Monday, December 30, 2019

Starbucks, Pigs...

So, everybody has now heard about the police officer that went to Starbucks and got a coffee with the term "pig" on it. It is possible that not everybody knows about what his alleged daughter had to say about the man. My focus will be with the daughter and her willingness to betray her father. After all, this blog is devoted to anti-feminism and PRO-STRAIGHT-MALE - since there seems to be so little of it in our modern, enlightened, evolved culture.

OK, lets take a nice long manly look at 'Miss O'Mara':

Looks like a typical stupid spoiled cunt to me - notice the tattoos on her arm - leftmost picture.
In case you are wondering - this post is all about how backstabbing women can be ARE.

Officer CHIEF O'Mara - a man who risked his life - possibly getting shot at during his life to give his daughter a good life...
...and for what?

An ungrateful little shit that backstabs him the minute he gets put in the spotlight?

I wonder what this man's wife is like? I wonder how long it is before she backstabs him too. Maybe she already has?

At this point, some people might be saying, "but but but - she said he's a racist!"


Anybody worth his or her salt knows better than to trust the word of some stupid spoiled cunt. A spoiled cunt who herself is already getting accused of being a racist herself. The whole racist thing is irrelevant anyway - she is still a backstabber - whether her dad is racist or not.

I don't know if anybody remembers the David Hasselhoff eating a whopper drunk video. Basically, Mr. Hoff's sorry ass excuse cunt of a daughter video recorded him drunk eating a hamburger and decided to attempt to ruin him with it.
Here is a video parody of the incident - turn your volume up and listen to the narrator...
Listen for something like this, "You bought me everything Dad, now I'm going to destroy you!"

Work your life off, bust your ass, defend those wymminz, and this is how you'll be treated. If you are stupid enough to believe that you are somehow immune because you're 'one of the good guys', well then - you are way beyond pathetic.

Modern misandry has gotten so thick women are not capable of distinguishing which men are the useful tools and which ones are not - their guns point in all directions. No matter who you are, no matter what you believe, no matter what you've done, their cannons are ALWAYS pointed at you.

I suggest you defend yourself, or become the next victim of the thicker than pea soup misandry that has infected this cuntry,

Friday, December 27, 2019

Has Anybody Read This?

I just found it while looking for memes... I think I'll order it.

One thing that is VERY discouraging about these e-social circles, is that MRA/MGTOW and whatnot is just a tired rehashing of feminism.

Feminists hate birth control pills.

Feminists hate makeup.

Feminists hate men which is why...

Feminists hate sex, unless they can use it as a weapon.

The areas that are different is Dr. Kshatriya's blog, and The Anti-Feminist.  There are other blogs out there, but they are not solely dedicated to the subject.

Sexual False Consciousness - I think the best example of this is MGTOW.  These poor deluded fools believe they have a CHOICE, and THEY are CHOOSING to avoid women.  Wrong.  You are incels, or borderline incels.  The "choice" is not yours.

I noticed this disconnection from reality and rehashing of feminist values when I first found these circles.  Anybody remember 'AmericanWomenSuck'?

Is it by design?

Or are the people running those blogs completely ignorant of what feminism is?

I don't remember where I first saw the above meme.  It was thought provoking though...

Women (and girls) are often portrayed as being morally superior , and at the same time portayed as delicate and incapable of managing thier own affairs...

On Christmas day, I sat and reflected on my life.  I might post about it.  I am hesitant though, as my conclusions were quite dark.

Anyway, I hope anybody reading had a Merry Christmas and will have a happy new year.

If you've read the book, please share your comments about it.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Richard Jewell - Follow Up

So, I watched it, it held my interest all the way through.  It was well put together and well thought out... Well directed, acted etc...

Overall, a good movie.

That said, here are my criticisms:

1. If my memory is correct, after Richard Jewell's name was cleared, the media continued it's tirade trying to show,"ok, so he didn't do it, but he's still a bad person".  The movie failed to show just how childish the media is.

2. At one point, Kathy Scruggs or whatever is seen crying.  Unless it was meant to portray crocodile tears, showing journalists as actual human beings is just inaccurate.  (Please note: the media is already scrambling to clear her name - lmfao).

3. There were some follow up facts at the end of the movie.  They made no mention of how many people died at the hands of Eric Rudolph since the F.B.I. was wasting time on Jewell.  In my opinion, this covered up how incompetent the F.B.I. was/is in my opinion.  Eric Rudolph killed more people between the Olympic bombing and when he was caught 6 years later.

That's all I can think of right now. 

As I said, it was a great movie.  I'd recommend it.

Friday, December 13, 2019

Richard Jewell

I'm going to see the movie this weekend.  I am curious - are they going to portray the media jackals - as just that - jackals - crooks - hacks - liars - or is this movie something else?

Well, judging from the sh*t storm that is brewing (or is it just a publicity stunt?) I'd wager a guess that they are portraying journalists as the scum they are.? Or are they sick of a republican (Clint Eastwood) being famous in Hollyweird???

Judging from what the lame-stream media is bitching about, it looks like their chief complaint is - get this - the way womyn are portrayed.

Female actress ripped for 'misportraying' womyn.
Reporters deny female nature.
Here's one that reads like it was written by a mentally challenged 4 year old.

Most complaints are how a drug riddled cunt named Kathy Scruggs used sex as a weapon - a bribery weapon to get information from F.B.I. agents. As well all know - there is no such thing as a woman who would ever do anything like that - naawwwwwwww. Anyhoo, this cunt overdosed on drugs - big surprise eh?
Kathy Scruggs
I have had a lot on my mind lately - many of which revolve around Dr. Kshatriya's latest posts - very thought provoking indeed. They involve my meeting an 80 year old "whore" (no not for sex perverts - and please notice the quotes and italics if I remember to put them in) - just in my social circles. She was what inspired me to write God Bless the Whores because of various things I heard her say - I'll talk about it later.

I offer you a slightly revised post I did back in 2010 about Richard Jewell (it was being used to 'doxx' me - so I removed it - here it is again)

I want to go back in time 14 years. One scrupulous news story that has been stuck in my head is that of the Olympic Park bombing, and the assumed suspect Richard Jewell.

