Saturday, September 14, 2019

The Fecal Pill

Just to demonstrate how bad modern woman can be, here are some links for your disgustment.

Woman spreads feces on picnic tables before child's birthday party

Woman gets fired and puts feces in fridge and oven

Woman stalks and smears feces on windshield

Woman leaves children covered in feces

Woman flinging feces threatens to kill police

Two mothers arrested for kids covered in feces

Woman forces boyfriend's 3 year old daughter to eat feces

Oklahoma woman forced kids to eat feces - avoids jailtime!

Woman injects feces into sons cancer IV treatment.

Arizona woman puts feces into husbands IV

Woman smears dog poop on neighbors door

Woman puts feces on estranged husbands toothbrush

Woman assaults father in restaurant, throws feces at officers

Another woman puts feces into her sons IV

Mom arrested when 3 month old found covered in feces

Woman puts feces in her purse while on a date (toilet did not flush)

Irate woman throws feces in coffee shop

Woman smears feces during a fight

Don't take my word for it - try googling things like this. It really shows how degenerate women have become. I guess that if men stop fapping, this would not be happening? I don't know.

 Poor little fecal smearing bitch...

Right now, I am watching a documentary on Charles Manson - told from the point of view of one of the women who were in his "harem".  I feel no sympathy for her whatsoever...proud of myself

On a brighter note - I saw an old Japanese movie called, "Attack of the Mushroom People" or "Matango".  I loved it.  For real - I made fun of it, I was intrigued by it, I was really enjoying it.
Here are some images from it:

Yes I know - it looks real goofy - it was...  But after reading through the small portion of stories above - I really needed something goofy.  Interesting point too - The characters reminded me of Gilligan's Island...

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Something that's been Bugging Me...

Back in January of this year, I noticed my dog was limping.  I took her to the vet as any responsible dog owner would do.

The vet said it was an ACL tear, and would require surgery to fix - $3000.

Now: if you live in Nevada, you can take any number the vet gives you and double it to get the actual cost.  I called vets who performed the surgery, and sure enough - $6000.

Of course, every vet these days is a woman.

I did my own research on the internets.  I found that there are shots that when combined with rest and a temporarily forced sedintary lifestyle are more effective than $6000 surgery.

The shots cost me a total of $700 (bi-weekly injections for 2 months).  During this time, I discouraged my dog from play or rough-housing with my other dog.

She is much better now, and can run again!

And trust me, she was limping so bad, I thought she'd never run again.

All this said, I have realized that the veterinary field has become infected with a grossly disproportionate number of females, whose only goal is to exploit the compassion pet owners have for their animals.

There was another incident when I lived in Reno - long story short, I paid $900 to have my dogs rabies vaccinated.  If I had went to the pound - it would have been $24.  The excuse from the vet was: new patient fee + general physical fee + normal appointment fee + vaccination - all that times two.  Bullshit.

I don't know how these vets get away with these kinds of charges and flagrant deception and exploitation, but they do. 

As a pet owner, there is little you can do about it.

Monday, September 2, 2019

The Hand of Ming...

...and once it's recognized.

One thing I've always objected to about feminazism is the way they set standards for men, specifically STRAIGHT men, and ignore women (and to a less extent faggots).  It's as though women are beyond criticism and moral standards did not apply to them (and faggots too).

I agree 100% that age of consent laws are misandry.  I agree with it so much, that that is the reason I ditched AVFM (one of several reasons).  The age of consent laws were not made to protect underage women from predatory males.  They were made by FILTHY FAGGOTS that want to punish men for being straight - TRUE STORY...

Have you ever noticed that so many standards that exist today (and in days long past) apply only to straight men?  TRUE STORY...

When I hear some faggot MRA making new standards for STRAIGHT men and not complimenting them with standards for women, a HUGE red flag goes off.

There are enough standards for straight men to live by as is.  We have all been getting beaten over the head with them since birth.


I recognize feminism, by looking for dolts making new standards, or rehashing old standards for straight men to live by.  That is how I recognize the "Hand of Ming"...

No new standards need to be made for men.  Standards need to be made for women, or removed for men.  The FILTHY FAGGOTS that have been getting their jollies by watching straight men getting ass raped in prisons has to stop (for the crime of only being straight)

But it won't.

Brainwashing.  Even so-called intellectually superior men continue to make standards for straight men and not women.

It's nothing short of disgusting.  Buy that's where we are at.  Rampant homosexuality, women beyond moral standards, and the intellectual elite (or so we are told), just keep up the same old bullshit.  More standards and SCIENTIFICALLY BASELESS idioms like, "not fapping makes the first real time better" (scientifically baseless, and appealing to female insecurity) are aimed at straight men, AND ONLY STRAIGHT MEN.  No criticism of women fapping, or faggots fapping.  Nope.  It's only "unhealthy" if straight men do it.


Now, that said...  I have no stance on "fapping".  I understand that it is a problem with younger men, given the huge amount of free porn, and the accessibility of the internet...  but I have no stance on it.

I have done it myself until I have found a women to do it for me (and no, it was not 'worse' because of it...)  There is something special about a woman pleasuring you that cannot be substituted by your own hand... TRUE STORY... but as a straight man you have to be careful - there are many women who seek to take advantage of straight men seeking women - and NO MORAL STANDARDS DETERRING THEM FROM DOING SO EXIST -NOT BY PEOPLE PREACHING THE 'BIBLE', AND CERTAINLY NOT FROM ANY FAGGOT MRAs.  Please note that 'BIBLE' is in qoutes...

Stupidity.  Lack of valid science.  The usual bullshit.

Men are dumb, women are good.

Complete bullshit.

I've recognized the hand of Ming before, and I see it now.

It's as depressing as ever.  But I do what I gotta do to avoid it.

Fuck off Ming.  I've been hearing you're man-hating bullshit my whole life, and it's just that...   BULLSHIT.

There's no place for it in my life, and it's only purpose is to put a stronger choke hold on men, so they can service the men-hating women that are currently in charge.

P.S. enjoy my latest YouTube monstrosity.

here it is