Wednesday, October 2, 2019

The Jeffrey Epstein Conspiracy

A very evil man once said,"keep the lie simple, tell it often, and people will believe it".

That man was Adolf Hitler.

When I hear the same thing repeated over and over - I suspect the Devil's mouth at the horn.

What am I hearing?

Jeffrey Epstein is a pedophile ring runner, and all these other rich white people were in on it.

We do not live in an age where government conspiracies are shown to light.

We live in the #MeToo era.  The anglocunts frigidity and hatred of men rules supreme.

We'll never know how Jeffrey Epstein died.

We'll never know what crimes he committed.

Dead men tell no tale right?

Well, yeah, of course.

The darker truth here is...

Dead men cannot defend themselves.

There is only 1 moral to the Jeffrey Epstein story that the media is pushing...

Men are evil, men with money are eviler.

Of course, other lies that are told often and kept simple...

300,000 women are sex trafficked each year.

You know the rest of them...  I won't rehash them.

I would like to hear other people's thoughts on this subject.

I'll reiterate my premesis: Jeffrey Epstein is being used to reinforce sex negativity, male hatred, and the vagina mafia.

Leave your thoughts below.


  1. About Jeffrey Epstein, does anyone know what he was going to be charged with? If it goes back to the Clinton administration, it has to be beyond the statute of limitations. If it is something that has already been adjudicated, that would make it double jeopardy. He had a close call. It would make sense if he kept this all at arm's length.
    As for trafficking, prostitution doesn't lend itself to this. Workers are unsupervised. What is far more likely is that they would be employed in Korean salons where they could be closely supervised. Following this line of reason, men, as farmworkers, would be far more likely to be employed as slaves by labor subcontractors.
    I would bet a honey glazed doughnut Epstein was held without bond to keep him from talking. And, I hate losing doughnuts.

    1. Good point. The women were not supervised... Atypical for a pimp.

  2. I've been meaning to write another post on Epstein, and I agree: the Media is spinning the whole sex-negative, male-bashing narrative over the FACT that Epstein was probably murdered while in Federal custody. In case you're interested, I made a chart here at the end of this article:

    which shows the last times the MSM had talked about Epstein's suspicious death. I really fear for Julian Assange, I think he's next.

    1. I saw that - very thorough. Interesting how some stories die... Like spree shootings when they find out the shooter isn't white - or isn't a man...

  3. Today men are criminals. Whatever we do is bad, while whatever women do is good. We live in a society that hates men just for existing

  4. Interesting, how these criminal wars(drugs,sex offenders,terrorism) are used to erode liberties and natural social order of ordinary people,to make their life Hell on Earth, while they are applauding to it.
    American elites are outstanding marketers, they are practically selling totality with smile on the face.

    I've never liked pathetic language and lynching when it comes to (even serious) sexual criminality, but it is especially absurd to hear normal heterosexual males condemning mere sexual attraction to adolescent girls, knowing(scientifically proven) that all of them would be sexually reactive to such subjects(unless they suffer some real deviation or anomaly). Cowardice and hypocrisy......
    This criminal war was started with some satanic delusions and very rare sexual murders..and where we are now?
    I mean, how it will look after next 20,30 years?
    What will be criminal offence in future......

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