Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Perfect Portrayal of a Post-Feminist Woman

Thanks to "itsyoureternalsoul" for the pic:

post feminism
A picture is worth a thousand words - this one is worth a million!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What I Did on Sunday...In My Mother's Basement

First,I went to the dog park.  There were not many people there.  In fact, people kept coming and going.  I briefly talked to a couple from Alaska, a man who was born and raised here in Nevada, and a woman who moved here shortly after I did (1984).


In the late afternoon, I took my dog Spree on the Huffaker Mountain Trail.  Near the end of the trail, I found this...
Huffaker Mountain Trail

And I decided to climb it (even though I am not supposed to "exert" myself according to my doctors...)

Huffaker Mountain Trail

Nice view eh?

Huffaker Mountain Trail

So, why show you all of this?  Well, according to some feminists and MRA's, apparently, I live in my mother's basement...

Ya gotta wonder how all this stuff magically appears in my mother's basement...

Oh yeah, according to one MRA, I am "more dangerous" than feminists, because I refuse to think of men as dumb animals who "think with their dicks"...

The more I explore the "man-o-sphere", the more disgusted I get with it - save for a few blogs here and there...

My favorite attitude - when somebody (some dude who definitely isn't me) makes a suggestion or comment - or even asks a question - they get attacked.  The whole thing is a joke at this point.  The latest thing I read on reddit is that the MRM and feminism are actually "on the same side".

I could not agree more - not in a good way.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Murder and Male Resentment Monday!

Well, sorry, not an actual murder, but more like a death in a fire-fight with police.

Thanks to Eric for the link.

Maria Susana Flores GamezSo, this mega hottie who won a beauty contest belonged to a drug cartel via her boyfriend. When the police showed up to make an arrest, her boyfriend and his thugs used her as a human shield (she was holding a gun – that is grounds for the police to shoot). She was shot and killed (allegedly by the police) during the shootout. Wow! Does this lady know how to pick winners or what!!!

This luscious young babe was smoking hot.
Until she was killed by a police shot.
She could have any man of her desire
She rejected normal men for police fire
The next woman to reject any of your flirts
Just remember
In a while she’ll probably be buried in dirt

The media assumes that I am going to care
About a woman who’d give me dirty stares
I hate to come across as being harsh and blunt
But I don’t give two shits...
Rot in hell you stupid c*nt

It’s your dishwater – you soak in it.

Great choice in boyfriends dumbo!

Maria Susana Flores GamezNow, what can I learn from Maria Susana Flores Gamez's death?

Well, apparently the reason I kept getting told to “fuck off”, “fuck you”, “don’t look at me I am too good for you”, and “I am like way out of your league” when I was in late high school and early college, is because I was not a member of a drug cartel that wanted to use a beauty queen as a human shield!

Since I admit that I could not use a woman as a human shield, that makes me a “self-purported nice guy”, which according to feminist theory – means that I am not really nice.  So avoid me at all costs ladies!!!!

DAMNED! I knew there was something gosh darned awful about me that the ladies didn’t like – and now I know what it was…

I am in serious need of an attitude adjustment just like the feminists say – if I hadn’t been civilized, and not given two shits about other human beings, and low enough to use people as human shields… damn…

If I had the chance to do things all over again, I would have used pick up lines other than, “hello”, “hi”, “How’s it going”, and “what’s up?”...

Instead, I would have walked up to one of those hot college chicks (of which 1 in 4 will be raped every five seconds by some dude like me – NOT) – and said, “Hey, I am a member of a drug cartel, and I’d like you to be my human shield in case the cops try to bust me”.

Boy oh boy would I have gotten some tail or what!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Flooding in Reno: Oh the HORROR!!!

I have to warn my readers: this post contains shocking and horrible pictures of the flooding that occurred in Washoe County (the county that I live in and where Reno is).

The flooding was supposed to be so damned severe that they actually issued a state of emergency.

And thank God they did!!!

