Wednesday, November 27, 2019

The Most Toxic Type of Woman of All...

I was going to talk about the new Clint Eastwood Movie, Richard Jewell - it's about a man who was falsely accused, tried and convicted by the American Overrun with Dikes and Faggots Media Greedia back in the 90's.  BUT - it doesn't start until December 13th.... SO!

I picked up a troll.  This troll made me think a bit.

I have met women who I consider to be "different".  They do not hate men.  They recognize how much hatred of men exists...  But those women are seriously too far and too few - I'd make a guesstimate of about at most 1% of women are like this.

Yes, I said it - I'd guess about 1% of the women in this CUNTry are actually tolerable, and not vicious little falsely vindictive cunts.

I have met several women like this.  They all had one thing in common - they are misogynists.

Yes, they hate women - like no holes barred hate too.  I'd go out on a limb and say they themselves were embarrassed to be women because of the way other women act - and that is what makes them hate women so much. 

NONE of them - and I mean NONE criticized me, or had any kind of negative reaction to what I had to say about women - be it my stereotyping or my prejudiced.  They recognize that such things are a normal and sane reaction to the societal crisis that is occurring - namely, feminism, male-hatred and the extremely destructive effects it is having on Western Culture.

NONE of them - and I mean NONE considered being a woman a handicap.

Any sane rational woman who truly is capable of thinking for herself fully recognizes the thicker than pea soup misandry that has infected our society, and sees how much damage it is doing.

Now, if there is a woman like this who wants myself or anybody else to stop what we are doing because she is "different" - she is the 1 in 100 (or is it more like 1 in 100,000) woman who is not a vile cunt...

Well, I say she is EXTREMELY TOXIC.

This is the woman who wants us to shut up because she is different.

Who cares about rampant out of control male hatred.

Who cares about all female audiences applauding and cheering male sexual mutilation.

Who cares about women having sex with dogs instead of men.

Who cares about lying about domestic violence.

Who cares about making violence against men acceptable (sic V.A.W.A.)

Who cares about lying about a wage gap.

Who cares about lying that all men are rapists.

Who cares about lying that all men sexually harass.

Who cares about false rape accusations.

Who cares about false sexual harassment allegations.

Who cares about fabricated 36 year old "groping" being taken seriously.

She is different, and that is all that matters....
So we should all just shut up...


These are the most vile cunts of all.

hot chick
 Anyhoo - I want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving.

If you are not in the U.S. well, relax with some good TV or laugh at some YouTube Poop...

If you are by yourself - enjoy a beer at home - don't drink and drive.


  1. More like one in a million or billion, given how fucked things are in the current year. Oh, and thanks for posting up the typical Hollywood cunt with the fake nose and fake lips. Seriously, every time I see that, I wonder what they look like before they went under the knife and without the fake up. They're are the biggest liars ever because they are grossly misrepresenting their true phenotypical genetics to men. I first noticed this back a couple years ago when that Chinese man divorced and sued his ex for bait and switching him when his kids turned out ugly. Don't know if he won that case or not.

    1. Agreed. I figured I'd give the benefit of the doubt and give a healthy over estimate.

      I was feeling generous!

  2. The sad thing is that this trend of women isn't new. Look at the hollywood cunts of 1960's; Marilyn Monroe, Jane Mansfield, Bridget Bardot, Racquel Welch, Audrey Hepburn,those bitches that played Ginger and Mary Ann on Giligan's Island. They all had work done. No such thing as natural beauty in Hollyweird

  3. *plastic work; nose job and lip injections some actually got face lifts later in life like Cher, Suzzane Sommers, Racquel Welch, Joan Rivers, Sharon Osbourn- Ozzy's hideous wife, Renee Zelwegger, Sharon Stone, just google image Hollywood celebrity face lifts to see a shit show you can't ever unsee.

    1. Henry Rollins put it best, "it doesn't make them look younger, it makes them look insane"

    2. Clown world confirmed. :0)

  4. There is a parallel to this and ancient Greek legend. When Pandora let all the ills of the world out, there was a tiny voice left in the box. It was hope.
    Women can be man friendly and compatible. They just have to want to.

    1. "Women can be man friendly and compatible"... when they are forced to be that way. Left to their own devices, fat chance.

    2. I don't know if they are being left to their own devices. Everything in the culture is telling them to do their worst to men. Who benefits from that? Left to their own devices, they could see that life is better with us than without us.

    3. Maybe when there is no welfare state for single moms and aged cat ladies to fall back on, they might see that life is better with us then. But until then, hells no. Parasite is gonna parasite.

    4. Trading husbands for government assistance was a poor trade. I wonder if they will figure that one out before they starve?

  5. You give them way too much credit, Fuzzy. You know damn well they won't.

    1. Food is a big incentive and it takes a long time to starve. Still, they are going to ride this as long as they can.