Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Japanese Scientists Allegedly make Startling Scientific Discovery: Amanda Marcotte is Animated Pile of Canine Feces

Amanda Marcotte is Dog Sh*tJapanese scientists working in a secret laboratory have allegedly made a shocking and startling discovery that has shocked and startled many people. Analysis of Amanda Marcotte’s DNA has allegedly led Japanese scientists to the conclusion that she in an animated pile of dog sh*t canine feces. What Japanese scientists cannot determine however, is how exactly this particular mutation of canine feces has occurred. MEN-Factor reporters allegedly interviewed several Japanese scientists to hear their theories of how a pile of canine feces could become animated and even make coherent speech.

Amanda MarcotteAmanda Marcotte could have mutated from a pile of dog sh*t by using a radiation enhancer like what I am holding here. However; I doubt this is the case. Although I am a scientist, I have to believe that the devil himself is behind this horrifying and completely freakish mutation. This fecal-matter feminine freak must be stopped, all of humankind is at stake!

Amanda MarcotteAmanda Marcotte is definitely a steaming pile of dog sh*t, there is no question about it. How such an odd mutation occurred and allowed a pile of crap to start talking? Who knows – what is more baffling is that it is amazing that anybody even listens to her. This behemoth bimbo must be stopped! It's too bad that Ultraman is not actually real. He could stop her!

Head Japanese Government officials were allegedly notified that Amanda Marcotte, a feminist, is allegedly an animated pile of sh*t canine feces. They were also allegedly informed that she may be spreading falsehoods about men. Head Japanese officials gave their response:

Friday, May 27, 2011

NOMAS: Why Hire Disbarred Attorney Barry Goldstein? We Couldn't Find any Baby Killers!

MEN-Factor reporters have been on a special assignment recently, an investigation into NOMAS or the National Organization of Men Against Sex Sexism. Supposedly, this nut-house institution is like any other whacky feminutsy feminist institution. It is full of sh*t erroneously claims the usual brainwashing garbage of how bad men are - it claims that they are all pussy beggars, manginas, white knights - oh no - wait - that's the MRM. Sorry - my bad! NOMAS claims that men are all physically abusive towards their female partners, rapists, pedophiles, stinky, prone to eating their own bougars, and enjoy peeing on the toilet seat just to annoy uppity womyn.

Credible studies from our government (not militant vegan lesbian groups) demonstrate that such things are not true. In fact, when it comes to domestic violence, or intimate partner violence, government research shows that women are more violent. Lesbian relationships actually have the highest rate of domestic violence - which do not involve men at all.

NOMASHowever; MEN-Factor reporters could find no evidence to contradict that men enjoy peeing on the toilet seat just to annoy uppity women...Could this then therefore be true?

Rather than research bathroom SHEnanigans any further, MEN-Factor reporters got right down to the DICK of the matter; why did NOMAS hire a seedy lawyer with a reputation of misconduct?

Our reporters allegedly spoke to some NOMAS personnel; this is what they allegedly had to say:
Michael Kimmel
Michael Kimmel
Ben Atherton
Ben Atherton

Moshe Rozdzial
Moshe Rozdzial


Barry Goldstein
Barry Goldstein - DISBARRED QUEER

We Found several Logos for N.O.M.A.S., and we are not sure which of these is the correct one...






Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Crazy old Fart Claiming "Judgement Day" now claims it was an Elaborate "Late" April Fools Gag.

As most everybody is aware, some people believed that "Judgment Day" would occur on May 21, 2011. Well, it didn't. Naturally, our investigators were eager to get a hold of Harold Camping, supposedly the man who started the rumors of Judgment Day, and ask him what was going on.

Well, our reporters were in for a big shock - literally. When MEN-Factor reporters first shook Harold's hand, he was wearing a hand buzzer!
Harold CampingHarold Camping then offered our reporters some cigarettes - all of which exploded in their faces. Then, he offered us a can of nuts - and of course - those springy snake things popped out of the cans.

When he was able to gain his composure, we were able to do an interview with him (once he stopped laughing).

The 89 year old man Harold Camping claims that the whole "May 21st Judgment Day" thing was part of an elaborate and late April Fool's gag.
Harold Camping
Harold Camping also wanted us to tell anybody listening (or reading), that he has several bridges he'd like to sell - for a really cheap price!
Harold Camping
Harold Camping then made predictions for May 21st, 2012:
Harold CampingHarold Camping - making predictions for 2012.

We then asked him if he was being serious, or if this was another "joke".
Harold CampingHarold Camping assured us that he was quite serious for his predictions for May 21, 2012; that a monkey will fly out of his butt.

Harold Camping, was clearly upset that nobody took his joke with the intended "humor" behind it (gee, I identify with that). He vowed to tie everybody's shoelaces together if they didn't get off of his damned back.
Harold CampingHarold Camping is of course, moving on with his life after his "April Fool's Gag Gone Bad". He still believes that everything bad is because of sex - like any whacked out old-school Bible-thumping pervert.


Monday, May 23, 2011

Dumb, Inbred, Skanky Redneck Whore from Alabama Leeches Taxpayer Dollars

As we all know, Alabama is notorious for its inbreeding and corn-cob-pipe smoking red-necks and an unlimited supply of low intelligence. One woman however is daring to change all of that, by trying to put a stop - not just to inbreeding - but to sex altogether.

