Friday, December 30, 2011

Richard Fartswell Strikes Again!

Well, A friend of mine pointed something out about that old "Dear Woman" video. I am recording a rant about it.

Anyway, I found this link and left a comment under the alias "Richard Fartswell". Check it out, and remind these clowns of how much you object to them validating 40-50 years of anti-male hate-speech and angry feminist verbal diarrhea.

And, check out my video I made called, "Dear Man" (in case you haven't already):


  1. ugh,

    I only got through the first 30 seconds of your video....

    while you have many legitimate complaints despite what many bigots may say, you make yourself sound like a bigot by saying "on the rag."

    that is just as bad as when they say "mansplainin'" and "what about teh menz."

    yes, I am holding you to a higher standard, why sink to their level. Prove you are better by using well reasoned debates and no underhanded tactics. That is really the way to go. You can do better than Marcotte and Futrelle....

    or you can not like my words and put "This comment deleted by administrator."

  2. @Anonymous:

    No, your comment will not be deleted.

    First, the "on the rag" is meant as humor - not as bigotry

    The "divine feminine on the rag" - come on - how could you take that as anything other than sarcastic humor???

    As far as well-reasoned debates and tactics.

    Well, again, this video is meant to be humorous, but I did in fact do research to back up all the claims it makes.

    More men have been lynched for being ACCUSED of rape than women killed for being witches.

    Women do in fact celebrate men being sexually mutiliated (the talk).

    Feminism does in fact spew a slew of hate-filled factoids and wrong-headed lines of thinking.

    Since you did NOT use shaming language, your comment was NOT deleted.

    Again, you are taking my "Dear Man" as some sort of documentary - when it is in fact meant as humor, but - I can back up all the claims in it with research, or sited examples.

    Have a nice day.

    P.S. Any comments that are ad-hominem attacks - or shaming language will be deleted - they are growing tiresome.

  3. @Anonymous:

    If you want to "hold me to a higher standard".

    I will ignore you from this point on, unless you post with an actual profile, and not be such a chicken sh*t and cover your face with the term "anonymouse".

    So, I answered your comment for now...

    But, in the near future, all "anonymouse" attacks on myself or my fellow bloggers - their opinions - or anything else - will be deleted.

    I have no time to play games with cowards.

  4. I will still choose to post as anonymous...

    I think you raise very good points, however I disagree how you go about things. That is your right to do so. I've read many of your articles. I think you were right to write against The View and specifically like how you dealt with that. I've also seen how Futrelle twisted your words to mock you.

    I do apologise for my snarky comment about Rookh K.-he is someone whom I can't claim agreement with-sorry. Still, I should've maybe stated what I disagree with rather than make a snarky comment-I'm still having trouble following my own advice.

    I can't even have a relationship with my own mother, she got really upset when I expressed my honest views of how I perceive the world. Dissenters such as ourselves can't be open yet. We must fight in a non underhanded way and make the playing field level. Right now bigots like Futrelle and Marcotte have the upper hand. All the white knights rush to their aid. So lets say I empathize with you but disagree with your tactics. I probably don't see eye to eye, but that isn't a big deal. If you choose to delete this comment, that is okay. I am using online comments as a way to develop my thought process....

  5. I've never written against "The View" - I think you meant "The Talk".

    And, I'll re-iterate - anonymouse posters will be deleted - if they are just ad-hominem attacks or shaming language.

    The comment you left above is intelligent - although incomplete.

    Why do you disagree with the Anglobitch thesis?

    Why do you disagree with how I go about things? And how is it you perceive me as going about things?

    Also, I disagree - Futrelle and Marcotte do not have the upper hand - its just that the MRA's have a lesser hand.

    And, I do not identify with the MRA's.

    I think that the negativity that is spread about men needs to stop.

    Giving men "rights" will not stop the hatred of men.

    It didn't stop the hatred of African Americans when they were given rights now did it.

    And, to re-iterate: If you leave an anonymouse post and it is just an ad-hominem attack, or shaming language - it gets deleted.

  6. Firstly, I believe that Anglobitch is just as bad for gender relations as Hugo Schwyzer or Roissy-my gut reaction reading his are gay men priaptic post and the one about Gehngis Kahn's descendants was that this is not something I can follow...

    Now you bring up some great points that it is not more rights per say, but hatred of males that is the problem.

    Look at this article of women bragging about slapping around their boyfriends...

    I think you are very intelligent and could be influential. Your statement: "Giving men "rights" will not stop the hatred of men.