The pictures below demonstrate how much money was needed by the federal government for this absolute catastrophic event. Also, it is a good thing that they put plenty of firefighters, police and paramedics on stand by earning double time for their services during this, Reno's darkest hour.

Again, I have to warn my readers that the following images are very graphic and disturbing. And again, I re-iterate, it is a good thing that Washoe County got oodles and gobs of money to combat this latest disaster.
It is also a good thing that all those police, firefighters and paramedics (the ones not retired and getting fat on pension money that we all pay for), were getting paid double time by our tax money to sit around and do nothing.  It sure made me feel safe!

To start, as you can see below, the Wal-Mart parking lot was nearly a complete lake:
Reno Flood

Look again at the parking lot of Wal-Mart - notice the forboding sky and torrential downpour of rain that occurred this Sunday Afternoon:
Reno Flood

I stopped by a Walgreen's too.  As you ca see in the photo below, the entire ceiling collapsed.  I asked the young lady at the check stand how many people were killed when the entire ceiling collapsed.  She claimed that nobody was hurt, and that she did not even notice the damage to the ceiling (obviously, the young lady was in extreme shock and in a state of denial).  MEN-Factor reporters estimate that nearly 100,000 people were killed when the ceiling came crashing down - and nearly 250,000 people were severely injured.

Reno Flood

I braved myself to the Link Piazzo dog park.  As you can see in the picture below, it is now LAKE Piazzo dog park.  MEN-Factor reporters estimate that nearly 300,000 people drowned to DEATH in the puddle next to the benches during this terrible terrible flood.
Reno Flood

Luckily, no dogs drowned during the flood - even those dogs that were attending the park - as you can see in the photo below.
Awww - isn't she cute!

Now, we should all be thankful that our government spent so much money and got as many people as possible scared about this terrible flood that occurred.

I personally was kind of bummed, because I had started building an Ark, and was planning to put two of each animal on it.

I just hope that I can get all that money I spent back from the pet stores I went to yesterday.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New Feminist Study Concludes that some Men are Still Happy.

non feminist manThe Women's Studies department at Ding-a-Ling University (DLU) has just launched a 2 year long study that concluded that despite feminism's best efforts, there are still some men who are living happy lives.

feministFeminist leaders were disappointed with the results of the study, and avowed to make greater efforts to deprive men of sex (by fabricating new bogus rape and domestic violence statistics to scare young women), formulate new ways to deceptively rob them of their money (via new divorce laws and child support bills - or taxing masturbation), or wrongfully have them thrown in prison (new "telepathic" and "visual" rape laws, as well as new "you could just tell he would sexually harass me if it weren't illegal, so he should be thrown in jail anyway" laws in the workplace.)

The new campaign at DLU boasts on holding more "Castration Marches" even when no young males are FALSELY accused of sex crimes.

castration march
In addition to that, the WOMEN's groups at DLU will try to pass campus policies that not only violate the United States Constitution, but the laws of logic, physics, and even nature.  They plan on making it unlawful for anybody to walk on campus with more than one testicle, or less than two breasts.

college scholar Scholars expect that this will save the college money, as there will be no need for the mathematics, physics, computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering or other REAL SCIENCE facilities or curriculum on the campus.

male college student
Isn't College The Greatest Thing Since the Guillotine?

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Safest Way to have SEX with a Woman...

You do not even need a condom for this one.

Purchase a tape-recorder (or mp3 recorder), and a dildo.

On the tape recorder (or mp3 recorder), record yourself making a bunch of "oooh" and "yeah" sounds over and over again.

When the time for sex comes follow these steps:

1. Turn out the lights.

2. Insert the dildo into your partner.

3. Press play on the tape recorder (or mp3 recorder).

4. Quickly duck under the bed.

If everything goes right, you should not get into any trouble.  However; if your partner finds out that you have pulled a fast one on her, she might file a rape claim against you - or say that she was offended - in which case, you'll be registered as a sex offender.