When I heard about the Olympic Park bombing in 1996, and the security guard that was the first to notice the "suspicious package", the story intrigued me.
Richard Jewell
The main source of intrigue, Richard Jewell, the security guard that noticed the suspicious package, was a suspect. I kept thinking to myself, "This man was doing his job - he noticed a suspicious package - and reported it - after reporting it, he began clearing the area - at a risk to his own safety - he is not the villain".

According to the media this was not the case. No. Richard Jewell had in fact clandestinely planted the bomb just so that he could spot it and get called a hero. Yes - you read that right. Men are not heroes at all. They secretly do evil so that they can dishonestly get labeled as heroes!
Total Crap
This incident in 1996 is a first-rate example of our media and how quick it is to disrespect men. Any "good deed" must be shot down promptly. How dare anybody in our society call any man "good" or a "hero". One can see an insane eruption of trash in the news when any man does good.

The media - and the masses - would rather believe some half-baked garbage about one man's scheme to plant a bomb and later spot it - just to get "hero" status.

Of course - the TRUTH - that a security guard was BEING A SECURITY GUARD - and noticed something suspicious and radioed it in - is OH SO MUCH LESS PLAUSIBLE now isn't it...

In 1996 after the bombing, there is a madman on the loose. He had killed 2 people (one died of a heart attack from the panic that ensued) and wounded 111 others - with his bomb at Olympic Park. I am guessing that if Richard Jewell had not been doing his job, many others would have been killed and injured.
What's the big story in the news?

Richard Jewell's pornography collection! And the fact that he is fat, and a failure at being a deputy sheriff!

Some madman is killing people with bombs? WHO CARES! We want to know more about this 'Richard Jewell' character. After all, he was doing his job, and saved lives.

People might start to believe that men are good.

We cannot have that!

We need something, ANYTHING on him to defile his character - pornography will do!

Also, let's not forget the fact that he is fat! AND - he wanted to be a deputy sheriff - yet he isn't - we can therefore label him as a failure!

The bomber went on to plant 3 other bombs before being caught! He went on to kill a police officer, critically injure a nurse, and injure at least 5 others.

Thanks to the men-hating feminists that run the media!

It is apparent from incidents like this - and others (like say Lorena Bobbitt) that there was and is no male-hatred in our culture. There was and still is an insane rage against men in our culture. I offer the following mock newspaper headline. Ask yourself how ridiculous it sounds. And keep in mind that this is basically how the media handled the story.
Jewell died August 29, 2007, from natural causes at the age of 44. He was suffering from severe heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, and obesity.

Gee, I wonder if this man's poor health at the age of 44 was somehow related to all the stress he had to endure during the feminist men-hating media's bashing of him. (sarcasm - I do not wonder - I KNOW).

The media has a comeuppance coming that is RICH-ly deserved!

Hopefully, I'll be alive to see it!

Some cunt calling herself 'Klo' posted comments on the post too - she made a complete fool out of herself - and used usual tactics like 'you hate women' or decided to be a grammar-nazi (attack punctuation and spelling rather than the argument) - a blundering dint to be sure!

Stay tuned for my next post - I'll talk about 'whores' - specifically older ones. Are women getting worse? And that is the real reason young men prefer old 'whores'??? Have modern women become so intolerable that young men will pay an older women rather than put up with modern woman bullshit? 

I ask next post!

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Is Google Censoring Anti-Feminism?

So, one thing I do when I am bored - is I look for pictures on the internet to cheer me up.

I was doing a search for "am I a bad woman" on the Google image search.  Now, for some reason, I cannot download pictures onto my android - so, I forward them to myself - and download them on my laptop via email.

Now, the first one was this one - and I had no problems with it:
Like I said, I clicked on the link in my email, and the image came right up.

Now, the next set of images you are going to see (below), when I clicked on the link, a black box came up, and after a few seconds, the black box disappeared - the image I remembered on my phone did not show up.  I had to do the image search all over again, and click on various images - then click on the similar images it presented - I spent about 3 hours re-finding these.

These images are out there...  And I am at a loss to explain why the first one forwarded to myself in my email showed up just fine, but the rest - like I said - a black box came up and after a few seconds - disappeared...

I have heard from other sources that big corporations are censoring anti-feminism - but what I cannot understand is - WHY???

I mean, if what we are all saying is utter nonsense - why waste time censoring us?

Wouldn't people just laugh at our foolishness?

Most feminist ideals are severely against common sense too - as many men are realizing - and unfortunately - most women are NOT - because they truly are stupid and easy to manipulate (at least - easy to manipulate in a hateful direction).  To be blunt, modern day Americunts are weak minded.

I have heard others say that having a working class where women hate men is beneficial to them.  I partially buy into this, but would like to hear more about how exactly it benefits them.

Please - leave any and all theories, speculations, hypothesis below.

No matter how outrageous they may seem...

And thank you in advance.

I wonder how my own blog shows up in search results...

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

The Most Toxic Type of Woman of All...

I was going to talk about the new Clint Eastwood Movie, Richard Jewell - it's about a man who was falsely accused, tried and convicted by the American Overrun with Dikes and Faggots Media Greedia back in the 90's.  BUT - it doesn't start until December 13th.... SO!

I picked up a troll.  This troll made me think a bit.

I have met women who I consider to be "different".  They do not hate men.  They recognize how much hatred of men exists...  But those women are seriously too far and too few - I'd make a guesstimate of about at most 1% of women are like this.

Yes, I said it - I'd guess about 1% of the women in this CUNTry are actually tolerable, and not vicious little falsely vindictive cunts.

I have met several women like this.  They all had one thing in common - they are misogynists.

Yes, they hate women - like no holes barred hate too.  I'd go out on a limb and say they themselves were embarrassed to be women because of the way other women act - and that is what makes them hate women so much. 

NONE of them - and I mean NONE criticized me, or had any kind of negative reaction to what I had to say about women - be it my stereotyping or my prejudiced.  They recognize that such things are a normal and sane reaction to the societal crisis that is occurring - namely, feminism, male-hatred and the extremely destructive effects it is having on Western Culture.

NONE of them - and I mean NONE considered being a woman a handicap.

Any sane rational woman who truly is capable of thinking for herself fully recognizes the thicker than pea soup misandry that has infected our society, and sees how much damage it is doing.

Now, if there is a woman like this who wants myself or anybody else to stop what we are doing because she is "different" - she is the 1 in 100 (or is it more like 1 in 100,000) woman who is not a vile cunt...

