Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Where are the Russians?

Michael Sweeny was caught having sexual relations with a 16 year old young woman. As of now, Sweeney is out and only charged with a misdemeanor because the girl was 16. The police investigation will be looking into the history of the alleged affair to see if it started when she was 15, which would make the charge a felony.

Where are the Russians?

Jacob Wieclaw was caught having sexual relations with a 16 year old young woman. The 16-year-old girl and Wieclaw met at the school and began communicating through social media, police said. They had a sexual encounter at Wieclaw's home in New Lenox on Jan 27, 2014.

Where are the Russians?

Jake Robinson was caught having sex with a 16 year old young woman. Their most recent encounter reportedly happened shortly after midnight Jan. 8, when the girl said she snuck out of a friend's house so Robinson could drive her to his house.

Wow - that teen is quite a "victim" - sneaking out of her friend's house and all...

Where are those Fucking Russians?

Mark Lesley Hassell was arrested for having sex with a 17 year old young woman. Investigators interviewed the unidentified 17-year-old girl who admitted to having been in a 'consensual' sexual relationship with Hassell 'for some time'. However, under the law, the relationship could not have been consensual since the age of consent in California is 18.

Where the FUCK are the Russians?

Anyway, the list goes on. If there are any women reading (VERITAS!!!) please let me know - if you were a young woman (teenager) - would you want any of the men above jumping your bones???

Yes, I cherry picked the ones above. Some of the MEN in the link above are creepy - and some were having sex with children, not young adults. Anyway...


I mean - Russians are so noble in standing up for Jennifer Fichter...
Jennifer Fichter
...why didn't they also stand up for the men above?

Oh yeah - Jennifer Fichter has a VAGINA - silly me - I forgot.

I am not the brightest tack in the shed - but I can see what the Russians and other Jennifer Fichter supporters are doing here.
Jennifer Fichter
They are giving Jennifer Fichter a PUSSY PASS.

Isn't this what the fag-o-sphere calls, "White Knighting"?

They are not invoking change for ALL SEXES by complaining to the Florida Legislature (or the American Legislative branch) that the law(s) need(s) to be changed - NO - they are simply asking for leniency for Jennifer Fichter.


Because she is a pretty woman with a vagina.  The people who think they are changing something by requesting leniency for Jennifer Fichter are misguided because...

This is NOT seeking JUSTICE.

This is NOT ENDING SEXUAL TYRANNY created by feminists, progressives and left-wing dimwits.



OH LOOK!!! It seems that FEMINISTS AGREE that her sentence is too "harsh".

"Feministki," a feminist community on LiveJournal, also expressed dismay with the length of Fichter's sentence.

"What has she done [to deserve this sentence]? Has she beaten those kids and sold them cocaine? She's basically been given a life sentence, as she won't be able to advance her career by the time she's released," a community member wrote Monday.

Would those feminist bitches say the same about a man in the same predicament?

THE LAW(S) NEED(S) TO CHANGE - I will not argue that. I am actually writing a letter to the Florida Legislature and others to accomplish this.



Anyway, enjoy looking at a picture of a woman who: thinks she is too good to talk to you, thinks she is out of your league, thinks she is too good for you, is a cunt, is a bitch, would scream bloody murder if you were having sex with teenage girls - but not scream bloody murder if a female was having sex with teenage boys, thinks men getting raped in prison is funny, and would laugh if you got your penis cut off.
Remember - we live in a "misogynistic" culture.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Jennifer Fichter Rejects Plea Bargain Involving Hand Job, Judge's Penis

