It is truly sad what has become of the medical profession with the over-infection of modern enlightened evolved men-hating womyn populating it, but it is what it is.

Anyway, it's the future - enjoy a picture of a hot chick (remember - we live in an era of sexual liberation!!!):


  1. Brace yourself, it gets worse:

    1. Reminds me of the "sexual harassment is whatever a reasonable woman says it is".

      That backfired real fast.

      I can't find references to the first sexual harassment laws stating exactly that.

      Weird how these things disappear - like the wikipedia page thst showed asian women had the highest rate of cutting men's penises off...

      It just disappeared...

  2. Scarecrow,
    It sounds like you have made a good case for avoiding female doctors. I wonder how they would react when you insist on only male doctors serving you? Also, I noticed that the two female doctors had to be working for wages while the chiropractor is likely to an independent businessman. You're right. Don't let yourself get sick. I read somewhere that it only with WWII that your chances of a doctor improving your condition got to be better than 50/50. Letting women into any profession tends to run it down, but those two you came in contact with aren't motivated enough to work in fast food.

    1. Hmm. I was trying to make a case against medical care in general. Even if your doctor is a man, chances are he is surrounded by women - nurse, assistant, receptionist, clerk, secretary will all be women.

    2. Scarecrow,
      I am beginning to see that very few people could qualify as fast food workers. Yes, a motivated, independent doctor could be drug down by all the women in his office.

  3. Women lawyers, accountants, teachers, police, and firefighters are pretty fucking worthless too. Always deal with a man in any profession if possible.

    1. Fuck your identity politics. You are as hateful and obnoxious as the feminists who are constantly telling me how worthless and evil men are simply because they are men.

  4. "Like any other woman" - tarring us all with the same brush. Just spent the day standing up against misandry, defending masculinity and getting harassed for it (I live in a globalist shithole city, where the male Antifa are as vile as the female Antifa), and then I click on your blog and read this garbage. It might as well be 2011, you are stuck in the infinite loop of AWALT. You are as obnoxious and hateful as the horrible women you criticize. In fact, you are HELPING them by dividing the sexes further.

    Has the Trump presidency taught you NOTHING about how globalism works, about how they want us divided? This isn't a war between men and women, it is a war between good and evil engineered by psychopaths. These psychopaths are both males and females.

    1. I don't believe you.

      Not for one second.

    2. Maybe you can find a nice Antifa girl to settle down with some day.

    3. Peddle your snake oil elsewhere. No one here's going to buy it.

    4. You identity politicians love your projection.

  5. Always avoid female doctors and lawyers, that is my advice. They are incompetent and hateful

  6. Do u know why feminists are so hateful? Look at this: