Monday, October 28, 2019

It's a Really Bad Time to be an Arsonist in California...

It's a false flag as I call it.  A Missouri man who flew to California was arrested for starting 13 fires...


No.  Not the fires that are burning California to the ground - like they do every summer.  His fires only burned 128 acres...

Anyway, I am glad that the media is on top of this story, as I am sure we all want to know about this man...

The thing the media will find out for us...
Sorry, the end.

The media today really makes me sick.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Faggot Pedophiles Rule the World

Or at least, the United States of America, or as I have previously called it, the United Sodomites of faggot Anal-rape.

Sorry, I'm stuck on the Jeffrey Epstein thing. That man was in trouble for allegedly having sex with underage females.  I read that his youngest victim was 14Female puberty ranges from 7 to 13...  If he was as rich and powerful and f**ked in the head as the lame stream media claims - why did he start at 14 - instead of 5 or 6 - or limit himself to females?

Now, that said, I watched an episode of The Conners the other night.  It made me sick.  Two young boys were supposedly in a spat after kissing at school.  The grandmother of one of the boys wanted it to end (wanted the gay Conner boy to stay away from her son), the Conner mother (played by a lesbian actress) reamed the other mother for not encouraging her son to participate in homosexuality.

As I watched, I thought, "That's strange - I am watching a show where children are being sexualized...  I thought it was wrong to sexualize children - after all, isn't that what the big dog and pony show around Epstein was all about?  Wasn't he sexualizing children too?"

But then it hit me - Jeffrey Epstein was straight - silly me...

So, I guess in our culture, it is wrong to sexualize post puberty girls (no matter how huge their boobs are) - but totally cool to sexualize prepubescent boys.

Yup.  Makes sense to me.  Some links to make you sick.

Faggot Priests on Spring Break!
Faggot Priests Gone Wild!
Wacky Faggot Priests

(Sorry for focusing on Mormons - I just happened to be looking them up).
The point - the articles above make no mention that the molestations were all homosexual in nature - that is, It is an older man/boy having sex with BOYS - not girls, not young ladies...

How come stories about mass homosexual pedophiles aren't getting the same attention as Jeffrey Epstein?

In many cases, they are just as big, and involve more victims - why aren't they covered with as much passion as the Jeffrey Epstein case?

The answer is simple - Jeffrey Epstein is a STRAIGHT HETEROSEXUAL MAN - something all faggot pedophiles hate with a passion.

Now, all that said, something else bothers me:
That is what Jeffrey Epstein looked like at age 66.  See anything wrong?  I do.  This is not the picture that current dogma paints of what pedophiles look like.  Dogma dictates they look like this:
The guy above looks like one of my college professors...

I think that we are all being mass deceived.  We are being systematically brainwashed to believe things that simply are not true.

I remember when I first started this blog (and previously the section on my web-site), I really did believe that women were being brainwashed to hate men.  I changed that philosophy because some faggot MRA convinced me that all I was doing was throwing women into the role of victim.

I apologize, I cannot find the link, but a very long time ago, I read:

The target of brainwashing can become overly hostile, or even physically violent when presented with information that is contradictory to what they have been brainwashed to believe.

We are all being brainwashed to think that there are these huge pedophile rings where rich white men have sex with hot young teenage women.

Meanwhile, incidents involving homosexuals forcing themselves on young boys falls on deaf ears.  Such incidents seem to be more prone in churches - you know - the place where all the "sex is evil" talk started...

Ask yourself the following:

Do you get angry when you see a man with a young woman?
Do you instantly throw hostile slurs at the man - or the woman?
Do you instantly think of the women on Epstein island as victims?
Would it anger you if somebody suggested otherwise?
How many people do you know that would get hostile over these things?

I noticed there is a lot of hatred aimed at Epstein.  And I cannot figure out why.  After all, because of his death (suicide??), what crimes did he commit?

All we have heard - as I stated in my last post - is things that he can in now way defend himself against... Convenient isn't it?

Now, my ZEN on you:

Let's pretend that Jeffrey Epstein did not exist (nobody has ever heard of him).  I want to take a survey of young women aged 14-18.  I would ask them this:
You get to live on a tropical island - you will be provided room, board, food etc...
The only catch is, this man gets sex from you whenever he wants:
I wonder what percentage would say yes...

All this said, why is it that the lame stream media et al make such mountains out of a man having sex with post-pubescent females, but seem to not care about others raping prepubescent boys?

Why does the term "sex-trafficking" appear in the headlines when it is HETEROSEXUAL - but NEVER when it is HOMOSEXUAL?

I think the answer is obvious.

This is the fight that awaits us.  Being 47 years old (but still got my red hair) I might not be up to the fight - maybe I could train my 3 dogs to fight for me here in Glendale California!

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

The Jeffrey Epstein Conspiracy

A very evil man once said,"keep the lie simple, tell it often, and people will believe it".

That man was Adolf Hitler.

When I hear the same thing repeated over and over - I suspect the Devil's mouth at the horn.

What am I hearing?

Jeffrey Epstein is a pedophile ring runner, and all these other rich white people were in on it.

We do not live in an age where government conspiracies are shown to light.

We live in the #MeToo era.  The anglocunts frigidity and hatred of men rules supreme.

We'll never know how Jeffrey Epstein died.

We'll never know what crimes he committed.

Dead men tell no tale right?

Well, yeah, of course.

The darker truth here is...

Dead men cannot defend themselves.

There is only 1 moral to the Jeffrey Epstein story that the media is pushing...

Men are evil, men with money are eviler.

Of course, other lies that are told often and kept simple...

300,000 women are sex trafficked each year.

You know the rest of them...  I won't rehash them.

I would like to hear other people's thoughts on this subject.

I'll reiterate my premesis: Jeffrey Epstein is being used to reinforce sex negativity, male hatred, and the vagina mafia.

Leave your thoughts below.