It has been alleged that the 30 year old teacher accused of having sexual relations with her students was offered a plea deal involving giving the judge a hand job.
Jennifer Fichter
Jennifer Fichter rejected the plea deal, claiming that the judge was too old for her. The 30 year old Twilight Saga Fan claimed that the judge looked nothing like Justin Bieber (the younger Justin Bieber) and had grey hair - and that is like a major turn off to her.
Jennifer Fichter
Jennifer Fichter was showing the court what hand she uses to give her rocking patented hand jobs. While she was doing this, the judge suddenly said, "Screw this shit", and whipped out his enormous wang.
Jennifer Fichter
Jennifer Fichter was originally speechless at the sight of the judge's huge wang, but ultimately refused to give him a hand job.
Jennifer Fichter
Jennifer Fichter was then asked by the court to show her boobs and her booty to the judge, a request she reacted with surprise and shock, and ultimately, refused. This angered the judge even more, and got her sentenced to 22 years in prison. Not for the sexual charges, but for the time old adage that teachers across the country have always taught us, "Do not bring that to class unless you brought enough for everybody". Jennifer Fichter was sentenced to 22 years in prison for not performing sexually for all of her male students.
Jennifer Fichter
Jennifer Fichter asked her attorney if she would be repeatedly ass-raped in prison. Her attorney quickly replied, "no - that happens in male prisons, not female prisons".
Jennifer Fichter
Jennifer Fichter was relieved that she would not be repeatedly ass-raped in prison like male inmates, and laughed a little at the thought of heterosexual men having faggot ass rape forced on them.

The Jennifer Fichter craze has even led to parents buying bumper stickers for their cars.
Jennifer Fichter
Jennifer Fichter

Jennifer Fichter
Jennifer Fichter

The school will now be handing out certificates to the male students that nailed Jennifer Fichter, and giving them scholarships for their sexual achievements - and nailing the hot teacher most 17 year olds only get to masturbate to.
Jennifer Fichter
Jennifer Fichter's photo is prominently displayed in the certificates male students will receive for having sexual relations with her.

Anyway, enjoy a picture of a good looking woman who is: out of your league, too good to talk to you, too good to look at you, a cunt, a bitch, finds men having homosexuality forced on them in prison funny, would laugh if you got raped in the ass, and would laugh if you got your penis cut-off.
Jennifer Fichter
Jennifer Fichter Again!!!

Sorry - let me try this again.

Enjoy looking at a picture of a good looking woman who: thinks she is out of your league, thinks she is too good to talk to you, thinks she is too good to look at you, finds men having homosexuality forced on them in prison funny, would laugh if you got raped in the ass, and would laugh if you got your penis cut-off.

Remember - we live in a misogynistic society! That is what Christmas is all about - MISOGYNY!


Monday, December 21, 2015

Jennifer Fichter caught having Sex with 17 Year Old Men

A very interesting post at Eivind Berg's Blog about a 30 year old female teacher that was caught having sex with multiple 17 year old students.

Before reading further, I encourage you to read the link to Eivind Berg's Blog first.

I found a better link to the news story here.

The prosecutor said that just because Fichter is female, and her male students were willing participants, does not make them any less victimized.

Crap - I remember being 17 and in high-school - there were several teachers that I wished would have "victimized" my brains out - and whose brains I would have like to "victimized" out!.

Now, I do not consider Jennifer Fichter as a "monster" (or even a pedophile).

Jennifer Fichter

She is going to be sentenced to 22 years in prison. Do I think that is wrong?  Absolutely.  If I were a 17 year old young man - I would certainly want to have sex with a teacher looking like her (ignore the crying - she is good looking).

Here is a better picture - but blurry...
Jennifer Fichter

But - I am faced with a moral dilemma here.  I agree that humans are sexualized beings, and I have no problem with the age difference here.

What I have a problem with is - would Jennifer Fichter help a man in the same predicament as herself?  That is, would Jennifer Fichter help a 30 year old man having sex with multiple 17 year old female students?

What about all the other people who think Jennifer Fichter should be granted leniency - or skip jail altogether?  Would they do the same for a male in the same predicament?

I honestly cannot see anybody helping out a man in a similar predicament (except people like myself - a small handful of people I would guess)...

I want anybody reading this to give me a reason why I should help Jennifer Fichter get out of this predicament.  A GOOD REASON WHY I SHOULD HELP ANY WOMAN FOR THAT MATTER.

I want anybody out there to also explain to me how helping Jennifer Fichter out of her predicament will help improve the sexual liberation of men - and end the sexual tyranny of feminism/post-feminism.

Thank you in advance for your input.

(I have already promised Eivind Berg that if I get a good answer - I will fight to get her out of jail to the best of my ability - that applies to answers given here too).

Friday, December 4, 2015

Mass Shooting in California – They just Dern Can’t Figure out What in Ternation Fer!!!

