Thursday, December 18, 2014

Picture of Woman's Breasts goes Viral - Filthy Amerifags Outraged!

People have been a twitter about some titters. Yes sir. It appears that some woman's young healthy breasts are making their way around the internets. This has filthy queers everywhere all up in a bunch, because of the possibility of erections occurring.

Here is a picture of the nice smooth round soft breasts
Nice Smooth Round Soft Breasts
Nice Boobs!
When we took a look at the entire picture, there is some unidentified man also in the picture - who may or may not have had an erection, and an older woman who is not naked or anything like that - even though RIP-Factor reporters totally wanted to see her breasts too. RIP-Factor reporters also concur that the unidentified man in the picture should have been squeezing those love melons together for a better picture.
Nice Boobs!
Nice Boobs!
RIP-Factor reporters did some investigating into this matter, and dick discovered that there are literally millions of pictures of women's breasts on the internet.

Here are some examples.





Yes, Shoshana Roberts should be notified IMMEDIATELY!!!! Somebody call the boner police!

It appears that there is an Epidemic of women's breasts everywhere. RIP-Factor reporters also dick discovered that the Filthy Faggots running the United Sodomites of faggot Anal-rape are currently working on potions and elixirs (thanks to various wikken cults and feminists) to stop women from having large breasts.


Fags and Feminists around the world hope to have the issue of hot perky fluffy soft titillating breasts solved by the year 2020.

Fags, feminists, queers and prudes are currently working on passing legislation through congress to make it illegal to be a heterosexual male - via use of sexual harassment laws, iffy-wiffy date-rape laws, domestic violence laws etc... They have succeeded in many aspects so far with their anti heterosexual male propaganda.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Filthy Faggots Whining about the Possibility of Men getting Sexually Aroused or actually having Sexual Intercourse - with Women

Hundreds if not dozens of filthy faggots and various queers had their g-strings chaffing up their asses (or thier sand-based tampons irritating their vaginal region) when they saw the following milk commercials.
When RIP-Factor reporters claimed they'd like to bone each and every woman in the milk ads several hundred times interviewed the filthy Amerifags and Anglobitches, they got mixed responses.
AmerifagThose ads are sexist sweety. Anything that encourages heterosexual behavior is sexist. That is why the word sex appears in that word. If you like sex, you are sexist sweety.
FeministThese ads are degrading to women because the models they used are better looking than me. And that is just not fair - now I feel really oppressed. God damned male privilege! Anybody seen my Prozac?
Captain AmerifagI still cannot believe you morons voted a functional retard into office. PPPPTTT - just kidding - I can believe it. Damn! OH YEAH!!! Remember - A Bajillion Jillion women are raped every 5 seconds!
The reaction from the dozens of f**ked in the head queers, faggots and "sand in their vagina" bitches BILLIONS of normal people who are CERTAINLY NOT COMPLETE BASKET CASES - prompted the f**king morons REALLY SMART PEOPLE running the ads to pull them - according to the person currently pointing a gun at my head telling me what to say, who is dumb smart enough to not know that strikeouts still show the text.

In other filthy faggot news, a Washoe county MALE deputy was booked into jail for "voluntary sexual contact" with a FEMALE inmate. So, he will be sent to jail - to get involuntarily sexual contact from MALE inmates.

Wait? What!??!?

This allegedly prompted Washoe County Sheriff Michael Haley to put an allegedly big grin on his alleged faggot-face.
Sheriff Michael HaleyWashoe County Sheriff Michael Haley - allegedly said, "Hello Sweety!!! Well, oh my god - one of our deputies was having consensual sex with a dirty girl - we better send him to jail to have involuntary sex with some brutish faggots - after all, I need something to close my eyes and think about when I pork the misses. I pledge allegiance to the FAAAABULOUS United Sodomites of involuntary faggot Ass-sex!"
Sheriff Michael Haley
Washoe County Sheriff Michael Haley - allegedly said, "But just remember - Icksnay on the anal ape-ray in ison-pray. Let's not address that issue Hun - I like it - I have my own porn collection of it at home!"

RIP-Factor reporters allegedly interviewed Stuart Balch.
Stuart Balch
Stuart Balch allegedly said, "damn, you really do get in a shit storm of trouble for having sex with women in this CUNTry."

I'll be off radar for a while. Ponder these Memes... Seriously - ponder them...
American Douchebag

Stephen King

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Willy Wonka and the OOMPA-LOOTAHZ!!!

Oompa Looter doom pa dee dat
oompa loompa
Michael Brown? Who the f**k is that?

Oompa looter doom pa dee dip
oompa loompa
Let's see if we can make this police car flip

Oompa looter doom pa dee dee
oompa loompa
This is how - we make small businesses flee

Oompa looter doom pa dee durb
oompa loompa
Let's play with fire - and hope we don't get burned

Oompa Looter doom pa dee dum
oompa loompa
That's what we are - really f**king dumb

I hope you all have a nice Thanksgiving. Piss PETA off - and eat some meat this weekend.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Cooking with Matthew Williams

Matthew Williams Hello boys and ghouls! Today, I will offer you some delicious, tasty and nutritious recipes that will also help you get your game on with some hotties. All you need is no job, no money, no future and a complete disregard for human life to prepare these caveat cannabalistic dishes!
To start, if you are not a loser or a waste of space, you probably will not find these recipes appealing, and you will not be able to cook them either, because the dumb-f**king-bitches like Cerys Yummy Yemm won't come near you because you are not a psychopathic killer. Just ask Jessi Leigh Foster.

Yummy Yemm hors d'oeuvres (whores devours)

1 cup olive oil.
2 cloves garlic
Left leg of Cerys Yemm

Cerys YemmStart with the fact that you are a complete loser psychopath and able to attract good-looking women like Cerys Yemm. Dice left leg thoroughly. Preheat oven to 325. Mix oil and garlic in large bowl. Dice leg meat up and marinade in oil mixture. Bake for 325 minutes. Yumm.

Yummy Yemm Pot Roast

Cerys Yemm's torso.
1 lb Carrots
Cerys YemmPreheat oven to 425. Place upper torso of Cerys Yemm in large pan. Place pan in oven. Roast for 3-4 hours or until the meat comes off the bone nicely. Serves with raw carrots. Yumm!

Lady Fingers

8 Fingers from Cerys Yemm
2 Thumbs (optional)
Cerys YemmRemember you are a psychotic loser with no future and no empathy for your fellow human beings, that is why women like this will actual talk to you instead of telling you to go f**k yourself, or explain that they are "out of your league" etc... Cut off Cerys Yemm's fingers (along with thumbs if you are going that route). Place fingers in a bowl. Served chilled with hot coffee or cocoa.

Remember ladies - watch out for those self-purported-nice-guys.
Cerys Yemm
They are all out to get you!!!!!
Instead, be an empowered, enlightened, modern, evolved woman, and hook up with trash like Matthew Williams et al...

When you are murdered, I'll laugh my ass off!


This has got to be the most hilarious one yet. Yeah, she is definitely "out of my league", and also "getting flushed out of a toilet about now"!!!
BYE CERYS - I sure as hell won't moan the loss of a psycho-chasing bitch like you!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Amber Lynn Coplin - No "Self-Purported Nice Guys" got Sex - so It's OK.

Amber CoplinWell, the reporters at RIP-Factor were very concerned when we heard about the tragic death of Amber Lynn Coplin. We were very worried, that perhaps, a few "self-purported nice guys" may have gotten to tap this little hottie.
According to our research, no "self-purported nice-guys" got any kind of sexual act from her - so we can all sleep easier tonight. The last thing our society needs, is decent young men getting laid! There is even a T.V. show dedicated to portraying how evil and nasty sex it - it is called, "Law and Order - Special Needs Unit". Many women are suffering from a condition called rape

David KalacIt turns out, that Amber was more into the Grim-Reaper, Count Dracula type of guys - like David Kalac. Allegedly his own words (posted anonomousely), "Turns out its way harder to strangle someone to death than it looks on the movies". Well, I guess like any REAL MAN who is not a SELF-PURPORTED NICE GUY, you live, you kill and you learn. Maybe the next time he kills his ex-girlfriend, he'll be more experienced, and it won't be quite a chore for him.

The tragic death of this woman can only mean one thing for our society, especially for the little angels misogynistically known as women (with an E instead of a Y)...
David Kalac
That right ladies, He is now available, and in prison. But - he is AVAILABLE!!!

Oh, but first, let us all take a moment, to celebrate this human sacrifice in wiccan fashion mourn that poor girls death.
Amber Coplin
EEEK - seriously - that picture above looks like some kind of freaky wiccan cult.

Friday, November 7, 2014


Friday, October 31, 2014

10 Hours of Reality = 2 Minutes of Feminazi Crap

Shoshana Roberts
Shoshana Roberts - as every idiot can see, she is a fat disgusting land whale like all feminists.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Sexually Frustrated Carpet-Munching "Feminist" Gender Queers Upset at Totally Cool Subway Commercial

I do not know about you, but I will be eating at Subway this Friday night. I love their commercials; I love their healthy and delicious food.