Well, I say she is EXTREMELY TOXIC.

This is the woman who wants us to shut up because she is different.

Who cares about rampant out of control male hatred.

Who cares about all female audiences applauding and cheering male sexual mutilation.

Who cares about women having sex with dogs instead of men.

Who cares about lying about domestic violence.

Who cares about making violence against men acceptable (sic V.A.W.A.)

Who cares about lying about a wage gap.

Who cares about lying that all men are rapists.

Who cares about lying that all men sexually harass.

Who cares about false rape accusations.

Who cares about false sexual harassment allegations.

Who cares about fabricated 36 year old "groping" being taken seriously.

She is different, and that is all that matters....
So we should all just shut up...


These are the most vile cunts of all.

hot chick
 Anyhoo - I want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving.

If you are not in the U.S. well, relax with some good TV or laugh at some YouTube Poop...

If you are by yourself - enjoy a beer at home - don't drink and drive.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Women Doctors

My trip to the urgent care and later the ER back in June really made me think.  To start, at Urgent Care, the lady doctor started yelling at me, "I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU WANT FROM ME!" (or something along those lines).  Bad manners to be sure, but ultimately, SINCE I HAD A WITNESS WITH ME, she sent me to the ER.

The ER was another slew of incompetence, the doctor there, another woman, spent all of 5 minutes with me and wanted to give me an anti acid with lidocaine in it.  I refused it - not just because I did not have heartburn (I had no burning in my chest), but a long time ago, a doctor injected me with a local anesthetic (lidocaine), and I had a bad reaction to it.  That doctor told me to remember to avoid lidocaine in the future.

Suffice to say, I am paying now for refusing that lidocaine concoction from her.  My latest doctor said sarcastically, "If I recommend you take something, will you, or will you just refuse it."

To which I replied, "HUH?"

He said, "You should have taken that lidocaine anti acid the doctor recommended in the ER."

I explained to him why I didn't - he looked shocked and embarrassed at the same time.

Clearly, by refusing it, I really pissed off the lady ER doctor.

Anyway, all this said, I decided to internet search for lady doctors - boy oh boy:

Let's start off with a lady doctor drunk in the middle of the day...
No?  So what you say?

Ok, How about a doctor attacking an Uber driver:

Still not convinced? How about a really rude doctor mocking a patients manhood?

You've already seen that? Ok, here's the grand finale (for now...)

Yup.  Disgusting isn't it?  Well, just remember...

I have to say that I am feeling a lot better. Vitamin supplements, D and B combined with KAVA and a higher protein diet - as well as regular chiropractic visits.
One of my friends pointed that quote out to me...

Odd isn't it?  That all the modern wimmens and libbies today are all screeching in our ears about how evil all the white men from that past were (and present too of course)...  Yet - they seemed to have some good philosophies towards life.

Oh wait - Edison was wrong - I am in the future, and the doctors today hate men, have bitchy bedside manners towards them and are just plain cunts in general like any other woman...

Seriously - is it just me - or has anybody else noticed that the medical field is also being overrun with incompetent hateful cunts?  Take note too - the chiropractic field is not over populated with womyn.

My advice:  Avoid going to doctors at all costs.  Research what is bothering you, and find supplements you can take, or diet changes you can make.  Look into chiropractic.

If you do go to the doctor/hospital:  ALWAYS HAVE A WITNESS WITH YOU.  Get a friend, and have them go with you if you do.  Have your cell phone ready to video if necesary.

It is truly sad what has become of the medical profession with the over-infection of modern enlightened evolved men-hating womyn populating it, but it is what it is.

Anyway, it's the future - enjoy a picture of a hot chick (remember - we live in an era of sexual liberation!!!):

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Weaponizing Sex

I think something really needs to be discussed in these circles: the weaponization of sex.  When I speak of this, I am not referring only to the cranky house wife who uses sex to manipulate her husband.  I am referring to human filth like Christine Blasey Ford:
Christine Blasey Ford: maybe it's just me - but I can smell the Prozac just looking at her.

Now, I am not the powerhouse intellectual in these circles. Fact is, I am kind of dumb. But even I recognize how destructive women like this are to society with their lies. They turn women against men (#MeToo), and they disrupt societal norms (sic - you will NEVER see this kind of thing being published wide spread if it happens among lesbians or gays/transgendered LGTBQ and whatnot). No, the "privilege" of having sex used against one as a weapon is reserved strictly for straight men.  This is what modern day liberals refer to as "male privilege".
 Julie Swetnick - yup.  Another trustworthy face!

Now, in my previous posts, I mentioned Jeffrey Epstein.  Yes, he too weaponized sex.  I am completely aware of that.  However; the crimes of men are repeatedly pointed out, and exaggerated.  I do not feel any need to rehash.  Although, the fact that Epstein was weaponizing sex is NOT pointed out by the media - big surprise eh?

I personally think that weaponizing sex should be illegal and carry severe penalties - like having to register as a sex offender after spending say 10 years in prison.

I cannot think of any positive benefit from weaponizing sex other than to deteriorate sexual norms and turn the two sexes against one another.  Everybody loses.  Well, everybody loses, except for the politicians who truly exploit women, by fabricating things like wage gap and out of control harassment.

Sex between men and women is normal and healthy.  Installing guilt, using it as blackmail, or installing a false sense of fear in women to obtain votes is SICK.

When politicians constantly dredge up sexual actions of politicians and use them against one another, it destroys male/female relations.  Men and women who have healthy sex lives live longer.

All the talk about "health" coming from politicians - and "health care" - yet - the majority of them keep on polluting sexual relations by weaponizing sex.  Does anybody else see the contradiction?  Is it just me?  Any women reading?  Do you really believe that men are out to rape you or sexually harass you at work?  Seriously?

I cannot believe that anybody listens to any politicians these days.  They are sick human beings for the most part (except for Donald Trump - the greatest president ever).

Anyway, enough ranting.

I would personally like to see weaponizing sex be made illegal, and offenders getting jail time and having to register as sex offenders.  However; when I do an internet search for such things, it seems that the very concept of weaponizing sex has already been 'stolen' by fems and libbies.

How I define it:

OK.  Somebody touched you inappropriately.  Why did you wait until they are running for a political office to report it if it bothered you so much?