Practice makes perfect - try this on an inflatable Sarah Palin doll a few times to get the hang of it.
Enjoy your weekend while you practice safe sex - with an inflatable Sarah Palin Love Doll - and when you get the hang of inserting the dildo and pressing play on the tape recorder at the right times - you'll be ready for the safest sex you've ever had in your entire life!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Two more Anti-Feminist Pictures (and, I speak for myself - thank you very much)

Well, I saw the slogans being dreamt up on reddit (UGH!!!), and decided to come up with a few of my own (that I posted there).

Here they are - enjoy!



Monday, September 17, 2012

It’s Just another Murder and Male Resentment Monday…Wish it Were Sunday!

Because that’s not a fun day!

Anyhoo, gotta real dilly for ya this time! YEE HAW!!

The victim: A 26 year old mega-hottie named Alexandra Ducsay. Take a look at two pictures I found of her.

Alexandra Ducsay

Alexandra Ducsay. Good looking to be sure.

Now the kicker; her boyfriend. The then 34 year old Anthony Pugh.
Matthew Pugh

Anthony Pugh, we got ourselves a real winner here – prison record longer than my dick, bald, bug-eyed, probably broke…you know…the kind of guy women don’t tell dudes that definitely aren’t me to "f*ck off", "get lost", "don't look at me" etc... when approached by them.

Alexandra Ducsay was bludgeoned to death in the basement of her home.

Alexandra Ducsay

When I hear stories like this, I think to myself: would I be capable of doing this to somebody? No, I wouldn’t. I have been in relationships where the woman started hitting me – I did not hit back – not because I am a wuss – but because that is the way I was raised. I put my arms up, block the hits. Murder – certainly not. The only time I would kill is if they disagreed with me if it were to save somebody’s life – I doubt I will ever be in such a predicament.

Of course, since I am saying that, that makes me a “self-purported nice guy” which means that – according to feminists and their supporters (which is essentially the foundation of our modern culture), guys like me are the ones they should avoid. Why? Well – then the women might not get their faces bashed in – why else!

This is feminism in practice. Women made it, women bought it, and women and men are both selling it – I hope you women are enjoying it!

Enjoy this women’s studies documentary film brief on the “dangers of self-purported nice-guys” from Ding-Dong University.

And oh yeah – if you disagree with me – I’ll kill you (NOT).

I wonder if there is a liable suit that I could file against that A-hole for writing such garbage about me.

Do any of my posts ever talk about me personally killing people? WTF?

In all these murder and male resentment Mondays I have done – am I encouraging murder – or am I discouraging women from hooking up with psychotic killers?

Friday, August 31, 2012

New Woman’s Group Leader Speaks Out Against Men

Anna Z. Butts, a woman’s studies professor at Ding-Dong University decided that it was time for a change, and being so incredibly stupid, she decided that change was to take the form of some really harsh criticism aimed at men – because she seriously believes that no such criticism already exists.  MEN-Factor reporters were on the scene at Ding Dong University for an interview
Feminist Leader
Feminist Leader Anna Z. Butts had this to say, “Yeah, the bad economy, global warming, and the juices of fruits other than oranges - everything bad is because of men – menning around and stuff with their penises and whatnot thinking they are all so cool and stuff. I mean seriously, they just walk around with their dicks hanging out, twirling them around and whatnot like they are soooo cool, I mean seriously, what a bunch of men and stuff.”
Clearly, her approach was slightly more sophisticated than, “boys are stinky” or “boys are icky”. By being more sophisticated with her language, Anna hopes to appeal to a wider audience of women, and encourage them to hate men with all their being men, menning around stuff with their penises and whatnot.

Anna has also hired computer programmers to make a new Feminist Factoid Fabricator:

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Campus Rape is no Laughing Matter, Now More Than Ever!

Rape on campus and you, no laughing matter; even when we don't.

