Thursday, December 15, 2011

Man Violently Attacks Woman’s Handgun Using His Face, then Attacks Her Knife with His Torso 27 Times!

Sorry for the disturbing news friends, but it appears that various women’s groups around the country were right. Misogyny is completely out of control these days. I just heard a story; a man has recently attacked a woman’s handgun using his face, and after doing this, he went on to attack a knife she was carrying 27 times.

The misogyny in our society knows no bounds. Fortunately, there is hope. I heard that Merlin the Magician is planning to resurrect Travis Alexander’s body, so he can stand trial for violently attacking this woman’s handgun and knife.

Here is the heinous criminal himself:
Travis AlexanderAs you can see, he is clearly a deranged sociopath, hell bent for leather, frat-boy rapist from hell, and self-purported “nice” guy.

Geez. Where is VAWA when you need it?

It is a good thing that this woman:
Psycho BitchWas not seriously injured during this violent attack. She is going to trial for "self-defense" now - yes, self-defense - I am NOT making this up.

Plus, I heard that she is really very very sorry, and hos promised to never do anything like this ever ever again. And, she has hot titties!

With tits like that, how could she possibly be guilty of anything! After all, women are more spiritually evolved and more nurturing than men are...

My guess is, she'll walk.


  1. After watching the video it is clear to me that her looks alone will result in an acquittal and attempted murder charges filed against the dead man. Welcome to life in the Matriarchy-women can do no wrong!

  2. So how could Game have prevented this from happening?

  3. @Anon 5:42 - Yeah - hmmm - what is it that HE did wrong, and how can GAME be employed to stop this from happening.

  4. Don't you know that Game is the magic bullet that works for the benefit of men in all situations? So I was wondering how Game could have been used here in this case to effect a positive outcome instead of the poor guy getting killed in the shower. Maybe there is some Shower Game, Knife Game or Gun Game he could have used. Maybe he should have been more cocky and confident as the bullet went into his face and that may have done something other than make this crazy bitch want to stab him 27 times. Maybe a backed handed compliment neg with a double back flip jump through a hoop like a fucking poodle would have made a difference. I don't know though because I'm just a sexual market place loser who thinks Game is a complete waste of time because women are fucking nuts who will do things like shoot you in the shower for wanting to get rid of them when you get tired of their endless bullshit.

  5. @Anon - I understand - 100%.

    You're singing to the choir.

    Not that this choir minds, because this choir sucks at singing, and it is refreshing to hear somebody else suck at singing for a while.


  6. @Anon - OK, I give, I'll start poking fun at game a pinch too...

    I'll somehow incorporate it into my headlines and whatnot...

  7. That's he fell on my knife. He fell on knife ten times. I wonder if any one else was hearing the song "HE Had It Coming" from Chicago in their head while watching the video?

  8. I am late here. The sexy murderer reminds me of sexy Debra LaFave. Both of these women are too pretty for justice. Justice is for the ugly, the mediocre, the Sarah Plain and Talls. It is strange that they have thought patterns like ugly people, but do not deserve the punishment ugly people get. Quite possibly, these pretty, sexy women are ugly on the INSIDE

  9. Travis surely put up a poor fight with her. Evidently he tried to lick her to death. Quite possibly her prison training helped her discern she was about to be attacked much later, and attacked pre-emptively. I read of NO evidence of struggle. If a man knows he is fighting for his life with a woman, it will turn out differently than this.

  10. I hope she doesn't get the death penalty. I hope she ends up in solitary, with constant audial interruptions and a cell papered with his autopsy photos. Then she may feel the fear he had when she "defended herself" by stabbing him in the back, the hands, the chest then slitting his throat whilst positioning him in front of a mirror.