Thursday, September 18, 2014

T-Shirt Turmoil!!!

Well, some of you may have heard some stories in the news about many school kids being asked to dress differently than they currently do. They are being asked to wear different shirts, because the ones they wear raise questions about sex, are distracting, or make political statements. The latest (as fart as our reporters know) is the case of Chloe Rubiano, a 13 year old prudish attention whore student.

The picture below is the one that got the little prudish penis hating attention whore young girl so much attention...As you can see, the shirt reads, "Virginity Rocks"
Psycho-Bitch T-Shirt
The reporters at RIP-Factor are dedicated to getting you the WHOLE story. We found the original picture of her "nasty T-shirt" and here it is...
Chloe Rubiano
JUST AS WE SUSPECTED! Chloe Rubiano - you dirty little whore!!!!

The principal of the school recommended that Chloe's friends be given a good spanking, because Chloe is a fuck ugly prudish attention whore that would be no fun to spank that is far too young to be making statements about increasing the incidents of prostate cancer in men stupid enough to wait until marriage (or go for fuck ugly prudish attention whores) - but some of Chloe's friends are older and kind of hot claimed the principal, "Bring them in for a good spanking" he said to our reporters.
She Just Needs a Good Spanking

Of course, the BACK of the "Virginity Rocks" T-shirt - it reads as follows...
Psycho-Bitch T-Shirt
The psycho-bitch modern Christian woman T-shirt hit the shelves when all hell broke loose and the 4th angel sounded its trumpet.

RIP-Factor reporters again bring you the whole story - lower on the back of the T-shirt, it reads like this...
Psycho Bitch T-Shirt

Another female student was in hot water for a T-shirt she wore that read, "gay? fine by me.". The principal of the school actually had a functioning brain, and realized what the shirt worn by the female student was REALLY saying...
Psycho Bitch T-Shirt
The principal wisely suspended her - upside down from a tree - and poured molten glass into her rectum.
I Poured Molten Glass into Her Rectum

All of the women in the photo below are also in "hot water" not because their T-shirts are revealing, make a political statement, or anything like that - they were simply reamed for having some seriously nice tits! ...and of course, they were also reamed for setting unrealistic expectations for young women's tits.
Nice Tits!
Our reporters claimed that they would like to rub their face in each and every one of their boobs while going "bbb-b-b-b--b-b-b-bbbb-b-b--b-b-b-b-b--bbb" and stuff.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Biden Promises American People He will go to Hell!

Well, finally - Some good news from a left-wing looney politician. Joseph "I fantasize about raping college girls" Biden announced that he will soon be joining terrorists in hell!

Joe Biden going to hell

This comes as no surprise to people that do not have their heads shoved up their a$$es, as they know full and well that people like Joseph “lying little rat faced tit” Biden end up burning in hell for all eternity – along with straight men and lesbians (because their eyes follow women to lust after their flesh), oh, and gay men, and people who like the juices of fruits other than oranges. Oh, and people who put walnuts in their brownies because that is just disgusting.


As we all know, only straight women who never think about, or actually have sex make it to heaven.

Modern Christianity

If you are anything like me, when you hear of hell, you wonder, "Will I spend an eternity burning in the fiery pits of hell, or will I REALLY SUFFER!!!"

Anyway, the good news is that Joe "Male Bashing" Biden is going to hell, so he won’t be able to bother the American people anymore.

The bad news is that spending an eternity with Joe Biden is far too cruel – even for people as bad as terrorists.