Thursday, June 16, 2016

A Tale of Two Penises.

Snow penises that is - this is me poking fun at, and pointing out the harsh reality of, a story first presented on the Community of the Wrongly Accused.

Some young men at a university decided to pull a harmless prank, and instead of building snowmen, decided to use snow to ERECT a 9 foot tall penis.
But the giant penis was met with extreme hostility and an insane rage against male sexuality a noble call for equality from feminists...

"It was offensive because it was pornographic," said man-hating land whale Amy E. Keel, who said she and her roommate "dismantled" the giant snow penis.

"Women do not need to be reminded of the power of the symbol of the male genitalia," Rosenfeld sex-hating psycho-bitch said. "My guess is that they are constantly reminded of it in daily messages."

The comments from the bat-shit crazy loonies brave women fighting for equality confused the young men who built it.

"We built it for fun, instead of building a snowman," he said. "We built it specifically as a junior high prank."

In order to right the world's wrongs of men having penises women feeling like they are not treated equally, the young men allegedly built a new snow sculpture in order to honor womyn.

But the new sculpture also angered carpet-munching psycho-bitches who hate men the brave and valiant women fighting for equality...
Feminists shouted, "NOW YOU ARE OBJECTIFYING WOMEN!!!!", shouted the biploar lunatics who forgot their medications, Womyn, "THERE IS MUCH MORE TO A WOMAN THAN JUST HER BOOBS!!!"

This also confused the young men, so they built yet another sculpture...

feministFeminists started complaining that this latest snow scuplture set unrealistic expectations for womyn and their bodies. And that had absolutely NOTHING to do with the fact that they were disgusting morbidly obese land monsters. No, it has to do with EQUALITY - and nothing else! It is not like these feminists hate men, male sexuality and want to portray ALL men as negatively as possible - no - it is about "equality".

Confused once again, the young men built yet another snow sculpture...
Feminists (for the most part) were delighted by the latest snow sculpture, as it showed no signs of sexuality in any form. It portrayed woman as shapeless blobs with no intrinsic beauty of anykind.

Other men-hating lunatics feminists however, were extremely upset at the new snow sculpture, as it failed to fully represent minorities and the LGBT (Lettuce, Guacamole, Bacon and Tomato) community.
The young men, instead of having any fun whatsoever - decided to give up on building any kind of snow sculptures, locked themselves in a room, and welded the doors shut.

This made all the feminists happy, as male opinions are not desirable when it comes to gender equality.

The thing I do not understand here - if feminism is truly about "gender equality" and not male hatred, why would feminists feel so upset and threatened by a penis? I mean, why go on an insane lunatic rage to destroy a simple snow sculpture? How will destroying a snow sculpture help achieve "gender equality"? Also, destroying a snow sculpture of a penis will not change the fact that men have penises and women have vaginas - and that men and women will always be different...
Enjoy looking at a picture of a woman (I Think?!?) who: would laugh if you got your penis cut off, thinks that men getting raped is funny, screams bloody murder when a woman gets raped, shouts "you go girl!" when a woman hits her spouse, screams bloody murder if a man were to hit his spouse, thinks you are "sexist" for being a heterosexual, thinks she is out of your league, thinks she is too good for you, would be happy to spend all of your hard-earned money on shoes and not give a crap if you had money left over for food, and hates your guts for being a man.

How could any man not like her!?

Remember - we live in a misogynistic society...


  1. Only the thirstiest of simps would be attracted to that beast. That bitch would only start to look attractive after a six pack of beer and by then I'd be too wasted to get it up for her anyway.

    1. ...which is a good thing because you'd probably catch herpes.

  2. Take The Red PillJune 29, 2016 at 9:03 AM

    It's too bad that they didn't make a snowman walking away from (frigid?) snow-women and label him MGTOW.
    MGTOW is the future for us Western men.
    Let the Muslims have the Western's what they deserve.

    1. That's a puzzler... you mean the Muslims deserve it? or the western women deserve it? Or Both?


    2. Take The Red PillJuly 2, 2016 at 5:09 PM

      Sorry for how my comment was phrased; at first, I meant Western women. But now that I've had a chance to think it over a bit -- both of them. The women can have the Muslims' misogyny (REAL misogyny) and 'chauvinism', and the Muslims can have the Western womens' bad attitudes (which will change when their new owners -- in every sense of the word -- start treating them like they deserve) and their STDs as well.
      **It's interesting to consider how the Muslims will treat any of the women that fall in their hands who have incurable/untreatable STDs. Judging by their past actions, their typical attitudes towards Westerners and females, and their beliefs about arrogant/slutty women, their 'treatment' for such women will likely be high-velocity lead poisoning or possibly be sharp and swift; either way, it will be final.**
      If you wonder if I care about such women and their future fate WRT that scenario -- Western women killed my feelings for them a long time ago. Unless she is a relative or friend who is also a 'Good Woman'...I could care less, NFG.

    3. My guess is - that is EXACTLY how women (at least the real loud mouthed ones) want to be treated.