Saturday, September 14, 2019

The Fecal Pill

Just to demonstrate how bad modern woman can be, here are some links for your disgustment.

Woman spreads feces on picnic tables before child's birthday party

Woman gets fired and puts feces in fridge and oven

Woman stalks and smears feces on windshield

Woman leaves children covered in feces

Woman flinging feces threatens to kill police

Two mothers arrested for kids covered in feces

Woman forces boyfriend's 3 year old daughter to eat feces

Oklahoma woman forced kids to eat feces - avoids jailtime!

Woman injects feces into sons cancer IV treatment.

Arizona woman puts feces into husbands IV

Woman smears dog poop on neighbors door

Woman puts feces on estranged husbands toothbrush

Woman assaults father in restaurant, throws feces at officers

Another woman puts feces into her sons IV

Mom arrested when 3 month old found covered in feces

Woman puts feces in her purse while on a date (toilet did not flush)

Irate woman throws feces in coffee shop

Woman smears feces during a fight

Don't take my word for it - try googling things like this. It really shows how degenerate women have become. I guess that if men stop fapping, this would not be happening? I don't know.

 Poor little fecal smearing bitch...

Right now, I am watching a documentary on Charles Manson - told from the point of view of one of the women who were in his "harem".  I feel no sympathy for her whatsoever...proud of myself

On a brighter note - I saw an old Japanese movie called, "Attack of the Mushroom People" or "Matango".  I loved it.  For real - I made fun of it, I was intrigued by it, I was really enjoying it.
Here are some images from it:

Yes I know - it looks real goofy - it was...  But after reading through the small portion of stories above - I really needed something goofy.  Interesting point too - The characters reminded me of Gilligan's Island...


  1. I am not going to follow your links, but I have confidence that every one of them is credible. Not to put too fine a point on it, but to characterize women as the morally superior sex leaves us in deep shit, pun intended.

    1. Lol. Making women the morally superior sex will leave us in deep shit...

    2. That is the problem with putting them on pedestals. It was bad before feminism, but it has gotten much worse since.

  2. I had another thought. Are women getting worse with feminism? I don't think stuff like this could have been swept under the rug before the internet. It would have gotten out.

    1. I think it "appears" they are getting worse because enough MEN are finally starting to talk about the atrocious behavior women exhibit.

      In days past, such things were probably taboo to talk about.

      Although, with sexual liberation, some things have changed - like women cheering and applauding castration via domestic violence.

      Ding bats like "Sue" are so f**cked in the head...they insist thier hatred is simply moral superiority... Something similar to early KKK members...

      My next post is titled "Why Women Hate Men, and Why Feminists and the Government Lie about Men"

      The underlying premise is that if men stopped jacking off, all the misandry would stop!

    2. I'll look forward to it. My gut is leading me to believe that feminism is poisoning women to the point where they won't be fit to be out in society before long. Would that be a victory for feminism?