Wednesday, April 24, 2019

God Bless the Whores

Sorry for the shock title, but I've always speculated that the word "whore" means something radically different in modern day jargon then what it's original intention was.

I think a whore is a woman who uses sex instead of having sex.

I think a whore is a nasty sadistic hag that dedpises sex and men.

I think a whore is a woman who openly discourages men from bring straight.

I think a whore is a woman who charges money for sex (see the first point).

All the times I've heard the word whore in the modern tongue, it's context had been otherwise.

A whore is a woman that has and enjoys sex WITH MEN.

A whore is a woman that has sex WITH MEN for free - no financial contracts involved (see also marriage).

A whore is a woman who dresses sexy, and openly welcomes STRAIGHT men to look.

A whore is a woman who sticks with her man and his opinions rather than joining in on a male bashing hen party.

If that's what a whore is, then I'll say it again...
God Bless the Whores.


  1. You have managed to turn a pejorative into an honorific. I guess that we can thank feminism for what they did to ordinary women.

    Is that Salvador Dali?


    1. I often fail to make my points clear.

      I think over the years, the word whore has been MISSused so much - just as words like racist and misogynist are being MISSused, that thier original meaning has been lost.

  2. Replies
    1. A good movie to be sure, and that scene - awesome.

      But...did you notice that Jack Reacher later refers to that hirl as "sweet". That part pissed me off.

      Sweet!? SWEET!!!

      She tried to have 4 guys beat you up dumbfuck...not sweet at all...a cunt, a whore, an overall troublemaker.

      That part really pissed me off.

  3. nah, whore has meant harlot for a thousand years.

    buxom is the word you're looking for. in some old wedding vows the bride would pledge to be "buxom".

    because buxom used to mean pliant and willing.