Saturday, December 6, 2014

Filthy Faggots Whining about the Possibility of Men getting Sexually Aroused or actually having Sexual Intercourse - with Women

Hundreds if not dozens of filthy faggots and various queers had their g-strings chaffing up their asses (or thier sand-based tampons irritating their vaginal region) when they saw the following milk commercials.
When RIP-Factor reporters claimed they'd like to bone each and every woman in the milk ads several hundred times interviewed the filthy Amerifags and Anglobitches, they got mixed responses.
AmerifagThose ads are sexist sweety. Anything that encourages heterosexual behavior is sexist. That is why the word sex appears in that word. If you like sex, you are sexist sweety.
FeministThese ads are degrading to women because the models they used are better looking than me. And that is just not fair - now I feel really oppressed. God damned male privilege! Anybody seen my Prozac?
Captain AmerifagI still cannot believe you morons voted a functional retard into office. PPPPTTT - just kidding - I can believe it. Damn! OH YEAH!!! Remember - A Bajillion Jillion women are raped every 5 seconds!
The reaction from the dozens of f**ked in the head queers, faggots and "sand in their vagina" bitches BILLIONS of normal people who are CERTAINLY NOT COMPLETE BASKET CASES - prompted the f**king morons REALLY SMART PEOPLE running the ads to pull them - according to the person currently pointing a gun at my head telling me what to say, who is dumb smart enough to not know that strikeouts still show the text.

In other filthy faggot news, a Washoe county MALE deputy was booked into jail for "voluntary sexual contact" with a FEMALE inmate. So, he will be sent to jail - to get involuntarily sexual contact from MALE inmates.

Wait? What!??!?

This allegedly prompted Washoe County Sheriff Michael Haley to put an allegedly big grin on his alleged faggot-face.
Sheriff Michael HaleyWashoe County Sheriff Michael Haley - allegedly said, "Hello Sweety!!! Well, oh my god - one of our deputies was having consensual sex with a dirty girl - we better send him to jail to have involuntary sex with some brutish faggots - after all, I need something to close my eyes and think about when I pork the misses. I pledge allegiance to the FAAAABULOUS United Sodomites of involuntary faggot Ass-sex!"
Sheriff Michael Haley
Washoe County Sheriff Michael Haley - allegedly said, "But just remember - Icksnay on the anal ape-ray in ison-pray. Let's not address that issue Hun - I like it - I have my own porn collection of it at home!"

RIP-Factor reporters allegedly interviewed Stuart Balch.
Stuart Balch
Stuart Balch allegedly said, "damn, you really do get in a shit storm of trouble for having sex with women in this CUNTry."

I'll be off radar for a while. Ponder these Memes... Seriously - ponder them...
American Douchebag

Stephen King


  1. Tell us what you really think.

  2. Well, they can complain to the end of time, but the reality is straight men and women do get sexually aroused and occasionally have sexual intercourse with each other. More power to us. In Scandinavia, you can't win and from a female perspective: the queer femihags try to shame straight women and call them traitors, if they sleep with men...then we have the Sex "Positive" femihags, who want women to take part in gang bangs and date their nasty whore-friends ..... in the end or this was my thought about this; to hell with all femihags and their sick ideas, I will always be a straight woman, get sexual aroused by straight men and fuck straight men.

    1. Good for you - you sex-negative person you (sarcasm)

  3. Fags and femihags are natural allies. Both hate normal sexuality. That's why guys like Paul Elam and David Futrelle sound so similar.

    1. My thoughts exactly - notice how much they think like the average person too...

  4. I think they should leave straight people and hetero sexual lifestyle alone, but if the femihags want to be hated for the rest of their unnatural life, then ..... The reality is, that all people were hardwired from birth, so they are not going to change their sexuality or anything else, because some ugly, delusional femihags have their own sicko unobtainable sexual fantasies. Some gays and the femihags used to be allies, but they are not anymore, they are constantly fighting. It could potentially break up the LGBT movement, It is going to be interesting watching how it unfold in the future. Why Elam suddenly got super gay-friendly for strategical reasons. Futrelle will always be Futrelle, women will not fuck him, gays are not into him and all he has left, it is pictures of cats, which is sicking and disturbing too

    1. Come on now - even Futrelle needs masturbation material of some kind.

      And oh - femihags do want to be hated.

  5. Well, I must say... those milk pictures were surprisingly easy to masturbate to.

  6. Well, good for you and not being ironic, because masturbation is super healthy, it actually improves men's immune system and protects them from the horrible prostate cancer etc

    1. And that is why it must be OUTLAWED! (sarcasm).

      It is called "thought crime". I suppose that in the fag future, it'll be OK for Futrelle to masturbate to his kitten photos - but not ok for men to masturbate to pictures of women - that would be "cerebral rape"

  7. They may take away logic, due process & common sense

    But they'll never take my fapping penis ...


    Coming soon to a femihag rape camp near you, ie your local clink ...

  8. Nothing like "thought crimes", they are hot, why I commit these types of offences every day, all people do ^^ Masturbation is just healthy, super innocent and not anything else.....I wouldn't be surprised, if Futrelle was masturbating to photos of fucking cats, he is the ultimate omega weirdo (rolling my eyes)