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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Six Year Old Misogynist Should Get DEATH PENALTY!!!

Well, it has finally happened in our society. A demon seed of unspeakable misogyny and evil has sprouted from our communities loins. A satanic being who blasphemes the divine vagina has arisen.

Luckily, our society is well prepared to deal with this most foul of creatures!

Hunter Yelton was caught doing the most despicable act imaginable.

Sorry, this reporter is having trouble mustering the courage to speak it.


Hunter Yelton was caught kissing girls on the hand.

I know - I know - PURE EVIL.



The situation is being dealt with. Authorities at the school have captured this most foul and evil hell spawn and charged him with sexual harassment.

If there is any justice - any justice at all in this world - our society will see fit to dispose of him via electric chair for committing such an unspeakable act - kissing girls hands.



We have also received reports that this possessed preschooler violently rapes BITCHES!

Clearly, the misogyny in our society has reached critical mass. Young girls in school are now having their hands violently attacked and savagely raped by boy's lips!

MEN-Factor reporters have talked to the most holy of holies in the Catholic Church. The Catholic priests say that this boy is not demon possessed, but a hot piece of boy meat perhaps Satan himself - since only the devil would allow heterosexuality to flourish. The faggots priests said he needs to be ethnically cleansed.


Suppose for a moment if this young boy wanted to kiss other boys...

Would he still be getting charged with sexual harassment?

Would he be getting an award for "being brave about his sexuality"?

Our society HATES and DESPISES men and boys. The more sexual they are - the more they are hated and punished.

Suppose for a moment that a girl was going around kissing boys?

Any punishment? Probably not.

Suppose for a moment a girl going around striking boys in the crotch?

Would she get an award?

Would she get her own T.V. show?

Suppose for a moment - is this the kind of thing that sick f**ks like Jessica Valenti, David Futrelle, Adria Richards and others whack off to at night?

Seriously - they are charging 6 year old boys with sexual harassment for kissing girls hands - nobody is being hurt - and all of those people claim this is part of "rape culture", "misogyny in society" and whatnot.

How do these severely f**ked up people even sleep at night?  Or look in the mirror without spitting on it?

Oh yeah - they don't - they have nervous breakdowns or try to kill their girlfriends like Hugo Schwyzer - nevermind...

I am not going to take this laying down. I am going to start a petition to have all the school authorities in charge FIRED. I will also start a petition to have the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT APOLOGIZE to this 6 year old boy for the deplorable treatment young boys receive in our schools.

Watch for it – hopefully, I’ll find time on Friday –I am guessing that the entire school board has already gotten threats and cussed out – so they have gone into hiding – I am going to “try” to get a complete list of names…

Monday, December 2, 2013

Murder and Male Resentment Monday! Holiday Special!

Alicia SappWell, as we all know, the holidays are a time when all of us self purported nice guys bad people celebrate the Native Americans helping our ancestors to survive in a land foreign to them all the genocide we have committed, all the people we have oppressed, all the women we have raped (be it physically, mentally, verbally, orally, nasally or whatever), all the farts we have cut, and many other atrocities!

However; not every dude is a self-purported nice guy, and hence, they just don't get into the holiday spirit.

Such was the tragedy victory against evil male oppressors celebrating genocide against Indians Native Americans on November 29, 2013.

It appears that this sick f*ck outstanding man...
Alicia Sapp
Joseph Gilley killed this "way friggin hot", "dang I'd like to bang her", "I'm undressing her with my eyes", "I'd like to shoot her in the face about 9 million times - no, not with a gun - with something else", "major bone-age", "I'd be porkin' her 5 times a day"...
Alicia Sapp
Anyway, Joseph Gilley killed this woman...
Alicia Sapp
Alicia Sapp - and forget it - she is like - way out of your league you pig! Not just because she is good looking and too good for you - and not just because you are one of those creepy self-purported "nice guys" (who doesn't have a criminal record and too well raised to commit a double homicide after Thanksgiving) - but also because she is - well - dead. So forget it!!

And, Joseph Gilley also killed his own father...
Alicia Sapp
This sick fuck outstanding young man (Joseph Gilley) who had the courage to not call himself a "nice guy" rebelled against the Thanksgiving Spirit (a spirit that celebrates genocide and cutting everybody's noses off according to one psycho bitch young female journalist straight out of the cesspools of heterosexual-male-hatred our modern day higher learning facilities). He also rebelled against the patriarchy by killing his own father.