Violating campus Non-Consensual Sexual Conduct policies are examples of no laughing matters that follow below:

Amanda and Bill meet at a party. They spend the evening dancing and getting to know each other. Bill convinces Amanda to come up to his room. From 11:00pm until 12:00am, Bill uses every line he can think of to convince Amanda to have sex with him, but she adamantly refuses (by that, we mean that she is giggling the whole time Bill is talking to her and saying, "I don't know"). He convinces her to give him a "hand job" (hand to genital contact) in exchange for a French Tickler (feather to anal contact). Amanda would never had done it but for Bill's incessant advances and his offer of the French Tickler. He feels that he successfully seduced her, and that she wanted to do it all along, but was playing shy and hard to get. Why else would she have come up to his room alone after the party? If she really didn't want it, she could have left.

Bill is responsible for violating the university Non-Consensual Sexual Contact policy. A university hearing board would find Bill guilty of sexual misconduct, since they never got any when they were his age - and dang - that Amanda chick is hot!

Jiang is a junior at the university. Beth is a poor young innocent sophomore. Jiang comes to Beth’s dorm room with some mutual friends to watch a movie. Jiang and Beth, who have never met before, are attracted to each other. After the movie, everyone leaves, and Jiang and Beth are alone. They hit it off, and are soon becoming more intimate. They start to make out. Jiang verbally expresses his desire to have sex with Beth. Beth, who was abused by a baby‐sitter when she was five, and has not had any sexual relations since, is shocked at how quickly things are progressing. Beth agrees to have sex with jiang. As Jiang takes her by the wrist over to the bed, lays her down, undresses her, and begins to have intercourse with her, Beth has a severe flashback to her childhood trauma. She wants to tell Jiang to stop, but doesn't. Beth is stiff and unresponsive during the intercourse. Is this a policy violation?

Jiang would be held responsible in this scenario for Non Consensual Sexual Intercourse. It is the duty of the man - ooops - I mean sexual initiator, Jiang, to ask the woman every 5 seconds, if she still wants to have sex. If he fails to do so, or if she says no, Jiang is guilty of sexual misconduct. If she fails to answer, or even says yes, Jiang may still be guilty of sexual misconduct. In fact, even if Jiang simply reminds her of her childhood trauma, and does not even have sex with her, or even makes eye contact, Jiang may still be guilty of sexual misconduct. Of course, consent does not need to be verbal, it must also be verbal. So, although Jiang did not rape her, he still raped her - no matter what, even if no sexual intercourse occurred, Jiang is simply stinky and eats his own bougars, or, he reminds Beth of her childhood trauma, and that hurts Beth's feelings. And that just isn't nice. Sure, Jiang didn't actually do anything to her, assuming that they never actually met, but he is a man, and if a woman is victimized by a man, all men must be blamed somehow. It's not just good for the economy, but good for the enchanted bag of walnuts our senators frequently snack on.

Kevin and Amy are at a party. Kevin does not realize that Amy is a deeply troubled young woman, and takes Lithium for a bipolar disorder. Amy is shaking her butt and flashing her tits at Kevin repeatedly. Kevin mistakes Amy's behavior as being slightly under the influence of alcohol - boy is he wrong! Amy continues shouting really loud and acting like a complete attention whore; being excessively flirty and offering pretty much every man in the room a blowjob. After the party, Kevin walks Amy to her room like a complete idiot, and Amy comes up to Kevin, pulls his pants down, and starts performing oral sex on him. Kevin asks her if she is really up to this and whether or not she has oral herpes, and Amy says yes and no. Amy suddenly goes bat-shit crazy screaming about evil demons peeing on squirrels.

This is a violation of the Non-Consensual Sexual Intercourse Policy. Kevin should have known that Amy was incapable of making a rational, reasonable decision about sex since she is a woman. No woman is truly capable of giving consent, even if she is sober. By proclaiming this, it is therefore possible to charge any man with rape, bring media ratings up, stimulate the economy, and maintain our outdated puritanical medieval lines of thinking that glorify women, over-victimize them, and completely demonize men.

