Friday, May 17, 2019

Male Sexualists...

So, Eivind Berg has recenly posted some mind stimulating posts about this subject.  I would expect nothing less from a man of that intellect.

However; the Anti-Feminist posted a bit of a rebuttal that I agreed with.

Now, I am not sure about the Anti-Feminist's age, but I assume he is near my age.  In my generation, obtaining porn consisted of MAYBE a neighbor throwing away a magazine with naked lady pictures in it.  Not much in the way of "fapping material", or "stuff to jack off to" as my generation would say.  Today is is everywhere and easily available to everybody regardless if age.  Any teenage male can get on a computer and watch complete sex acts ..Not just look at tits.

The result?  Obviously a wave of massive fapping compared to my generation.  As I said, we were lucky to get a hold of a magazine showing just boobs.  Today's porn is everywhere, and accessible to all.

All that said, it is always distressing to me when a pro-male site does a full 360 and starts embracing feminist ideals (albeit for different reasons).

The Anti-Feminist is right though.

Step 1 should be undoing the damage feminism has done.  This consists largely of getting the word out to men that they are being fooled, used, mocked, berated, and sometimes jailed for "lame-ass" reasons.  At the same time, the "value" of women is being horrifically blown WAY out of proportion.

Eivind Berg MAY also be right, but if he is, it's at the wrong time.  By embracing no-fap ideals, and anti-porn ideals, he is opening the doors for more men to be ass raped in prison if anybody should pass actual legislation supporting those ideals...RIGHT NOW.

My two cents on porn: it should not be popular...that is, there should be ample opportunities for men and women to experience fulfilling sex, that porn would seem silly.  With the rabid cunts and pimps that flood this world, that will not happen though.  I hold the same attitude towards hookers and, hookers and strippers would be something akin to going to a place to enjoy sitting in a regular everyday chair...

Priorities should be to remove the damage feminism has done.  This includes a respect and acknowledgement of male sexuality existing.  It does NOT exist now.  Women applaud and cheer when a man gets his penis cut off.  This is a total disrespect and complete contempt for male sexuality.  Until that mentality is destroyed, the talk about no fap and no porn should stop - all that talk will do is throw more fuel onto the male hating fire.
Until men are educated how baselessly hateful most modern women are, and laws are changed to respect the male sex drive instead of a blatant hatred of it...

Well, that should be all that matters at this point in time.

I'm used to all kinds of fighting existing in these circles.  This post was meant to attempt to unify others.  I won't be a bit surprised if it has the opposite effect.

Happy Friday #:(LifeSucks


  1. Horace Greely had the right idea. The only problem is that it applied to the nineteenth century.

  2. I have written a reply to The Antifeminist and your agreement with him:

    I do agree that we should not get overly worked up about these differences, however, in our tiny movement that has no political power anyway. It's just that I can't leave out a concept of healthy masculinity from male sexualist ideology, and fapping ain't it, especially the high-tech kind that seriously threatens your real sex life.

    1. Yeah. You mentioned that in your writings. thing about no fap - perhaps...if fewer men were fapping, they would be more prone to approach women. MAYBE that would be a good women would be more in tune with men having met more of them?

      Also, porn was scarce when i was young...hence less temptation to fap.

      I googled seems a lot of young men do it to an extent that I'd have to agree that it is unhealthy.

  3. no fap was always a shitty meme. "I'm gonna put off masturbation until I am so pent up I am jizzing in my sheets every night and am compelled to initiate contact with a roast hole." great plan, tradcucks.

  4. Excellent and fair article Scarecrow. Yes, I think I am around your age, and I see your point about porn being very scarce back in our youth. The thing that Eivind doesn't perhaps appreciate is that this trend will only continue further, as well as the porn becoming ever better and more 'real' and interactive. And the only thing feminists (or NoFappists) can do to vainly hold back the tide is to lock more and more men up in prison after 4 am boots through the door raids, which is of course exactly what they're doing.
    We can agree that sexbots or porn aren't ideal or as good as the (ideal) real thing, but the way things stand, fat HB5s and hags think they are entitled to alpha thugs and the feminist State is using violence and (prison) rape as means to enable that. Porn weakens female/feminist power over men, shame Eivind seems to have somehow convinced himself that porn is actually good for feminists! Eivind mentions things like polyamory and prostitution as better alternatives to porn to satisfy male sexuality, very good, but the fact is prostitution is increasingly becoming criminalized (or the Johns are). As far as 'polyamory' is concerned, women just are not hardwired to appreciate that, so given that Eivind once called me an idiot for wanting to 'change' women so that it would be more attractive than chasing the 5% thugs, I really don't know how that would work.
    I also read Eivind's response on his blog and I'll post some thoughts on that at my site later, better than having a fight with him here.

  5. I agree the raids and imprisonment must stop. Of course. But we also need to promote a healthy view of male sexuality. Sexuality is too important to be "satisfied" by a fantasy!

    I have also been active in the fight for reasonable drug laws since before I was an MRA. For example I used to partake in the Marijuana March for several years. But that doesn't stop me from seeing that drugs can be problematic and shouldn't be used uncritically by anyone who has the slightest urge to get high on anything. It is possible to oppose the madness of hysterical criminalization and admit that drugs can be bad at the same time, and porn is the same way. It is unhealthy to be a heroin junkie and it is unhealthy (for men) to masturbate, but neither should be arrested for it.