NO - you are weaponizing sex - go to jail, register as a sex offender.

OK.  You had sex with somebody, and once you found out he was the wrong political party/race/whatever vaginal politics you uphold and now you want to call it rape?

NO - you are weaponizing sex - go to jail, register as a sex offender.

OK. You decide that a certain boy in your school is not "likeable".  You decide to falsely accuse him of sexual harassment.

NO - you are weaponizing sex - go to jail, register as a sex offender.

Having sex is not a crime (or at least it should not be).  Men who want to have sex with beautiful women should not be thought of as criminals.

If you think they are - you have problems - you need help.

I can only hope that I have made it clear how I define weaponizing sex.  Leave your own thoughts below.

Please try to stay focused, and remember that STRAIGHT MEN MATTER, and their desires are not evil or criminal - they are natural and beneficial for both men and women.

It is the politicians and others who seek to drive a wedge between men and women - forcing them to be in poor health - keeping them weak and unhappy.  That way, they can convince the more weak minded people (typically women) that voting for them will somehow fix the problem.  It never has, and it never will - if there are any women reading - try to get that into your thick bitchy head.

No.  The politicians are the problem - except for Donald Trump - the greatest president ever.

They need to STOP weaponizing sex.

Final thought, and a funny pic:
Please leave your comments and thoughts below.  If I get enough support from people in America, I will write a letter to the president and my limp-wristed faggot senator Harry Reid to make it illegal to weaponize sex as I defined above.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Being a Young Man in a Cuntry run by Filthy Faggots

One thing I remember about my college days was constantly being pulled over the police.  No, I never got any tickets, nor was I ever arrested.

I always thought that was strange.  Why were my friends and I always getting pulled over, but not getting arrested or being cited.

We looked like ordinary guys.  No mohawks, no weird clothes - quite plain.

When I apply the anglobitch thesis to this (as well as many other oddities in my life), it makes sense.

The anglo culture hates sex, so it hates men period.  It makes sense that many police will waste taxpayer dollars to pull over and harass young men - and often murder young men for no reason.

I offer one very disgusting case here. link.

The link above is the aftermath of what happened.  I saw the story on TV, and it reminded me of myself at that age.

While I am proud of the parents for drilling and not resting until justice is done, I also pity them.  I'd wager a guess that all they'll ever see is some negligent cop that murdered their son.

I see a fat faggot who became insanely jealous of men younger and more fit than him and saw fit to harass the young men and engage in some pseudo bondage with the life jacket - which is why it wasn't on properly.

And... Dig up other stories on this.  The entire police department thought the murder of this young man was humorous.

Feminists - you know, the women who support "equality" see one less potential rapist in the world.

Dems/libbies see one less priveleged male and priveleged white in the world.

All I can say if you are a man in your 20s is...

Good Luck.

And - OH YEAH!  If men stopped fapping, things like this just wouldn't be happening would they!

Monday, October 28, 2019

It's a Really Bad Time to be an Arsonist in California...

It's a false flag as I call it.  A Missouri man who flew to California was arrested for starting 13 fires...


No.  Not the fires that are burning California to the ground - like they do every summer.  His fires only burned 128 acres...

Anyway, I am glad that the media is on top of this story, as I am sure we all want to know about this man...

The thing the media will find out for us...
Sorry, the end.

The media today really makes me sick.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Faggot Pedophiles Rule the World

Or at least, the United States of America, or as I have previously called it, the United Sodomites of faggot Anal-rape.

Sorry, I'm stuck on the Jeffrey Epstein thing. That man was in trouble for allegedly having sex with underage females.  I read that his youngest victim was 14Female puberty ranges from 7 to 13...  If he was as rich and powerful and f**ked in the head as the lame stream media claims - why did he start at 14 - instead of 5 or 6 - or limit himself to females?

Now, that said, I watched an episode of The Conners the other night.  It made me sick.  Two young boys were supposedly in a spat after kissing at school.  The grandmother of one of the boys wanted it to end (wanted the gay Conner boy to stay away from her son), the Conner mother (played by a lesbian actress) reamed the other mother for not encouraging her son to participate in homosexuality.

As I watched, I thought, "That's strange - I am watching a show where children are being sexualized...  I thought it was wrong to sexualize children - after all, isn't that what the big dog and pony show around Epstein was all about?  Wasn't he sexualizing children too?"

But then it hit me - Jeffrey Epstein was straight - silly me...

So, I guess in our culture, it is wrong to sexualize post puberty girls (no matter how huge their boobs are) - but totally cool to sexualize prepubescent boys.

Yup.  Makes sense to me.  Some links to make you sick.

Faggot Priests on Spring Break!
Faggot Priests Gone Wild!
Wacky Faggot Priests

(Sorry for focusing on Mormons - I just happened to be looking them up).
The point - the articles above make no mention that the molestations were all homosexual in nature - that is, It is an older man/boy having sex with BOYS - not girls, not young ladies...

How come stories about mass homosexual pedophiles aren't getting the same attention as Jeffrey Epstein?

In many cases, they are just as big, and involve more victims - why aren't they covered with as much passion as the Jeffrey Epstein case?

The answer is simple - Jeffrey Epstein is a STRAIGHT HETEROSEXUAL MAN - something all faggot pedophiles hate with a passion.

Now, all that said, something else bothers me:
That is what Jeffrey Epstein looked like at age 66.  See anything wrong?  I do.  This is not the picture that current dogma paints of what pedophiles look like.  Dogma dictates they look like this:
The guy above looks like one of my college professors...

I think that we are all being mass deceived.  We are being systematically brainwashed to believe things that simply are not true.

I remember when I first started this blog (and previously the section on my web-site), I really did believe that women were being brainwashed to hate men.  I changed that philosophy because some faggot MRA convinced me that all I was doing was throwing women into the role of victim.

I apologize, I cannot find the link, but a very long time ago, I read:

The target of brainwashing can become overly hostile, or even physically violent when presented with information that is contradictory to what they have been brainwashed to believe.

We are all being brainwashed to think that there are these huge pedophile rings where rich white men have sex with hot young teenage women.

Meanwhile, incidents involving homosexuals forcing themselves on young boys falls on deaf ears.  Such incidents seem to be more prone in churches - you know - the place where all the "sex is evil" talk started...