Instead of being a "nice guy" and celebrating such tragic evils committed by white heterosexual men, Joseph Gilley decided to get revenge for the nice, peaceful Native Americans who piss cherry coke, fart rainbows and poop jelly beans - by murdering two people. And yes, you heard it right - one of the victims was his own father.
Shelby Fleig would be so proud!!! Murdering people on Thanksgiving instead of celebrating! What an outstanding young man! Hip hip hooray that Joseph Gilley is not a self-purported "nice guy" and decided to rebel against the system!


Monday, November 11, 2013

Shelby Fleig on Christopher Columbus

And not in a sexual way either - sorry.

I read this piece of crap totally accurate article. Ugh. What a dunski. Shelby Fleig's intellect is truly dizzying! 
She is correct in all of her facts, but she left out some crucial details.

To start, one fact about Native Americans, is that they were all totally peaceful. It's not like they waged war or genocide on each other ever - period. Only white men - er uhm - actually - white heterosexual men are evil and capable of doing such things - especially if they are self-purported "nice guys". And of course - given this fact, they would never wage genocide against another race either.

Now, we all know that Christopher Columbus himself vowed to destroy the infidel Native Americans by chopping all of their noses off and then selling them into a slavery.
Shelby Fleig
What is not commonly known, is that Christopher Columbus also regularly beat his wife. He completely ignored the rule of thumb laws and used his BARE F*CKING HANDS to beat his wife - because that is the sort of thing that self-purported nice white heterosexual men do - seriously.
Shelby Fleig
Christopher Columbus beating his wife with his BARE F*CKING HANDS, and breaking the rule of thumb laws in the day and age.

As far as the gently peace-loving Native Americans who farted rainbows, urinated cherry flavored soda and crapped jelly beans - they were the first culture to openly allow homosexuals into their military - even though they did not need a military because they were like totally peaceful and stuff.
Shelby Fleig
Native Americans allowed homosexuals in their military (even though Native Americans were peaceful and did not have a military) - thus proving that they were in fact, the most advanced culture on earth.

The Indian Native American Chief Person in Charge who elected to allow Homosexuals the vaginally challenged and carpet munching man haters in the military was in fact the Great Chief Man in Charge Person in Charge Kummon-Iwannafukya.
Shelby Fleig
MEN-Factor reporters managed to bring Chief Kummon-Iwannafukya back from the dead and interview him. The interview was tough, as the Chief spoke a language other than English. However; it sounded like Shelby Fleig was managing to help the Chief, as he mentioned something about "looking at her making him lose his tepee" - this can only mean that looking at Shelby Fleig made him want to move off of the reservations the evil white heterosexual males made for him. He also mentioned something about the image we showed him of Shelby Fleig "killing his wood". We think that wood in those days of old meant "sorrow" - hence, looking at Shelby Fleig must have made the Chief be more happy.

Anyway, as we all know, only people who want to murder everybody they see celebrate Columbus day - because it does not represent the meeting of two different cultures who helped improve each other, but rather, a complete genocide of the good-natured peace loving Indians Native Americans who fart rainbows, urinate cherry flavored soda and crap jelly beans - by evil white heterosexual males - just ask Shelby Fleig - she knows!
Shelby Fleig

All joking aside. Look at her story carefully, follow the wikipedia links. There is no actual proof - just speculations, allegations and accusations against Christopher Columbus. I looked at the articles carefully. Who knows what happened back in those days.

Not knowing will not stop a young female fresh from academia from being extremely negative - especially towards the following sub-groups - MEN, Caucasian, HETEROSEXUAL (perhaps even CHRISTIAN too).

Please take note of the negativity in this one. She has the power of journalism in her hands - and how does she use it? To stir up hatred - hatred based not on facts - but on speculations and whatnot. How will writing such an inflammatory article (which is based on speculations, allegations and accusations) improve race relations?

It won't. So I ask you - who is the racist?

In addition to that, I could not find any indication in the speculations, allegations and accusations that Christopher Columbus was motivated by race hatred to begin with. Awkward to say the least that the scholars who have poisoned this young woman's mind seem to think it was - can you say "projection"?

If this woman cared about Native Americans at all, she would not be trying to start a race war with them by writing inflammatory bullsh*t.

If this woman cared about Native Americans, she would point out that young Native American MEN have the highest suicide rate.
Shelby Fleig
Shelby Fleig - notice the logo for the College of Journalism in the background - it is RED, BLACK and WHITE - aren't those the same colors the Nazi's used?

