Friday, April 21, 2017

Like it or not, this is a Big Problem...

OK, things have calmed down a pinch (long story - involves IP tracking and other crap I hate), anyway, there is something I gotta say...  Some of you might find this offensive, and others might get very confused about sexuality upon reading.  It might cause waves, but it is something that I gotta say - and it's already been said by people braver than myself...

There are politicians, football players and others who get classified as "pedophiles" for NEGOTIATING (not abducting, not murdering, not forcing - but NEGOTIATING) with underage hookers - young women who look like this:

Then, there are some very disturbed and mentally sick f**ks who VIOLENTLY GRAB AND HAVE SEX WITH children like this:

Isn't it strange that our society (the laws, statistics and some republicans) fail to make the distinction between such two people?  Did you know that if two men were to both be sexually aroused by the two photos above (one at the young woman, and the other by the child) - they would both be classified as "pedophiles"????

Yes, it is completely true.  Go ahead and GOOGLE away!

This is why faggots (and others) proudly say that "The Majority of Pedophiles are Straight!"

Clearly, our society (the laws) - (readers of this blog excluded) cannot and for some odd reason REFUSES to make this distinction.  Because of that - myself - being a heterosexual and in no way aroused sexually by the picture of the child - am put into the same category as people who are (see "the majority of pedophiles are straight") - BULLSH*T - How dare these people put me in the same box as the sick f**ks that do (just because I am straight too!) - honestly - what is WRONG with these people!!!???.

There is a HUGE difference between a man with a healthy sex drive being aroused by young fertile women, and a mentally disturbed creep wanting to harm children.  Good luck if you are going to "try" to explain this to many...

Two brave MEN - Angry Harry (GOD rest his soul), and Anti-Feminist have both tackled this issue - and even been on the front-lines of it.  My hats off to both of them.  Here is a hot-c*nt pic for them:
What's not to like about her?!?!

Enjoy your weekend.  Comments is closed yall.  F**k the trolls for this one.

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