Ask yourself the following:

Do you get angry when you see a man with a young woman?
Do you instantly throw hostile slurs at the man - or the woman?
Do you instantly think of the women on Epstein island as victims?
Would it anger you if somebody suggested otherwise?
How many people do you know that would get hostile over these things?

I noticed there is a lot of hatred aimed at Epstein.  And I cannot figure out why.  After all, because of his death (suicide??), what crimes did he commit?

All we have heard - as I stated in my last post - is things that he can in now way defend himself against... Convenient isn't it?

Now, my ZEN on you:

Let's pretend that Jeffrey Epstein did not exist (nobody has ever heard of him).  I want to take a survey of young women aged 14-18.  I would ask them this:
You get to live on a tropical island - you will be provided room, board, food etc...
The only catch is, this man gets sex from you whenever he wants:
I wonder what percentage would say yes...

All this said, why is it that the lame stream media et al make such mountains out of a man having sex with post-pubescent females, but seem to not care about others raping prepubescent boys?

Why does the term "sex-trafficking" appear in the headlines when it is HETEROSEXUAL - but NEVER when it is HOMOSEXUAL?

I think the answer is obvious.

This is the fight that awaits us.  Being 47 years old (but still got my red hair) I might not be up to the fight - maybe I could train my 3 dogs to fight for me here in Glendale California!

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

The Jeffrey Epstein Conspiracy

A very evil man once said,"keep the lie simple, tell it often, and people will believe it".

That man was Adolf Hitler.

When I hear the same thing repeated over and over - I suspect the Devil's mouth at the horn.

What am I hearing?

Jeffrey Epstein is a pedophile ring runner, and all these other rich white people were in on it.

We do not live in an age where government conspiracies are shown to light.

We live in the #MeToo era.  The anglocunts frigidity and hatred of men rules supreme.

We'll never know how Jeffrey Epstein died.

We'll never know what crimes he committed.

Dead men tell no tale right?

Well, yeah, of course.

The darker truth here is...

Dead men cannot defend themselves.

There is only 1 moral to the Jeffrey Epstein story that the media is pushing...

Men are evil, men with money are eviler.

Of course, other lies that are told often and kept simple...

300,000 women are sex trafficked each year.

You know the rest of them...  I won't rehash them.

I would like to hear other people's thoughts on this subject.

I'll reiterate my premesis: Jeffrey Epstein is being used to reinforce sex negativity, male hatred, and the vagina mafia.

Leave your thoughts below.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

The Fecal Pill

Just to demonstrate how bad modern woman can be, here are some links for your disgustment.

Woman spreads feces on picnic tables before child's birthday party

Woman gets fired and puts feces in fridge and oven

Woman stalks and smears feces on windshield

Woman leaves children covered in feces

Woman flinging feces threatens to kill police

Two mothers arrested for kids covered in feces

Woman forces boyfriend's 3 year old daughter to eat feces

Oklahoma woman forced kids to eat feces - avoids jailtime!

Woman injects feces into sons cancer IV treatment.

Arizona woman puts feces into husbands IV

Woman smears dog poop on neighbors door

Woman puts feces on estranged husbands toothbrush

Woman assaults father in restaurant, throws feces at officers

Another woman puts feces into her sons IV

Mom arrested when 3 month old found covered in feces

Woman puts feces in her purse while on a date (toilet did not flush)

Irate woman throws feces in coffee shop

Woman smears feces during a fight

Don't take my word for it - try googling things like this. It really shows how degenerate women have become. I guess that if men stop fapping, this would not be happening? I don't know.

 Poor little fecal smearing bitch...

Right now, I am watching a documentary on Charles Manson - told from the point of view of one of the women who were in his "harem".  I feel no sympathy for her whatsoever...proud of myself

On a brighter note - I saw an old Japanese movie called, "Attack of the Mushroom People" or "Matango".  I loved it.  For real - I made fun of it, I was intrigued by it, I was really enjoying it.
Here are some images from it:

Yes I know - it looks real goofy - it was...  But after reading through the small portion of stories above - I really needed something goofy.  Interesting point too - The characters reminded me of Gilligan's Island...

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Something that's been Bugging Me...

Back in January of this year, I noticed my dog was limping.  I took her to the vet as any responsible dog owner would do.

The vet said it was an ACL tear, and would require surgery to fix - $3000.

Now: if you live in Nevada, you can take any number the vet gives you and double it to get the actual cost.  I called vets who performed the surgery, and sure enough - $6000.

Of course, every vet these days is a woman.

I did my own research on the internets.  I found that there are shots that when combined with rest and a temporarily forced sedintary lifestyle are more effective than $6000 surgery.

The shots cost me a total of $700 (bi-weekly injections for 2 months).  During this time, I discouraged my dog from play or rough-housing with my other dog.

She is much better now, and can run again!

And trust me, she was limping so bad, I thought she'd never run again.

All this said, I have realized that the veterinary field has become infected with a grossly disproportionate number of females, whose only goal is to exploit the compassion pet owners have for their animals.

There was another incident when I lived in Reno - long story short, I paid $900 to have my dogs rabies vaccinated.  If I had went to the pound - it would have been $24.  The excuse from the vet was: new patient fee + general physical fee + normal appointment fee + vaccination - all that times two.  Bullshit.

I don't know how these vets get away with these kinds of charges and flagrant deception and exploitation, but they do. 

As a pet owner, there is little you can do about it.

Monday, September 2, 2019

The Hand of Ming...

...and once it's recognized.

One thing I've always objected to about feminazism is the way they set standards for men, specifically STRAIGHT men, and ignore women (and to a less extent faggots).  It's as though women are beyond criticism and moral standards did not apply to them (and faggots too).

I agree 100% that age of consent laws are misandry.  I agree with it so much, that that is the reason I ditched AVFM (one of several reasons).  The age of consent laws were not made to protect underage women from predatory males.  They were made by FILTHY FAGGOTS that want to punish men for being straight - TRUE STORY...

Have you ever noticed that so many standards that exist today (and in days long past) apply only to straight men?  TRUE STORY...

When I hear some faggot MRA making new standards for STRAIGHT men and not complimenting them with standards for women, a HUGE red flag goes off.

There are enough standards for straight men to live by as is.  We have all been getting beaten over the head with them since birth.


I recognize feminism, by looking for dolts making new standards, or rehashing old standards for straight men to live by.  That is how I recognize the "Hand of Ming"...