Subway Rules!
Unfortunately, there are some twilight-saga, Oprah-worshipping shut-ins in the world whose brains are akin to scrambled eggs. Such people make insane and queer claims, about totally cool commercials being "sexist", like the one below...
I do not see what the problem is. I mean, the woman is not the one making the sandwiches - like I always hear so many women (feminists) complaining about.

The strange thing is, I frequent Subway quite often - because their food is delicious, healthy and inexpensive - and I always see women working behind the counters. They are friendly and courteous. It is kind of Subway to hire so many female employees - perhaps even hire ones with degrees in Womyn's Studies, since such a degree is worthless - unless you plan to make sandwiches for a living (ironic isn't it?).

This weekend, I will be frequenting Subway several times, because I do not feel like cooking myself. I will be enjoying their affordable variety of delicious and healthy sandwiches for several of my meals this weekend.

My favorite – is

6” Italian herb and cheese bread.
Swiss cheese
Mustard & Mayonnaise
Green Bell Peppers

Sometimes, I put pickles or peperoncinis on my sandwich too.

Enjoy a healthy, delicious and inexpensive subway sandwich sometime this weekend!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I Am Sexism, Now, More than Ever

They say that the human mind has no boundaries.  They say it has an infinite memory capacity.

What they do not say, is that it also has a limitless capacity for lunacy.

Here is the latest "sexist" T-shirt (good f**king grief)

Carpet Muncher Blogger PJ Curtis discovered a t-shirt in the junior’s section of Walmart that reads, "Training to be Batman’s wife," in purple lettering with a pink Batman logo. "The idea that you should settle for being married to or sleeping with someone awesome instead of being the awesome person is insulting,"

...Claimed the bitter angry carpet munching lesbo gender queer...

Sexist?  SEXIST??

Batman is not even real.  Finding a comical T-shirt to be a threat speaks volumes about the women who call themselves feminists.

Also, is this really sexism?  Whatever happened to "unrealistic expectations"?  Remember women whining about that crap?

Does this shirt set unrealistic expectations for men - now - they all have to be like "Batman" in order to get married?!

Dang, it is all just plain silly if you ask me.

I cannot believe that garbage like this even makes the news.

I'm gonna call her "PJ CUNTis"

Thursday, September 18, 2014

T-Shirt Turmoil!!!

Well, some of you may have heard some stories in the news about many school kids being asked to dress differently than they currently do. They are being asked to wear different shirts, because the ones they wear raise questions about sex, are distracting, or make political statements. The latest (as fart as our reporters know) is the case of Chloe Rubiano, a 13 year old prudish attention whore student.

The picture below is the one that got the little prudish penis hating attention whore young girl so much attention...As you can see, the shirt reads, "Virginity Rocks"
Psycho-Bitch T-Shirt
The reporters at RIP-Factor are dedicated to getting you the WHOLE story. We found the original picture of her "nasty T-shirt" and here it is...
Chloe Rubiano
JUST AS WE SUSPECTED! Chloe Rubiano - you dirty little whore!!!!

The principal of the school recommended that Chloe's friends be given a good spanking, because Chloe is a fuck ugly prudish attention whore that would be no fun to spank that is far too young to be making statements about increasing the incidents of prostate cancer in men stupid enough to wait until marriage (or go for fuck ugly prudish attention whores) - but some of Chloe's friends are older and kind of hot claimed the principal, "Bring them in for a good spanking" he said to our reporters.
She Just Needs a Good Spanking

Of course, the BACK of the "Virginity Rocks" T-shirt - it reads as follows...
Psycho-Bitch T-Shirt
The psycho-bitch modern Christian woman T-shirt hit the shelves when all hell broke loose and the 4th angel sounded its trumpet.

RIP-Factor reporters again bring you the whole story - lower on the back of the T-shirt, it reads like this...
Psycho Bitch T-Shirt

Another female student was in hot water for a T-shirt she wore that read, "gay? fine by me.". The principal of the school actually had a functioning brain, and realized what the shirt worn by the female student was REALLY saying...
Psycho Bitch T-Shirt
The principal wisely suspended her - upside down from a tree - and poured molten glass into her rectum.
I Poured Molten Glass into Her Rectum

All of the women in the photo below are also in "hot water" not because their T-shirts are revealing, make a political statement, or anything like that - they were simply reamed for having some seriously nice tits! ...and of course, they were also reamed for setting unrealistic expectations for young women's tits.
Nice Tits!
Our reporters claimed that they would like to rub their face in each and every one of their boobs while going "bbb-b-b-b--b-b-b-bbbb-b-b--b-b-b-b-b--bbb" and stuff.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the T-shirts you saw in this blog post, GET SOME FUCKING HELP, or feel free to visit

The Anti-feminist posted a link to this article. Scroll down quite a ways and read the top comment - like it on facebook - it currently has 951 likes!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Biden Promises American People He will go to Hell!