Two students, Dick and Jane are in separate trains heading in opposite directions. If Jane's train is heading west at 80mph, and Dicks train is heading east at 75mph, has Dick violated the campuses sexual conduct policy?

This is a violation of the Non-Consensual Sexual Intercourse Policy. Even if Jane could not see one of Dick's testicles, she still knows that they are there - somewhere on the train, and she feels violated by them. In fact, she feels more violated by his right testicle than his left testicle. This makes Dick even more guiltier; now more than ever!

Rick and Ragina meet at a party. They are having a blast, and think the other is totally hot. At the end of the evening, Rick's Dick ends up going into Ragina's Vagina!

This is a violation of the Non-Consensual Sexual Intercourse Policy. Clearly, Rick's Dick is guilty of raping Ragina's Vagina! Any form of sexual intercourse, no matter what the conditions, is a violation of the Non-Consensual Sexual Intercourse Policy. Honestly, fuck the consent part - sex is dirty! Men only want to have sex with women because they think it will make them look cool. They are all so full of that "macho" crap.

Al and Natalie meet at a party. Al rips a fart.

Clearly, Al has violated the Non-Consensual Sexual Intercouse Policy. Al farted without first asking Natalie if it was OK. That is, he did not have her consent to fart. Al should have sat quietly like a beaten dag, held his farts in, and not uttered a word to anybody ever because he is a man and has a penis. Having a penis is a direct violation of most campus policies. Unless stated possessor of said penis is a flaming liberal, smokes pot, and is working on a worthless degree in the Liberal Arts - like say Women's Studies or Psychology.

Remember, 29 of every 11 women will be raped every 10 seconds in America - Now, More than Ever!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Latest MEN-Factor Study

It took me a while to research this. But, after a long and drawn out research project I conducted, I have concluded with almost certain precision, that there are more dudes who definitely aren't me, than dudes who are me.

Here is a graph to represent this, I studied 24 people, and 23 of them turned out to NOT be me.
Chart 17 A
Therefore, for every 1000 people, 41.6 of them are actually me.

Last week, I did a study of 100 people, and only one of them was actually me.

That means that the number of dudes that are definitely me has increased by a factor of nearly 400%!

If this dastardly treand continues, in just a few week, all dudes will definitely be me.

Be afraid, be very afraid!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hillary Clinton's Complete Analysis of the Libyan Militia

MEN-Factor secret agents hacked into Hitlery Hillary Clinton's personal computer, and managed to obtain these secret government documents. They detail Hitlery Hillary Clinton's complete assessment of the Libyan Militia.
Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton suggested that the Libyans were giving Viagra to their troops, so that they could rape infidels - or whatever.
Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton also suggested that the Libyan's weapons do not shoot bullets, but Viagra pills too - so that the enemy troops would also start raping everybody.
Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton also suggests that in addition to Viagra, the Libyans are transporting tons of lubricant, dildos, and French Ticklers.
Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton had a crude photo shop mock up of what she believes to be the typical Libyan soldier.
Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton also believes that many of the Libyan's guns are actually just dildos that look like guns.
Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton fully recognizes and understands that some of our troops are gay. She anticipated this, and suggested that is why Moammer Gadhafi was buying such a large number of Justin Beiber albums.
Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton allegedly has access to military intelligence that indicates that Libya has no weapons of mass destruction. Since her husband used to be president, she has access to a variety of intelligence reports that the rest of us do not have access to. Therefore, Hillary Clinton as a source of intel, is actually quite reliable.

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton of all people would know about Libya's military status, she has allegedly met Moammer Gadhafi in person.
Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton firmly insists that Libya is a HUGE threat to the security of her vagina this nation.

Anyway, our secret agents are off on another assignment - until then, please - try not to rape anybody!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Harry Reid Porn!!!


Have a Nice Weekend Everybody!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Didn't come out as good as I hoped - but, I hope somebody gets a laugh out of it!

Enjoy your weekends - when they arrive!

Friday, January 13, 2012

News Brief - PANIC!!!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!