So, they started out saying that mass-shootings were increasing...

All the functional retards just had no done derd idear why dem der people dun did shot up dat der people in dat dere building.

California Shooting Motive
California Shooting Motive

California Shooting Motive
California Shooting Motive

California Shooting Motive
California Shooting Motive

Anyway, enough of the functional retards.

Now, the news is saying that the shooters were connected with ISIS.

Well, no shit Sherlocks  - I mean, uhm, Good Job Ol'Chap!  Excellent deduction powers!

I wonder what the editors at NY Daily News were thinking once they found out - AFTER publishing this cover...

God huh?  Well, the title of this crap - I mean JOURNALISM might be correct - but why doesn't it read something like, "Allah caused this"?

It does not mention radical Islam or Allah because the editors of the NY Daily News are:

A. Complete Cowards – they know that if they mentioned Allah instead of God (or even ISIS), they would get shot by a radical.

B. Functionally retarded – they are blaming “God” when “Allah” is the deity ISIS holds dear.

C. Bigoted against Christians – Muslims committed this, not Christians. Yet, they seem to think that various politicians who are Christians are responsible for the shooting.

D. All of the above repeated again and again.

Answer - D. All of the above repeated again and again.

Now of course, I wonder how many people made complete fools out of themselves by doing things like this...


Again, enough of the functional retards...

Anybody who uses words with the suffix "phobia" or "phobic" attached is a bigot.

For each instance of "Islamaphobia" they use, they need once instance (at least) of these - "Christophobic", "Jewaphobic", "Buddistophobic" etc...

But - you will never hear them say such words - just as you wont hear any filthy faggots or fag-loving tits using the word "heterophobia" - something that is more prevalent in our culture...

Anyway, to these people I say this...

Implying that people only fear or hate Muslims and only Muslims is PREDJUDICED, hence, the term “Islamophobic” is a bigoted term,. People using it – are BIGOTS.

People hate and fear people of other religions, and those of no religion.

Deal with it.

I plan to let “Daily News” know exactly what I think of their shit cover, and their cowardly attitude in dealing with radical terrorists.

Please, feel free to call them to, and let them know what you think...


It is a toll free number!

Anyway, as a new feature on my blog, enjoy looking at a beautiful psycho-cunt that is too good to talk to you.

That number to contact NY Daily News is


Let them know what you think about them blaming "God" instead of "ISIS", "Islam" or "Allah" on their lame-ass news cover...

Mass shootings are caused by terrorism (radical Islam) and mentally-ill people.  The people in the lame-stream media are too retarded to recognize this.

The tragic deaths of the victims in the last few shootings are being exploited by left-wing creeps to remove America's Bill of Rights.

This is NOT rocket science .

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

BloomingDales Ad Promotes Date Rape, and My Grandmother Promotes Beastiality Anal Sex

Enough sarcasm.  I had an article written up for this story, but it was just way too silly.  So I scrapped it.
I think this is the guy running BloomingDales???
BloomingDales Facebook Page I saw a couple of nasty comments – with 1 like and 3 likes.

Yeah – I guess that BloomingDales really has to fight off the rioting hoards over their – uh – “date rape” ad?!?!

Here is the "offensive picture" that promotes "date-rape"
BloomingDales Date Rape Ad
I fail to see how this promotes date-rape.  She doesn't look like the type that would rape a guy on a date (I am trying to make the MHRM proud of me).

Anyway, enjoy my twisted sense of humor:
BloomingDales Date Rape Ad
Crazy Blonde Joke
BloomingDales Date Rape Ad
Crazy Blonde Joke - Part Deux
BloomingDales Date Rape Ad
Warning Label - Many women should have these
BloomingDales Date Rape Ad
Scat Humor - Sigh
BloomingDales Date Rape Ad
Seriously - spike the egg nog with what!?!?
BloomingDales Date Rape Ad
From The Naked Gun - Part 2 I think
BloomingDales Date Rape Ad
A Touch of Angry Harry...
BloomingDales Date Rape Ad
Yeah - this one is kind of bad...

Anyway - have a Happy Thanksgiving - to all those who celebrate it!

