Thursday, May 21, 2015

Campus Rape - Feminists Make it More Fun than EVER!

So, Emma Sulkowicz allegedly got raped while attending college, and decided to report it several months after the incident allegedly occurred.

Emma Sulkowicz
Emma Sulkowicz
Emma Sulkowicz (above), carrying a mattress and wearing a big shit-eating grin - as is typical with any rape victim.

Emma Sulkowicz
Emma Sulkowicz
And as is borishly predictable on any modern day college campus, an old hag, Shahzzbot and Sahnji were there helping the alleged attention whore victim celebrate protest.


It appears that she was texting her "attacker"...


What are the odds of that! I'd guess about 1 in 2. Her 'attacker' is now suing the College HIP HIP HOORAY!!! Although I'd wager a bet his lawsuit goes nowhere fast... Gotta keep the lying fires of campus rape burnin'!

Emma Sulkowicz
Emma Sulkowicz
In an absolutely shameless exhibition protest of her fantasy victimization, she now carries a mattress around with her, in hopes of getting the guy who dumped her raped her expelled from school... Yes, he is a white heterosexual male - no wonder Sahnji and Shazzbot care so much!!!

Emma Sulkowicz
Emma Sulkowicz
Emma Sulkowicz - You can clearly see the inner emotional turmoil on her face. If you can get past how fuck ugly she is.

Emma Sulkowicz
Emma Sulkowicz
YUP! Getting dumped by the thug of your dreams raped ain't no picnic ride - at least, not at first...

Emma Sulkowicz
Emma Sulkowicz
Emma Sulkowicz - it has been rumored that she is going to write a book entitled, "FALSELY Accusing of Rape for Dummies"...

Emma Sulkowicz
Emma Sulkowicz
Emma Sulkowicz - the image above is so disgustingly typical, it really is not funny at all. Honestly, I am surprised a castration march was not held.

Here is what the picture above contains and why...
  • Emma Sulkowicz - attention whore, believing she is entitled to get a man expelled from college because she does not like him.
  • Middle-Eastern Pseudo Terrorists, Shahzzbot and Sahnji - protesting not just rape, but white heterosexual males as well, because as most curry sucking dipshits know, all white heterosexual males are prejudiced racist homophobic bigots.
  • The Embittered Old Hag - angry at men for not getting laid. Men are of course, not to blame - her own prudish attitude is. Just give a blow job, let a man slap your fun bags around, give a hand job or take a fucking in your ass grandma - it'll cheer you up and probably clear up those nasty hemorrhoids too!

These are definitely the characters I remember when I was in college!
Katie McDonough Katie McDonough - as is also borishly predictable, a feminazi chimes in because somebody said the word rape. Since an actual rape occurred somewhere else and involved other people and was real, this rape is therefore real too. Why bother with pesky facts, like Emma asking her "attacker" to "f*ck her in the but" via facebook - AFTER the alleged rape occurred. Kill the bastard - RIGHT NOW!!! Hold a celebration protest march, and get that hatred of men going!

Take Katie McDonough's quiz to see if you are a feminist.


It appears the Emma Sulkowicz is one of those Superior Asian Women.

Ain't she hot!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Murder and Male Resentment Monday!!!!

Samantha Greenlee
Samantha Greenlee, age 22, was pregnant, and was murdered by her boyfriend. She was beaten to death with a baseball bat, strangled, and buried in a shallow grave outside of a church.

But - please - nobody worry. I'd wager a guess that no self-purported 'nice-guys' got laid, so it's all cool.

Samantha Greenlee
Samantha Greenlee - it is strange to think about too. When I was her age - women were telling me to go f**k myself and whatnot. The idea of murdering a woman that I had gotten pregnant - was absolutely alien to me... In fact, the concept of killing anybody (unless my life was in immediate danger) was alien to me.

But hey - why the f**k should any body listen to me?! I am - ONE OF THEM!!!!

I am not like the guy below guy - a definite stud muffin - who stole money from her, forced her to call the police on him - moved out - then moved back in... He eventually lit her apartment on fire to try to destroy evidence of her murder.

Jacob Ferrero
Jacob Ferrero - Strangled, and beat to death with a baseball bat, 22 year old Samantha Greenlee.
Definitely not a self-purported 'nice guy', so it's all good... Nobody panic.

Lately, I have been losing my sense of humor about these things.

All I can say to any young men (or old men for that matter) - the next time a woman tells you to f**k off, or says something rude when you talk to her - remember how stupid women actually are, how vindictive against men they are, and how brainwashed they are.

Here are the facts...
  • Samantha Greenlee, 22, has been missing since October 8 in Columbus, Ohio, after disappearing following a waitressing shift
  • Her boyfriend Jacob Ferrero, 22, was arrested this morning and has been charged with murder and aggravated arson
  • Miss Greenlee was beaten with a baseball bat and strangled, police said
  • The father of her unborn child confessed to investigators that he had killed Miss Greenlee and led officers to a shallow grave next to a church
  • A cousin said Miss Greenlee was three months pregnant with her boyfriend of five months
  • 'They fought a lot and Ferrero had stolen from Miss Greenlee', cousin said
Here is the best comment from the link at the top...

Women always date sacks when they are young. Most women survive it and get smarter with age, unfortunately this one did not. May she rest in peace.

I cannot argue with this comment - Rest in Peace you stupid BITCH.

Samantha Greenlee
Samantha Greenlee - Rest in Pieces you DUMB BITCH!
The problem is, the men that they alienate repeatedly in their youths are eventually going to turn around and start asking, "Why am I getting stuck with the leftovers?"

This ties in with the whole "women writing letters to prison inmates". I have concluded my research on that and it will be my next post.

I have to agree with the viewpoint that women do in fact seek thugs. The reason prison inmates get so many love letters - women get - whatever it is they get - from a criminal - without the repercussions of being in such a relationship (like getting beaten or killed), since their male partner is safely locked up. Talk about complete control in the relationship...

Until next time - try not to rape, beat or kill any women you filthy NICE GUYS YOU!!!