No new standards need to be made for men.  Standards need to be made for women, or removed for men.  The FILTHY FAGGOTS that have been getting their jollies by watching straight men getting ass raped in prisons has to stop (for the crime of only being straight)

But it won't.

Brainwashing.  Even so-called intellectually superior men continue to make standards for straight men and not women.

It's nothing short of disgusting.  Buy that's where we are at.  Rampant homosexuality, women beyond moral standards, and the intellectual elite (or so we are told), just keep up the same old bullshit.  More standards and SCIENTIFICALLY BASELESS idioms like, "not fapping makes the first real time better" (scientifically baseless, and appealing to female insecurity) are aimed at straight men, AND ONLY STRAIGHT MEN.  No criticism of women fapping, or faggots fapping.  Nope.  It's only "unhealthy" if straight men do it.


Now, that said...  I have no stance on "fapping".  I understand that it is a problem with younger men, given the huge amount of free porn, and the accessibility of the internet...  but I have no stance on it.

I have done it myself until I have found a women to do it for me (and no, it was not 'worse' because of it...)  There is something special about a woman pleasuring you that cannot be substituted by your own hand... TRUE STORY... but as a straight man you have to be careful - there are many women who seek to take advantage of straight men seeking women - and NO MORAL STANDARDS DETERRING THEM FROM DOING SO EXIST -NOT BY PEOPLE PREACHING THE 'BIBLE', AND CERTAINLY NOT FROM ANY FAGGOT MRAs.  Please note that 'BIBLE' is in qoutes...

Stupidity.  Lack of valid science.  The usual bullshit.

Men are dumb, women are good.

Complete bullshit.

I've recognized the hand of Ming before, and I see it now.

It's as depressing as ever.  But I do what I gotta do to avoid it.

Fuck off Ming.  I've been hearing you're man-hating bullshit my whole life, and it's just that...   BULLSHIT.

There's no place for it in my life, and it's only purpose is to put a stronger choke hold on men, so they can service the men-hating women that are currently in charge.

P.S. enjoy my latest YouTube monstrosity.

here it is

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Flipped... A Movie Review + My Health Update

So, i watched a movie called, "Flipped".  If you look it up, it is the 2015 movie, not the 2010 one.

I was laughing hard.  A super model who hooks up with abusive men crashes her car, and her only link to civilization is a man on a cell phone call.  The man said quite a few things i have read online in these circles.  Yes, he chastises her for seeing many men as "invisible"... Well, check it out if you want.  It's free to stream on TUBI.  I'll only add here that it gets weird near the end.

My health update:  A commenter suggested I go to a chiropractor, and I have been.  Occassionally I still have trouble breathing and swallowing, but it's not as severe as it was.  And it DEFINITELY was not as bad as it was in 2012!

I also read up on back pains - Vitamin D is supposed to be good for that.

As far as mellowing out your state of mind - KAVA.  I started out by taking a small sample (to make sure i was not allergic) then ramped it up.  It doesn't make my problems go away, but it does reduce their nagging.

I appreciate the advice I got on that post, and woild like to thank everybody who participated.

My next post will be about the bad tempered aura men recieve from modern women...  My main focus will be this:


Sunday, August 4, 2019

The Hatred You can Expect.

If you're a man.  If you're a Caucasian.  If you're a heterosexual.

Being a straight man today is no picnic.  Male sexuality has been branded as disrespectful of women.  It isn't.

Add onto that, men of the past all being labeled as rapists, pedophiles, and wife - beaters and the problem gets worse.

To throw some gas onto the fire, there is now a stupid cunt politician with the battle cry, "all white men are prejudiced!".  Yes, laughable to anybody with an IQ over 50, but apparently, the inbreeding laws in New York are very flexible.

When I was in college (more than 20 years ago now), I always wondered why all the hatred from women...

I used to think it was because women have all kinds of false data pounder into their head - which they do...  False stats about rape, sexual harassment, pedophilia and other things that never happen.  It's all designed to install a sense of outrage and vidictiveness - which it does.

The problem.

As I have met more women, I realize that they are the ones who are ill spirited towards men.  Women are the haters, women are the violent ones, women are the ones who pervert sex and sexual relations.

If they were forced to confront the fact that 99% of the men out there are exceptionally decent people, they'd be forced to look at the way they treat men, and ponder who the real haters are.

Women are the real haters.

Women celebrate domestic violence aimed at men (see incidents like Katherine Kieu Becker and Lorena Bobbitt).  Men frown on any violence aimed at women (you can google how many men have been murdered by lynch mobs after a woman FALSELY accuses them of misconduct).

Yes, you do not see men applauding domestic violence or any violence.  You CANNOT say that about women.  This is a fact.

Women are the haters.
Women are the abusers.
Women lie about things like rape, harassment and pedophilia to have men they deem "unworthy" of their smelly cunts eliminated.
Women pervert sexual relations.

A sense of guilt?

Men have one, women do not.

Respect for human life - or any life?

Women kill their own children, unborn or not with no guilt or remorse.  They believe they "own" other human beings, and can therefore extinguish them when sentient beings become inconvenient to them.

With an attitude like that, how much "respect" can they show any human being?  Man or not?

Women are not capable of respecting other human beings, they consider other people as their property at times.  No respect will be shown.

Women will happily have you thrown into the poor house, starving, dying, and they will rejoice.  I have seen this too many times.

The reason they hate men like myself so much?

I recognize them for what they are.

If you hook up with a woman, guard your money closely.  The only thing all women want is to destroy a man's  finances.

Other things all women want is to destroy a man's sexuality (if they are straight).  Different women go about this in different ways.  Some will be rude and uncivilized towards all men approaching them.  Some will flaunt to the world how gross women are (over eating or fecal smearing).  They all have their own methods of destroying the male sex drive.

Guard your money.  Guard your sex drive.  Guard your life.

Women are out to destroy you.

The straighter you are, the more hated you will be.

The whiter you are, the more hated you will be.

Get this into your head.  Or suffer in ignorance.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Secret Obsession...

So, the boss let everybody go home early today, so I fought the downtown Vegas traffic less than normal this afternoon, and watched a movie netflix kept ramming down my throat, "Secret Obsession".

Feminazi Porn.