OH CRAP!!! I almost forgot - Polly Pussy Pants the Apologist says that all I ever talk about is gay sex - and I did not do that in this post - so like - uhm - gay sex and stuff.

(I wouldn't want to make a liar out of her).

Enjoy looking at a picture of a dumb c*nt that is too good to talk to you.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Murder and Male Resentment - Turkish Delight!

Huyla Berkil Well, take a look at this beautiful 30 year old turkish woman, Huyla Berkil. I know that many people always tell me things like, "WAIT! YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!!!! WOMEN IN OTHER COUNTRIES ARE WAY DIFFERENT! HONEST!!!" I hear them loud and clear, but I am often skeptical. You must remember, that when I was younger, I got nothing but insults from women - NOTHING BUT INSULTS.

That is why, when I see a beautiful woman, it is like being tazered or something. The psychological term for this is NEGATIVE REENFORCEMENT. You can google it if you like. It essentially is a way to condition somebody to have a negative reaction to something by constantly associating negativity with it. In this case, it would be the slew of insults along the line of, "Don't look at me, I am too good for you", "I am like - so way out of your league", "f**k you", "f**k off" and the like I recieved when saying things like "Hello", "Hi", "How are you" and whatnot when I was in my late teens and early twenties.

Despite all of that, I am still a misogynistic sexist prick, because when I see a woman like that, I want to squeeze her boobies, whip my wang out, do a motor-boat on her boobs, tickle her g-spot, thrust my huge rod into her love tunnel, and NOT light her on fire.

Am I a sick f**k or what!!!

It must be the negative conditioning!

Abdurrahman Gocer Anyhoo, Abdurraham Gocer is the lucky winner who got to nail Huyla Berkil GOD only knows how many times. Looks like a real winner to me! Definitely NOT one of those creepy misogynistic "self-purported nice guys"! And a look on his face that seems to say, "I am sick of everything and want to kill you"!

Good thing that Huyla Berkil hooked up with this guy, and not a creepy misogynistic sexist pervert like me. If she did, she would not be Huyla BURNkil.

So, I am definitely one of those people who learns from my mistakes, by observing people that are successful with women (i.e. they actually hook up with, and get to talk to and do whatnot with them). The lesson I learned from this one?
Huyla Berkil

Am I a bitter middle-aged man because of all this?


Enjoy Daffy Duck expressing how I "feel" about these types of incidents involving young and beautiful women who remind me of the young and beautiful women who repeatedly shot me dudes that definitely weren't me down when I was younger (a really long time ago now...).
Huyla Berkil

Side Note: I read an article on Anti-Feminist's blog. He points out that there are several "conservative man-o-sphere" sites saying that pedophilia is going to be legalized as the "next logical step" in the LGBT community being given more rights (i.e. being "liberated" from their "imagined oppression").

Those "conservative man-o-sphere" sites are wrong.

All one has to do is look at what happened when women were "liberated" from their "imagined oppression".

They immediately went on a rampage against the people they convinced themselves were the "oppressors" - MEN - more specifically, STRAIGHT MEN.

So, has anybody ever met an L, G, B or T that was imprisoned because of their gender or sexual preferences?


The LGBT community will strike at their "imagined oppressors".

I am guessing that those "imagined oppressors" will be Christians, and to a less extent Jews - but definitely NOT Muslims.

If the LGBT community were to attack Muslims - they would be guilty of "Islamaphobia" - even though Islam prohibits LGBT as much as Christianity and Juddhaism - perhaps even moreso.

And of course, persecution towards STRAIGHT MEN will also increase - after all, it isn't fair that "STRAIGHT MEN" are so "PRIVILEGED" - not having to deal with the oppression that all those L's, G's, B's and T's have had to deal with (in their MINDS) all this time.

(try not to laugh).

Just wait for it...

Friday, October 23, 2015

OH MY GOSH!!! We Do Live in a Rape Culture!

Well, it seems our team of crack-head reporters needs to issue a retraction of earlier stories about the statement of rape culture being complete B.S. We investigated and journalized all over this bitch and found some shocking images that are concrete proof that a rape culture really does exist in our cuntry.






Sex Trafficking
Sex Trafficking