Friday, December 30, 2011

Richard Fartswell Strikes Again!

Well, A friend of mine pointed something out about that old "Dear Woman" video. I am recording a rant about it.

Anyway, I found this link and left a comment under the alias "Richard Fartswell". Check it out, and remind these clowns of how much you object to them validating 40-50 years of anti-male hate-speech and angry feminist verbal diarrhea.

And, check out my video I made called, "Dear Man" (in case you haven't already):

Friday, December 23, 2011

RIP-Factor News Brief: Mars Rover Curiousity

I am working on a utility - basically, to consolidate all the utilities I made - into 1 utility, then, I'll be able to crank these things out real fast...

Not that it takes me that long to crank out now... It's just kind of a pain in the arse - and, if I make a mistake, or decide I want to change something - I usually say, "NAH", because I have to do it all over again...

Also, I am going to try something different - Over the holidays I plan to do an Audio rant that I'll post onto YouTube - encouraging people to help men - whether they make mistakes in their life or NOT.

One thing that bothers me, that I have noticed lately, is the attitude towards men who make mistakes. Sure, men get married even these days, when it is a raw deal. But, I'd say that usually, that is done out of stupidity. As the addage goes, there is one born every minute - Instead of punishing these men, or wanting to see them hurt, financially ruined - I plan to do what I can to help these men.

My overall attitude is as follows: here is my advice, I suggest you NOT get married - take it or leave it. If you decide to leave it and things go bad - guess what


I am not going to go sadistic on you because you don't do exactly what I say...

Anyway - watch for the rant - coming soon.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Man Violently Attacks Woman’s Handgun Using His Face, then Attacks Her Knife with His Torso 27 Times!

Sorry for the disturbing news friends, but it appears that various women’s groups around the country were right. Misogyny is completely out of control these days. I just heard a story; a man has recently attacked a woman’s handgun using his face, and after doing this, he went on to attack a knife she was carrying 27 times.

The misogyny in our society knows no bounds. Fortunately, there is hope. I heard that Merlin the Magician is planning to resurrect Travis Alexander’s body, so he can stand trial for violently attacking this woman’s handgun and knife.

Here is the heinous criminal himself:
Travis AlexanderAs you can see, he is clearly a deranged sociopath, hell bent for leather, frat-boy rapist from hell, and self-purported “nice” guy.

Geez. Where is VAWA when you need it?

It is a good thing that this woman:
Psycho BitchWas not seriously injured during this violent attack. She is going to trial for "self-defense" now - yes, self-defense - I am NOT making this up.

Plus, I heard that she is really very very sorry, and hos promised to never do anything like this ever ever again. And, she has hot titties!

With tits like that, how could she possibly be guilty of anything! After all, women are more spiritually evolved and more nurturing than men are...

My guess is, she'll walk.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Woman Arrested for Raping Herself with a Dildo

Mary J. Longwood from Illinois was operating an electronic powered Dildo on Friday, December 9, 2011. However; the next morning, she changed her mind about using the dildo, and admitted that she had simply had too much to drink on Friday.

Modern WomanShe immediately phoned the police, and told authorities that she had been raped after drinking too much, and that she had taken advantage of herself and her sexually increased mood.

As we all know, alcohol increases sexual desire, but decreases sexual performance. That is why she did not fully enjoy the masturbating; she was too impaired to operate the dildo efficiently enough. Luckily, she did not chip any of her teeth while operating it drunk.

Police arriving on the scene were terribly confused, they did not know if they should arrest Mary J. Longwood, or the dildo. The officers on the scene had to call their supervisor to get advice. The supervisor said, grab them both, we'll use one as the primary suspect, and the other as evidence.

Currently, Mary J. Longwood is being held in the evidence locker, and the dildo is currently on trial in an Illinois court of law.

Feminist JudgeJudge Reginald Limpdick ordained, by royal decree, that the dildo be held for suspicion of debauchery and witchcraft - and sentenced to be boiled in hot water to remove any demonic presences. He was particularly harsh on this dildo, because it is tremendously bigger than his.

Some notable feminuts feminists were interviewed about this incident by RIP-Factor reporters:

Jessica ValentiJessica Valenti had just got finished eating a custard pie; this is what she had to say, "It doesn't matter that she might have consented to using the dildo on herself the night before, the fact is, if ANYBODY takes advantage of a woman in a drunken state, then they are the perpetrator of a sexual assault. So clearly, this woman is a victim."

Hanna RosinHanna Rosin had also just got done eating a custard pie, here is what she said,"I am not surprised to find yet another woman being taken advantage of while in a drunken state. Women are always victims; especially when it comes to sexual intercourse, because boys are icky."

And now, in order to make ourselves look like a genuine news source, we present you, the reader with some bullsh*t carpet munching factoids, designed to demonize men, and angellify women like complete lame-stream media f*ck-wits (if this doesn't get women cheering at a man getting his penis cut off, then we'll just have to try harder!):
Rape Statistics

And remember everybody - violence against women must be stopped...

Violence against men - like a man being drugged, tortured, abused and sexually mutilated - gets good ratings.