Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day!

Remember...the feminists hate valentine's day.  You therefore should NOT.

I understand that Victorian Era puratanism combined with 3rd wave feminism has distorted heterosexual relations, and that many men are alone (myself one of them).  It is easy to hate this day...but DON'T.

Valentine's Day is about men and women falling in love and having sex.

If you are with a woman who wants you to buy something, you chose unwisely.

Give your girlfriend, wife, or f*** buddy a hug or kiss, and have sex.

Happy Valentine's  Day.

The two most important things about this day

1. Do not spend any money.  Love and sex should be free.  If you have to spend money for that, you're not actually getting what you pay for.

2. Avoid women who don't agree with #1.