Such things are of no interest to a young female journalist and avid member of the fourth Reich.

What does interest her - stirring up negativity and race hatred - that's what.

Shelby Fleig - A typical Anglobitch - so typical she is somewhat cliche!

The more "revolutionary" she claims to be - the more she simply re-enforces tired and worn out hatred among the races. What a dunce.

To any Native Americans reading this - if you are a young man - DO NOT COMMIT SUICIDE. If you have sons - have a talk with them - make sure they are not suicidal. Enough is enough.

What liberal arts professors in college should be doing - instead of stirring up racial hatreds (yawn - getting boring) - they should be doing research into WHY young Native American men have the highest suicide rate - and do something to put a stop to it. Pipe dream - yes - I'd wager a guess that they would simply find a way for young men of all races to have a suicide rate as high as the Native Americans - the f**ked up liberal idea of equality.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pope comes out of the Closet

Pope Francis
Pope Francis has announced publicly that people are focusing too much on gays and abortion. What he did not mention, is that the Catholic Church should not focus on these things, because they are drawing attention away from what the Catholic Church has been doing for centuries - destroying heterosexual relations (by vilifying men) whilst molesting altar boys.
Pope Francis
Pope Francis did not mention anything about continuing to fool people into believing that marriage is a religious institution, and not a state run institution - but - ha! Why bother eh?
Pope Francis
Pope Francis is just full of ideas - at least, that is the speculation of this reporter. In essence, Pope Francis's statement about gays and abortion means something really big for the Catholic Church - that not a God-Damned thing will change - nothing whatsoever.
Pope Francis
MEN-Factor reporters got wind that Pope Francis has allegedly set up a Pope-phone, and will use it when he gets wind that straight men are not being vilified for their penises and sex-drives.
Holy Pope Phone!
Whenever the Pope gets news of straight men enjoying sex without signing a legal contract with the government (i.e. paying the lady - I mean marriage - that holiest of holy things), he will jump to the Pope-Poles...
Pope Francis
...with his trusty side kick Altar Boy...
Altar Boy
...and use the Pope-Mobile to speed to the scene...
Pope Mobile
...where he can tell the straight man he is living in sin and will burn in hell...
Burn in Hell!
...for having sex with a woman without first signing a contract with the government making the sex "holy", ensuring that the government and banks will get money ensuring that the sex is not evil - until she gets bored of him he screws up the marriage somehow...

...All because Jesus loves him...
Jesus Loves You
in a purely plutonium fashion or something like that.

Are your eyes crossed yet?

Mine are.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Local Area Woman Discovers Why Men Don't Find Her Attractive

...because she is smart!
23 Year old Anita Dick has discovered the reason why men do not find her attractive - it is because she is smart.

Although her I.Q. has never been professionally tested, and suggesting that men do not like smart woman is a very negative and erroneous statement about men that wreaks of male-hatred, the 23 year old clueless bimbo women's studies graduate is convinced that her intelligence is why men do not find her attractive.

MEN-Factor reporters interviewed her and questioned her about her theory.

MF: Anita, do you think that it is possible for men to even know the I.Q. of a woman simply by looking at her?
Anita Dick: Of course, I.Q. points put out pheromones.  My instructors taught me that.  People with testosterone in their bodies are naturally repelled by these.
MF: Do you think it's possible that the men around you do not find you attractive because of your Katherine Kieu Becker fan club?
Anita Dick: Oh, no.  It is because I am smart.
MF: How about the fact that you have a T-shirt with Lorena Bobbitt's picture on it with the caption, "My Heroine"?
Anita Dick: Oh no, I am smart, that is why men do not like me.
MF: Well, is it possible that perhaps the march you organized last month entitled, "All Heterosexual Sex is Rape and Men are all Pigs, Except for Gay Guys" that is discouraging men from approaching you?
Anita Dick: No, it is because I am smart.
MF: What is your I.Q.?
Anita Dick: Whether or not I shave downstairs is none of your business!
MF: No, I.Q. means intelligence quotient.
Anita Dick: I do not need you to man-splain things to me, I am smart.
MF: OK, do you know how smart you are?
Anita Dick: Yes, I am very smart - smarter than you.
MF: Would you say you are smarter than Einstein?  Or smarter than Stephen Hawking?
Anita Dick: I am definitely smarter than my neighbor's dog.  Stephen Hawking's novels are sexist - my instructor's told me so.
MF: When was the last time you went out on a date?
Anita Dick: Two days ago - the guy was a typical pig - all he wanted was sex - he did not appreciate me for my mind.  He just wanted to get his hands on my chest.
MF: Well, did he get his hands on your chest?
Anita Dick: Of course, then he asked me what my I.Q. was, so I pulled down my pants.
MF: ok.
Anita Dick: Then he raped me.
MF: That is terrible!
Anita Dick: Why are you people so close minded when it comes to sex?
MF: You just said he raped you.
Anita Dick: Yeah.