Some guy is obsessed with a fugly cow, kills her husband and tortures her, she ends up killing him blah blah blah.

Totally lame.  Right down to the cliche wounded black police officer that shoots the bad guy at the last minute, but doesn't kill him.  Nope, the killing is of course done by the woman...cliche again.

First off, crap like that NEVER HAPPENS.  Second, when things of a like nature do happen, how often is a woman the root cause?  That is, how often is a woman the primary menace adding strife to people's lives?

I have seen way too many movies like this growing up and as an adult.  Way too many.  So many they are appallingly predictable.  I go full blown MST3K while watching them.

To start, drama overloads are always initiated by women, not men.  Women have unhealthy relationshits.  The hotter, the unhealthy er relationshits they seek.

Movies like this are lies.

This time I pondered something:  could the people making these rehashing be doing so unpurpose?

Rich hollywood/netflix faggots throwing strife into straight relationshits?

People who own jewelry stores convincing women that men owe them something?

Why do these boring cliche movies keep popping out of the woodwork?

Seriously.... it seems like they make about 5 or so each year.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

What They're too Stupid to Notice...

First they came for...

The paedos, and people said,"I'm not a paedo, and I hate people that want to fuck and kill little kids!"

The rapists, and people said,"what kind of a man forces a woman like that... I certainly don't!"

The racists, and people said, "that whole blacj hating thing is dumb!"

The homophobes, and people said, "well, nothing wrong with that... why not!"

The Islamophobes, and people said,"well, aren't the people blowing things up and shooting children in churches Islamic?"

The non binary o phobes, and people said, "wait... what!?"

All of this is witch hunting too.  If you stand up for any of these  people, you WILL BE BRANDED AS ONE OF THEM.

Meet the new face of facism.
A fuck ugly non white man hating retarded cunt.

This post was inspired by the Anti-Feminist's latest post.  He's got my vote for the post before that.  Too bad I couldn't vote...

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Just Something Personal...

So, I'm between jobs right now.  I've been having some health issues too.  My upper back is always hurting, I have a hard time breathing occasionally, and a hard time swallowing occasionally.  Yesterday it got real bad so I went to Urgent Care at the advice of a friend.

The Urgent had a 100% female staff.  The main doctor (or CNA or whatever).  Was talking abnormally loud and said all they can do at urgent care is test for strep and mono.  Chest x-rays take a few days to develop.
She shouted, "what is it you expect to happen here sir".

I calmly replied, "well, it'd be cool if you could run some tests and determine what's causing all this...".

After telling her that it's not normal for somebody to be lying in bed half the day gasping for air, she sent me to the ER.

Now, about being in between jobs... I called the government health insurance line, and I THOUGHT I was getting insurance that covered urgent care and ER.  Boy was I wrong.

Anyway, at the ER I started feeling really bad, like I was going to blackout, but I toughed through it.

They drew blood, and took a chest xray.  Both came back negative for whatever they were testing for.

I was sweating profusely at this point.

The doctor came in (a woman) and gave me a lecture about acid reflux, and how that was probably causing the burning sensation in my esophagus.

I said, "I never said anything about a burning in my esophagus."

The doctor just stared at me and began talking over me.

I looked at my friend and said, "did I say my esophagus burned!?"

"No, you didn't."

The doctor actually registered that and said, "well, we can keep you here for further observation."

I wasn't sure if my insurance would cover that, so I opted to go home.  At home, I suffered through back pains and labored breathing.

Today, I discovered that my insurance did not cover ER visits.  I imagine the bill will be about 7000 to 10000 USD.  Something I definitely CANNOT AFFORD.

When I spoke to the sales agent (before all this happened - like back in May, another woman - crystal) for insurance I stated I just wanted urgent care and ER  visits covered.

Pain is a little better today, but this usually acts up about 1 or 2 in the afternoon.

I was told at the ER to make a follow up with my regular doctor.  Because of my insurance changing I can't, and all the alternative doctors are all women, and all physician's assistants are also all women.

Why does it cost like 1000 USD to flip a switch on an x-ray machine?

Why does it cost like 1000USD to draw blood from somebody?

Why are any medical costs like 1000s of USD when the procedures seem quite trivial?

Why are there so many women in the medical field?

I tried googling these questions and instead of answers, I simply got, "yes it does cost a lot".

I also google things like "complain about insurance carrier", "file complaint against medical insurance" etc...

Google revealed to me sites that would help me sign up for insurance...  what I did back in may...

I just don't get it.  It seems like most insurance companies are scams, and doctors are worthless...  and these places are nearly 80% women at this point too.  The doctors, the nurses, the receptionists, the insurance agents, the phone solicitors.

Am I imagining all this?

Friday, May 31, 2019

Sexual Harassment is a LIE.

Many of the "crimes" that feminists screech and hiss about are complete fabrications.
They are merely hypothetical situations that do not happen.
Things like rape, pedophilia, and today - sexual harassment!

I always ask myself - would I do that? No.
Do I know anybody that would do that? No.
Have I ever met anybody that would do that? No.
Where are all these men that sexually harass women?

I'm fucking 49, and I have never met one man that would do this.

I've met engineers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, accountants, bums, drunks, heroin addicts, homeless, millionaires, nerds, shut-ins, crazies etc... HUNDREDS of people - not one would "sexually harass" - period.

When I ponder this, I wonder if sexual harassment happens at all.

Let me share these links I found:
4 in 10 Aussies think it is a lie.
When Sexual Harassment Accusers Lie.
Teen Girls LIE about Sexual Harassment because they didn't "like" a certain boy.

When women start getting caught LYING about it:

All the sudden polygraphs aren't "reliable".

Yeah right. I got a bridge to sell you.

But - better safe than sorry...

Perhaps it'd be better to pass laws so that sexual harassment accusers will NEVER take a lie detector test in the first place!

What a joke.  It's like we all know they are what do they do - they scream, "LIE DETECTORS AREN'T ACCURATE!!!".  When it is proven that they are accurate they scream, "WOMEN ACCUSING MEN OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT SHOULDN'T HAVE TO TAKE LIE DETECTOR TESTS!!!".  When it is blatantly obvious that the women are lying they scream, "WOMEN SHOULD BE BELIEVED NO MATTER WHAT!!!"

Kindly go to hell bitches.

REAL sexual offenses do happen.

