Thursday, March 29, 2012

Latest MEN-Factor Study

It took me a while to research this. But, after a long and drawn out research project I conducted, I have concluded with almost certain precision, that there are more dudes who definitely aren't me, than dudes who are me.

Here is a graph to represent this, I studied 24 people, and 23 of them turned out to NOT be me.
Chart 17 A
Therefore, for every 1000 people, 41.6 of them are actually me.

Last week, I did a study of 100 people, and only one of them was actually me.

That means that the number of dudes that are definitely me has increased by a factor of nearly 400%!

If this dastardly treand continues, in just a few week, all dudes will definitely be me.

Be afraid, be very afraid!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hillary Clinton's Complete Analysis of the Libyan Militia

MEN-Factor secret agents hacked into Hitlery Hillary Clinton's personal computer, and managed to obtain these secret government documents. They detail Hitlery Hillary Clinton's complete assessment of the Libyan Militia.
Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton suggested that the Libyans were giving Viagra to their troops, so that they could rape infidels - or whatever.
Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton also suggested that the Libyan's weapons do not shoot bullets, but Viagra pills too - so that the enemy troops would also start raping everybody.
Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton also suggests that in addition to Viagra, the Libyans are transporting tons of lubricant, dildos, and French Ticklers.
Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton had a crude photo shop mock up of what she believes to be the typical Libyan soldier.
Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton also believes that many of the Libyan's guns are actually just dildos that look like guns.
Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton fully recognizes and understands that some of our troops are gay. She anticipated this, and suggested that is why Moammer Gadhafi was buying such a large number of Justin Beiber albums.
Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton allegedly has access to military intelligence that indicates that Libya has no weapons of mass destruction. Since her husband used to be president, she has access to a variety of intelligence reports that the rest of us do not have access to. Therefore, Hillary Clinton as a source of intel, is actually quite reliable.

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton of all people would know about Libya's military status, she has allegedly met Moammer Gadhafi in person.
Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton firmly insists that Libya is a HUGE threat to the security of her vagina this nation.

Anyway, our secret agents are off on another assignment - until then, please - try not to rape anybody!