Well, finally - Some good news from a left-wing looney politician. Joseph "I fantasize about raping college girls" Biden announced that he will soon be joining terrorists in hell!

Joe Biden going to hell

This comes as no surprise to people that do not have their heads shoved up their a$$es, as they know full and well that people like Joseph “lying little rat faced tit” Biden end up burning in hell for all eternity – along with straight men and lesbians (because their eyes follow women to lust after their flesh), oh, and gay men, and people who like the juices of fruits other than oranges. Oh, and people who put walnuts in their brownies because that is just disgusting.


As we all know, only straight women who never think about, or actually have sex make it to heaven.

Modern Christianity

If you are anything like me, when you hear of hell, you wonder, "Will I spend an eternity burning in the fiery pits of hell, or will I REALLY SUFFER!!!"

Anyway, the good news is that Joe "Male Bashing" Biden is going to hell, so he won’t be able to bother the American people anymore.

The bad news is that spending an eternity with Joe Biden is far too cruel – even for people as bad as terrorists.


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What's Wrong with this Statement?

So, I recently saw a commercial on the television that claimed that 33% of all traffic fatalities involve alcohol.

I took that to mean that 33% of traffic fatalities are caused by people driving drunk...

Does that sound right?

Well, that also means that 66% of traffic fatalities are caused by people NOT drinking.

Doesn't it?

So, the majority of traffic fatalities are caused by people NOT drinking.

Therefore, everybody should drive drunk - there would only be 1/3 of the fatalities...

Can anybody tell me what is wrong with my line of reasoning?

Yes, this is sarcasm.  I am stating this to make a point - I hate statistics.  Not only are 98% of all statistics made up on the fly, but you can take them to mean whatever you want - even if it is something seriously screwed up.

So - to the fruitelle-cakes in the world who are reading this - NO - I am not encouraging people to drive drunk - if you have been drinking, get a cab or phone a friend to drive you home.

I wrote this post to make a point about statistics - and how meaningless they ultimately are.

Knowing that, think about how many silly stats and factoids are floating around out there...

Think about how many people blindly accept any statistic presented to them.

(According to studies, 78.7% will blindly accept any statistic provided to them).

Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Meme

Truth hurts don't it?

I like this meme.  I think I'll duplicate it as many times as I can, and re-post it later.

Have a great weekend all.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I Am Misogyny, And So Can You!

Yeah, I am a misogynist, and so are you.  Do you know why?

Because everybody on the god-damned planet f**king is by the insane definition of those that wield that word and constantly beat it over everybody's head.

Even women and feminists are misogynists.

An example - sex positive feminists are misogynistic if they appear in porn, because they are being degrading to women.

Crap - pictures are worth a thousand words - here are 7000 words to express my disgust with that word - a word that never should have been brought up in a society that holds the safety, well being and comfort of women in such high regards - misogyny my a$$.

Yeah, Easy to practice, because pretty much everything qualifies as misogyny in the insane lunatics minds that like to use the word... The same lunatics who apparently have a hard time spelling it...

Hmmm. Looks like even people who stand against the insanity of the loonies that constantly scream "misogynist" are themselves, kind of well - insane.

Humor and truth combined - makes one hell of a powerful message!

A typical example of a woman who supports "equality" and will call you a misogynist if you disagree with anything she says...

"I'm not a hypocrite, I'm a woman" - dang - now that is f**king funny!

This one personifies me quite well - the problem - for some reason, women get real fugly to me when they use words like "misogynist"...

From "The Native Canadian" - In times of deceit, truth is considered "hate speech" and "dangerous" - sound familiar?

Anyway, I read a post from That INCEL Blogger about Paul Elam and others - it was nicely written, and quite informative.

Stop worrying about people calling you a misogynist - you are a misogynist - not matter what the f**k you do.

It is a time honored phrase, "Damned if you do, Damned if you don't.".

If you are a man, women (feminists) will call you a misogynist - no matter what the f**k you do. I would say to a lesser (more subdued level) they will also hate you just for being a man. Remember "The Talk" - and the all female panel and all female audience cheering and applauding the drugging, torture, and sexual mutilation of a man THAT NOT ONE SINGLE ONE OF THEM KNEW PERSONALLY.

I know where the real misogyny is in our society is...

Misogyny is right at the end of the rainbow that now shoots out of every woman's ass.