Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Regularly Scheduled Programming to be ruined by two Douchbags Running for President

I just don't get it. Anyway, I am off to read a bunch of Trump-bashing articles in the fag-o-sphere. Enjoy one more pic.
Sexy Woman


  1. I don't watch network television anyway (I won't willingly lower my IQ by doing so), so having the debates on is no loss. It's too bad, but most cable TV is not much better.
    The only programs worth watching are some documentaries and instructional shows; damn near everything else is a waste of electrons.

    When I see drek like this, I flash back to the old Second City TV comedy show; during the opening credits, the voice-over announcer says "Second City TV is on the air!" -- you see the outside of an apartment building, and TV sets are suddenly flying out of the windows...
    Some memorable quotes:
    "It's called television PROGRAMMING for a reason..."
    "One hundred channels and not a damn thing worth watching..."

    1. I remember when I had cable (2006 roughly). The prices kept going up. By then, I was getting 75 channels of crap for about 90 a month.

      I thought, why am I paying 90 a month for 75 channels of crap - that I only watch about 1 hour of each day?

      No more cable or satellite for me - ever.