Wednesday, December 26, 2018

I Got an Alexa for Christmas!

Or as I called it, "the crazy psycho bitch in black tube form that I threw across the room 5 minutes after I turned it on".

Dr. Kshatriya just wrote one of his coolest articles ever...check it out.

I'm glad that somebody had the balls to point out that the growing LBGTQ stuff is just a continuation of the rampant misandry in Anglo Saxon cultures...  something I always had a feeling about.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Why is Prostitution Illegal?

A comment posted here really got me wondering - why is prostitution illegal?

It is legal in many parts of the state I live in - Nevada, especially near the city I live in - Las Vegas.

I ask anybody reading to explain to me why prostitution is illegal.

Please - leave any and all comments below.

Having lived in Nevada for a long time, I have met prostitutes, and spoke with them.  One thing that shocked many of them - is regulars.  Yes, regulars.  According to what I was told, many prostitutes have regular customers.  None of them (their customers) want to engage in "odd" sex acts or role playing, they just want sex.

Now, I understand health and all that... But I sincerely get the feeling that if venereal diseases did not exist, it would still be illegal...

I also want to know what a whore is...  I have heard way too many women getting called whores in my lifetime to really notice the correlation.  Fact is, when I was in high school, a young girl was referred to as a whore - she was a virgin.

I don't get it.

I have my own hypothesis as to why prostitution is illegal...  Before I make a fool out of myself, I'd like to get some more input.

Here is an except from wikipedia?

They argue that a system which allows legalized and regulated prostitution has very negative effects and does not improve the situation of the prostitutes; such legal systems only lead to crime and abuse: many women who work in licensed brothels are still controlled by outside pimps; many brothel owners are criminals ...

Here is another excerpt from wikipedia:

In 1999, Sweden became the first country to make it illegal to pay for sex, but not to be a prostitute (the client commits a crime, but not the prostitute). A similar law was passed in Norway and in Iceland (in 2009). Canada (2014),[15] France (2016)[16] and the Republic of Ireland (2017)[17] have also adopted a similar model to that of the Nordic countries (Denmark excluded).  

Talk about serious hating on men... Legal to be a hooker, illegal to pay for one.  Damn...

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Marriage is Full of "Compromises"...

So about a month ago I heard the young men I work with all talking about how marriage is full of compromises.

"You compromise by doing what she wants, and she compromises by telling you what she wants."

They all chuckled.  One man my age said, "You were told that right?"

The guy about to get married said, "Oh yeah".

What a GAY time they were having indeed!

I of course sat quietly working, yet listening - like an a**hole.

When I think about the seriousness of what they were saying - they were absolutely right.  There are no compromises in marriage.  Marriage is an institution designed to fully cater to women and only women.  Divorce is designed to punish a man for having heterosexual relations with a woman, and failing to kowtow to her every narcissistic whim.

There is no way that any sane and rational person would endorse this type of a relationshit.

Giving in to a self-centered witches every self serving desire is not healthy for anybody.  Catering to the whims of a person who has been raised to believe that she is special just because she has a vagina is not healthy.

Anybody who denies that women have reached a state of complete self-centeredness and complete over-ego-inflated full blown narcissism is, well...IN DEEP DENIAL.

In case you have not noticed... You now need to be a multi-trillionaire in order to afford mediocre women who are EXTREMELY overrated. Think I am being unfair to have Melania here? Fine. I'll pick another.

This is Jeff Dunham's first wife. I tried to find out how much his first divorce cost him - no luck. Jeff Dunham has a net worth of 120 million. YUP! For just 120 million you can afford something like this! Jeff Dunham is now married to a younger woman. Like I said, all you need is about 120 million dollars to afford these whores.

Women are increasingly completely FULL of themselves. Men do not court women anymore. They simply prove to the narcissistic mindlessly vindictive c*nts they they are more capable of feeding narcissistic needs better than the next guy.  Feeding a narcissist is not what I would call a healthy relationshit. Why hasn't the psychological/psychiatric field recognized this social crisis?

Let's get some psychologists to look at the problem...


I'd say we're in a serious sh*t heap of trouble...
Woudn't you?