They happen when men haters LIE about rape, pedophilia and sexual harassment.
Here's a good article on the subject.

The real sexual offenders need to be registered.

Petition for false accusers to register as sex offenders

I personally cannot think of anything more sexually offensive than femmies lying about imaginary sex crimes.  They are the real polluters of sex.  Sex is not evil - women are - PERIOD.

My theory on why they do it (lie about sex crimes)?

Simple: Money, power and control.
Gotta love that characacture of Anita Sarkeesian

Friday, May 17, 2019

Male Sexualists...

So, Eivind Berg has recenly posted some mind stimulating posts about this subject.  I would expect nothing less from a man of that intellect.

However; the Anti-Feminist posted a bit of a rebuttal that I agreed with.

Now, I am not sure about the Anti-Feminist's age, but I assume he is near my age.  In my generation, obtaining porn consisted of MAYBE a neighbor throwing away a magazine with naked lady pictures in it.  Not much in the way of "fapping material", or "stuff to jack off to" as my generation would say.  Today is is everywhere and easily available to everybody regardless if age.  Any teenage male can get on a computer and watch complete sex acts ..Not just look at tits.

The result?  Obviously a wave of massive fapping compared to my generation.  As I said, we were lucky to get a hold of a magazine showing just boobs.  Today's porn is everywhere, and accessible to all.

All that said, it is always distressing to me when a pro-male site does a full 360 and starts embracing feminist ideals (albeit for different reasons).

The Anti-Feminist is right though.

Step 1 should be undoing the damage feminism has done.  This consists largely of getting the word out to men that they are being fooled, used, mocked, berated, and sometimes jailed for "lame-ass" reasons.  At the same time, the "value" of women is being horrifically blown WAY out of proportion.

Eivind Berg MAY also be right, but if he is, it's at the wrong time.  By embracing no-fap ideals, and anti-porn ideals, he is opening the doors for more men to be ass raped in prison if anybody should pass actual legislation supporting those ideals...RIGHT NOW.

My two cents on porn: it should not be popular...that is, there should be ample opportunities for men and women to experience fulfilling sex, that porn would seem silly.  With the rabid cunts and pimps that flood this world, that will not happen though.  I hold the same attitude towards hookers and, hookers and strippers would be something akin to going to a place to enjoy sitting in a regular everyday chair...

Priorities should be to remove the damage feminism has done.  This includes a respect and acknowledgement of male sexuality existing.  It does NOT exist now.  Women applaud and cheer when a man gets his penis cut off.  This is a total disrespect and complete contempt for male sexuality.  Until that mentality is destroyed, the talk about no fap and no porn should stop - all that talk will do is throw more fuel onto the male hating fire.
Until men are educated how baselessly hateful most modern women are, and laws are changed to respect the male sex drive instead of a blatant hatred of it...

Well, that should be all that matters at this point in time.

I'm used to all kinds of fighting existing in these circles.  This post was meant to attempt to unify others.  I won't be a bit surprised if it has the opposite effect.

Happy Friday #:(LifeSucks

Friday, May 10, 2019

Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez is NOT Beautiful

I watch some right winger videos on YouTube on occassion.  I recently saw one where some talking man with the head of a bull stated that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was a beautiful woman.  I don't get that.  When I look at her, I see a very ugly woman.
Seriously?  What the f**k are these people looking at?  She is really ugly.
In addition to being a man-hater, she is prejudiced against whites.
Gums like a horse, head like a vacuous pit, attitude like a VD infected college flunkee.
For real...can somebody tell me what these clowns looking at her see?

All I see is a really physically ugly evil white-man hating witch.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Quick Word about "Sexual Offenses"...

I have two excellent posts lined up, but I've been bummed out, so I've procrasturbated posting them.  First, My dog is limping, and from what the vets say, it's permanent.  Second, it seems a lot of people dodged the premises of my last post, "The friend zone is a lie because it implies that women are capable of friendship".
If you were one who misunderstood that, and that pic upsets you - GOOD!

I did realize something though.  Fag r assholes often bitch about double standards.  Double standards only apply to like people, and men and women are different.

Before I encountered the man-o-sphere, I held a belief that women who falsely make claims of sexual harassment should have to register as sex offenders.  I've allowed myself to be polluted by many of the junk attitudes of the man-o-sphere.

I forgot I even thought that, until I dug up some really old files last night on a thumb drive.

If a law was proposed that WOMEN  who LIE about RAPE, SEXUAL HARASSMENT, etc... had to register as sex offenders, it would fail miserably to be put in place.

Politicians need rape and sexual harassment to vilify their opponents.  Women need rape and sexual harassment to vilify and demonize men they dont like.

No.  Such a law would never pass.  But, perhaps the fiasco it being proposed would produce would open enough men's and women's eyes to make them see the kinds of sick f**ks that enjoy "Sexual legislation".

Sexual harassment has always been a lie...that is the title of one of my upcoming posts.  It always will be a lie too.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

The Friend Zone is a Lie

Many blogs in the fag-o-sphere often talk about the friend zone.  The Friend Zone is a fictitious place that men get put in, when they seek romantic relations from a woman who does not reciprocate.  The term is complete and utter bullshit - people using are are what I call fempologists.  They try to sugar coat the evil deeds of women berating men.

It should be crystal clear to any modern man who has been around that modern women are incapable of having friends.  Women use people for their own nefarious ends.  Like their own children, human life does not matter to them, and other people's dreams and ambitions, feelings matter even less.  I take that back.  Other's feelings do matter very is by feelings that modern women enjoy inflicting so much pain and hardship on others, especially straight white men - just like the mainstream media instructs them to.

Of course, if confronted with this behavior, your modern woman will go off the high dive into a shallow pool of denial and lies.
Any man with an IQ of 5 will see right through it.

Many Fag-R-As will say , "it's the PUAS that swear by that friend zone nonsense."  This might he true to some extent, but it is the fempologists in the mra/fag-o-sphere that keep it going without killing it.
PUAS always have and always will look like complete and utter fools to me.

The term FRIEND ZONE must die.  It is a fempology.  DICKLESS TOOL ZONE is much more accurate to what the woman is really doing.

If you've been put in the DICKLESS TOOL ZONE, your reaction should be something like this
No modern woman deserves any man, much less any male friends.  If they aren't giving you sex, they see you as a fool and a tool.