Monday, January 28, 2013

Not Willing to Beat Your Girlfriend's Face In?

No wonder you can't get laid!

LOSER!  (sarcasm)

This is a Murder and Male Resentment Monday!  WOO HOO!!!!  KA LOO KA LANG!!!

Here is our victim - the mega-hot Anastasia Voykina:
Anastasia Voykina
Anastasia Voykina - Ooh la la!

And of course, here is the doctor, lawyer, wealthy, accountant, complete loser she hooked up with that allegedly bashed her face in:
Filipe Lopes
Filipe Lopes.

I understand that they are going to market a Filipe Lopes action figure - complete with DURRR facial expression and a pull string that when pulled utters one of the following phrases, "Shut up b*tch", "Where's my money", "Got any money, I need some pot", "F*cking dumb c*nt", "Did you smoke all my weed again b*tch".

According to reports, "A postmortem examination gave her cause of death as multiple fractures to the face, head and neck."  This is technical jargon for "had her face bashed in".

Can you feel the love?

He obviously worshiped the ground she walked on, and held every door open for her like a real gentlemen - and when he allegedly used whatever blunt instrument to smash her face to pieces, I am sure he did it in a very gentlemanly fashion.

You know, I have friends whose daughters are college aged now.  What I am seeing is the same crap I saw dudes that definitely weren't me saw when I was dudes that definitely weren't me were in college.  Young women who have plenty of opportunities, and throw them right out the window - they reject the so called "patriarchs" (i.e. college men studying something other than liberal arts - i.e.e.e bright futures), and hook up with either complete losers, or dope-smoking, pill popping liberal arts majors.

I keep telling my brother, "If you want to impress women, tell them you have been to prison..."