Friday, May 10, 2019

Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez is NOT Beautiful

I watch some right winger videos on YouTube on occassion.  I recently saw one where some talking man with the head of a bull stated that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was a beautiful woman.  I don't get that.  When I look at her, I see a very ugly woman.
Seriously?  What the f**k are these people looking at?  She is really ugly.
In addition to being a man-hater, she is prejudiced against whites.
Gums like a horse, head like a vacuous pit, attitude like a VD infected college flunkee.
For real...can somebody tell me what these clowns looking at her see?

All I see is a really physically ugly evil white-man hating witch.


  1. While I don't like her politically, what can be said for her is that she is not fat. The last number that I heard, thirty seven percent of women are obese. Throw in the ones that are overweight, and that accounts for two thirds of women. The advantage of her youth is that what is on the inside, does not show on the outside. Given time, it will.

  2. Fiddledee-dee...women in our grandmother's day were prone to weight-issues. The difference today is, the weight creeps up prior to middle age, and what really uglies up the scenery is what passes for women's clothing. No sweeping floral dresses, just UGLY poly pants, and those baggy-arse tops that aren't even hemmed straight - bleech! By the way, saw a young slender woman on the bus sporting the Medusa look - wearing the black poly, of course.

  3. Not to mention, she grins like she just stabbed her boyfriend in his sleep.

  4. She is attractive in a struggle snuggle kind of way.

  5. I wouldn't say she is beautiful, but she at least registers as an HB6 when she is all dolled up.