Sunday, April 28, 2019

The Friend Zone is a Lie

Many blogs in the fag-o-sphere often talk about the friend zone.  The Friend Zone is a fictitious place that men get put in, when they seek romantic relations from a woman who does not reciprocate.  The term is complete and utter bullshit - people using are are what I call fempologists.  They try to sugar coat the evil deeds of women berating men.

It should be crystal clear to any modern man who has been around that modern women are incapable of having friends.  Women use people for their own nefarious ends.  Like their own children, human life does not matter to them, and other people's dreams and ambitions, feelings matter even less.  I take that back.  Other's feelings do matter very is by feelings that modern women enjoy inflicting so much pain and hardship on others, especially straight white men - just like the mainstream media instructs them to.

Of course, if confronted with this behavior, your modern woman will go off the high dive into a shallow pool of denial and lies.
Any man with an IQ of 5 will see right through it.

Many Fag-R-As will say , "it's the PUAS that swear by that friend zone nonsense."  This might he true to some extent, but it is the fempologists in the mra/fag-o-sphere that keep it going without killing it.
PUAS always have and always will look like complete and utter fools to me.

The term FRIEND ZONE must die.  It is a fempology.  DICKLESS TOOL ZONE is much more accurate to what the woman is really doing.

If you've been put in the DICKLESS TOOL ZONE, your reaction should be something like this
No modern woman deserves any man, much less any male friends.  If they aren't giving you sex, they see you as a fool and a tool.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

God Bless the Whores

Sorry for the shock title, but I've always speculated that the word "whore" means something radically different in modern day jargon then what it's original intention was.

I think a whore is a woman who uses sex instead of having sex.

I think a whore is a nasty sadistic hag that dedpises sex and men.

I think a whore is a woman who openly discourages men from bring straight.

I think a whore is a woman who charges money for sex (see the first point).

All the times I've heard the word whore in the modern tongue, it's context had been otherwise.

A whore is a woman that has and enjoys sex WITH MEN.

A whore is a woman that has sex WITH MEN for free - no financial contracts involved (see also marriage).

A whore is a woman who dresses sexy, and openly welcomes STRAIGHT men to look.

A whore is a woman who sticks with her man and his opinions rather than joining in on a male bashing hen party.

If that's what a whore is, then I'll say it again...
God Bless the Whores.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Me, the Unholiest of Unholies...Misogynistic Special

What an evil misogynistic twit I am...check this out.

In my 49 years of life I have had:

Women tell me how ugly I am.
Women tell me what a bad person I am.
Women lie to me.
Women cheat on me.
Women take my money without earning it - something I believe is akin to stealing, although you'll NEVER hear any pastor, reverend, father, padre or minister in any GOD DAMNED church admit to EVER.

I also saw these things happening to my friends - a very diverse bunch of men from all walks of life.

The weird thing is, until about age 42 or so, I never lodged a complaint.  And yes, I was raised with the philosophy of being respectful towards women - a philosophy I agreed with, but also expanded on - be respectful to everybody.

No need to really say what happened when I did lodge a complaint...well screw it I will.

I got told what a bad person I am, and how I therefore hate all women, and all these things are actually my fault.

Now, some Kool aid sucking psycho bitch called Sue is telling me I'm going to hell.

Seriously, let all that sink in for a minute.