MF. ok.  Do you think the reason he only wanted sex is because you have a very negative attitude towards men, but are physically attractive - hence, sex is the only thing you would be good for?
Anita Dick: No, all men are like that with all women.
MF: Well, if men do not find you attractive because you are smart, why did the man on the date a few days ago find you attractive?
Anita Dick: He was like, really dumb and did not know any better.  He had just gotten out of jail for murdering his ex-girlfriend.
MF: Is it wise to associate with people who have been to jail for murder?
Anita Dick: Of course, it's the "nice guys" that you need to worry about - my instructors taught me that.
MF: Thank you for your time.

Upon completion of the interview, MEN-Factor reporters went outside and began banging their heads against a wall for about an hour.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Island of Misfit Sex Toys

Get ready to travel to a strange and mystical place, get ready to journey to...

Barack Obama
Barack Obama Dildo $17.95 - of course, you have already seen this one most likely...

Andrea Dworkin
Andrea Dworkin Inflatable Love Doll - Crap - we cannot give these away - we will pay you to take one.

Jodi Arias
Jodi Arias Almost Complete Sex Kit $259.95 - French Maid Outfit and actual Jodi Arias NOT Included.

Larry Craig
Larry Craig "Do It Yourself" Sex Kit $39.95 - New Seriously Awkward Edition!

Anthony Weiner
Weiner in da Box - $479.95 - Actual Weiner not included.

Christine O'Donnell
Christine O'Donnell's Masturbation Kit $1.95 - Contains no form of sexual stimulation what so ever - May cause Hairy Knuckles, Blindness and Eternity in hell.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Bigfoot Responsible for Building Pyramids – Mad Scientist Suggests

Many scientists have speculated about who exactly built the pyramids, and why. Some believe that aliens built the pyramids – while others believe that the ancient Egyptians possessed technology that no longer exists.

For thousands of years, the bewildering mystery of the pyramids has baffled scientists, and frequently laughed at them while they are not looking. Also, it is speculated, that the pyramids often tell lies to small children about the scientists being stinky and eating their own boogers.

However; a mad scientist has presented new evidence that bigfoot actually built the pyramids. This mad scientist’s political affiliations are in no way relevant to his claims (even though, he is clearly a fag-loving flaming liberal dickweed who never says anything credible and has a very warped view of politics, people and the world in general. Also, the little toad has admitted that he voted for Obama – who is clearly turning out to be the biggest violator of civil rights and liberal fascist douchebag in the history of the presidency).

Heath Assmay, mad scientist, first announced to a group of homeless crazy people on 4TH street that Bigfoot built the pyramids. His claims were not met with any opposition, just an inquiry for loose change or some fries from McDonalds.

Heath Assmay claims the he fully understands all that science and sh*t like that, because he voted for Obama. And since Obama is like scientific and sh*t, and Heath voted for him, then Heath is also like – you know – scientific and sh*t like that.

The basis of Heath Assmay’s claims derives from the fact that the Sphinx has really big feet, therefore, Bigfoot must have built it, because only something with big feet would have like built sh*t like that with big feet and all that.

RIP-Factor reporters decided to challenge Heath’s outrageous claims, that Bigfoot built the pyramids – claiming that it was the biggest pile of crap since AVFM.

Heath responded by saying, “Look you treasonous dumb-a$$, if bigfoot can defeat the 6 billion dollar man, then he could definitely build those pyramids and sh*t like that, because both of them can move like really big rocks and sh*t. In fact, I think that the 6 billion dollar man and Bigfoot together might have built the pyramids together – because that is like totally possible you facist uptight ultra righty”.

Heath got really upset with us challenging him, and just said, “Friggin Tradcons – they are all such stupid fascists, somebody should just kill all of them – I hate people who think differently than I do – they are dumb”.

That concluded our interview.  RIP-Factor is still skeptical as to whether or not Bigfoot or the Bionic Man had anything to do with the Pyramids, the Sphinx, and other sh*t like that.