    It didn't stop the hatred of African Americans when they were given rights now did it."

    pure gold-insightful....

    when you mock women, er feminists as Futrelle does men, it may be fun but I believe unproductive. Why is this? Misogyny is on everyone's radar-just look at elevatorgate and how they said "that guy" was a misogynist. Now misandry, on the other hand, you can bring up the draft and selective service and those feminazi's will say-no, that's not the problem, the REAL problem is benevolent sexism-women are not allowed in combat roles and therefore do not get the same hazard pay and access to promotions. They gladly erase the deaths of men who didn't want to go to war and say men are "privileged" while they are "oppressed." Just try this-misandry isn't even in your spell checker but misogyny is. So when you say things like "on the rag"-you get dismissed as a misogynist. Never mind that "they" think kicking a man in the balls or cutting off his d*ck is pure humor. Yes, there is a double standard, but I don't believe you will win by fighting them the way they are fighting you. You have to PROVE them wrong while they just have to hold the status quo. Thus I hold you to a higher standard because WE are not on an equal playing field to them.... WE can't use their underhanded tactics. To use the race analogy-A black in a white supremacist society has to work twice as hard, be twice as well spoken and be twice as well dressed to get half the respect that his white peer automatically gets...

    You have to write twice as clearly and prove twice as many statistics and fight twice as many false assumptions to get half as much influence. That is not a personal attack on you just my observation of the current situation....

    now maybe I didn't write a complete reply but I don't want to write a novel here...

  7. I'll have to do this in a couple of comments because of the size of it.
    I feel a deep sorrow about the destruction that must have happened to the manhood of the conscious masculine. I only got through about 30 seconds of the Dear Woman video. I don't know how you can stand to look through the mountains of femicrap you do. I did notice one thing the conscious masculine said that just the propagation of misleading, incorrect garbage the so called feminist movement has been vomiting on use throughout its misbegotten conception.
    "I honor your capacity for peaceful resolution of conflicts, your ability to apologize effectively and forgive with grace. We men have waged endless wars over our disagreements. In the act of defending our lands and protecting our families, we became addicted to the fight itself. By contrast, it is rare to find an invasion or war instigated by a woman. I apologize for dragging you into these wars, and for the rape, murder, broken hearts and damaged families that resulted from them. We welcome your wisdom in creating a world that can get along without resorting to destruction."
    Uhh, what about that little squabble called The Civil War?
    "Aside from temperance, abolitionism was the principal focus for antebellum reformers"
    and the most damning of all
    "When he met Stowe during the Civil War, President Lincoln reportedly declared, "So this is the little woman who wrote the book that started this great war!"".
    On the home battlefront.
    "- Women are three times more likely than men to use weapons in domestic violence.
    - Women initiate most incidents of domestic violence.
    - Women commit 50% of spousal murders."
    That's some "capacity for peaceful resolution of conflict" and ability of graceful forgiveness. I think I would rather not be forgiven.

  8. As far as that crap about "your wisdom in creating a world that can get along without resorting to destruction" this says it all.
    "Eighty two percent of all people have their first experience of violence at the hands of their mothers."
    I know I was one of those 82% and, beyond that, my father hardly touched me but my mother has beat the blood out of me.
    And that is because.
    "Women commit most child abuse and most elder abuse"
    And even worse is the discrimination in the abuse that women hand out.
    "Women hit their male children more frequently and more severely that they hit their female children"
    "Women commit most child murders and 64% of their victims are male children"
    Why? Men instigate women into imitating violence. The majority of women that initiate violence, 46%, say the reason is
    "My partner wasn't sensitive to my needs"
    but I think it is
    "approximately 10 million Americans, or 2 percent of the U.S. population, have BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder). About 75 percent of them are women"
    Like the conscious masculine, I also feel a deep sorrow. I'm sorry women are so crazy.
    This all does go to prove one statement made by the conscious masculine.
    "I acknowledge that I and many of my brothers have also felt hurt by our mothers, our sisters, our partners and ex-partners."
    Yes, we have and will continue to as long as research into domistic violence like
    "The final, fifth comparison study did suggest husbands used violence at a greater rate than wives. However, unlike the other four surveys, such results were recognized to be skewed as half of the survey participants were selected from police blotter or social service
    agency reports of domestic violence which were recognized to disproportionately reflect male-perpetrated domestic violence"
    is promoted because
    "Female violence presents both a threat to feminist theory as well as to the practice of domestic violence law"