Christine ArmstrongChristine Armstrong from Alabama has decided to put a stop to the rampant and out of control inbreeding in Alabama. However, since she is allegedly the result of inbreeding herself, she missed the mark, and is putting a stop to sex and heterosexuality in general - like a lot of dumb broads these days.

Christine Armstrong is a member of "The Lighthouse", a domestic violence program supposedly funded by tax payer dollars. Like many domestic violence programs, the thinking behind it is based on erroneous domestic violence statistics fabricated by feminazi's, feminuts, feminasties, feminutsy's, man-haters, and an assortment of other lunatics who chewed through their straight-jackets. The intent of such organization is NEVER honest, but rather a scam designed to terrorize people into believing that men are beating, raping monsters. Any person the result of generations of rampant unchecked inbreeding, like many of those found in Alabama would definitely fit right in to such an insane institution. Also, our psychologists have stated that the phallic shape of the lighthouse tends to attract sexually repressed b*tches women.

MEN-Factor reporters interviewed "Butthead" to get his opinion of Christine Armstrong:

buttheadArmstrong?! uhhhh.... uhhhh.... huh huh huh huh huh. huh huh huh huh - armstrong... yeah... huh huh huh...

Christine ArmstrongChristine Armstrong, like any common parasite, allegedly gets paid by the American tax payer dollar. This is not uncommon for people who have no skills or intelligence - i.e. people who are the result of rampant unchecked inbreeding (come on - ALABAMA for GOD'S SAKE!). Reports indicate that the batsh*t bonkers b*tch has a knack for blaming men for any problems that might arise in relationships. This is due to the barrage of brainwashing prevalent in our society today. MEN-Factor reporters tried to interview Christine's friends, but so far, reports indicate that she has no friends. Our reporters then tried to interview immediate family members.

Christine ArmstrongA man claiming to be Christine Armstrong's brother and cousin was interviewed by MEN-Factor reporters. In addition to pointing out the hardships in his own personal life, he also claimed that Armstrong was more abrasive than a sheep named "Durr Dickety Dough Doo" he frequently has sexual intercourse with.

Supposedly, Christine's first step to get her brothers to stop hounding her for sex put an end to domestic violence and the patriarchy, is to produce a cuntry music album:
Christine Armstrong
Christine Armstrong allegedly hopes that the sales of this album will provide funds to the bogus domestic violence scam organization she works for, and at the same time, prevent men from "gettin' 'rections".

Friday, May 20, 2011

This is More Fun than a Magic 8-Ball!

Press the "Feminism" button in the Flash App Below!

An excellent quote I found during the week, came from the AngloBitch blog:

Since the late fifties, a misandrist form of feminism has risen across the Anglosphere to downgrade men and exalt women - a deadly mixture of puritanism and women's 'rights'. Now, women find themselves exalted beyond their true value and worth as faultless goddesses who can do no wrong. This lofty status, however, is rooted in a cultural accident, not real ability or effort; and so women feel at heart deeply insecure about themselves. And perhaps this gnawing insecurity and sense of unworthiness explains their attraction to bums and thugs, not to mention the drug abuse and mental illness that characterizes so many Anglo-American women. They know at heart that they sit on paper thrones in a kingdom of dreams, and deserve nothing.

This statement seems to fit many observations I have made of people in my past. All the observations involve some woman getting inexplicably hostile towards a man (no, not me). I might write about them later - one such incident involved an altercation between two convenience store employees (a man and a woman).

Also, I have never bought the "Neo-Marxism" roots of feminism. I do believe that it is more of a "cultural accident". I think this is why I find myself at odds with many MRA's. I believe that to properly "correct" things will involve a critical look at our culture, its people, and the attitudes common therein. Perhaps I'll write about this too.

See you all on Monday - where I will vent my "male resentment" at another woman who has been murdered by her boyfriend. A mega hottie no doubt!

Have a great weekend all!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Murder and Male Resentment Mondays (on a Tuesday)

I had a nasty stomach bug - RALLLLLPH!

Amy Leigh BarnesAmy Leigh Barnes. GA GA GA GOH-ING!!! Check out this FREAKIN HOT WOMAN! A woman with a face and body like that could definitely put steam in a man's stride! YOINKS! So - who is she, is she single, if not - who is the lucky man she is hooked up with? Well, bad news guys. She is dead. Yup. I know this is going to be hard to believe, but her boyfriend actually killed her! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!

Let's take a look at the lucky bachelor...
Riccardo MorrisonRiccardo Morrison - one lucky son of a gun with a lazy eye. He was not good enough to make it into professional football, so he remained at the sidelines doing - uhm - God only knows what. But, at least he made enough money to move in with that mega hotties grandmother! He also had a criminal record of beating 5 other women in his past at the ripe age of 21! Since Riccardo Morrison is a MAN, and our culture is swamped with male privilege, he now gets the privilege of going to jail - unlike women who kill their boyfriends.

Now, I must ask myself: how does this information help me? Well, let us apply game theory - perhaps we can learn from example:

In order to score a mega hot 18 year old like this:
Amy Leigh Barnes
One must have beaten 5 other women by the age of 21, have a lazy eye and be a failed attempt at being a football player, and live with your girlfriend's grandmother (no doubt, your own grandmother won't let you live with her, since she knows what a psycho you are)!

Also, when you look at her - do not be "dirty" and undress her in your mind, or fantasize about something really nasty and vile like sexual intercourse. Instead, think about things like: beating up 5 women on her 19th birthday, slamming her arm in a door, spraying deodorant in her face, or just punching her in the face.

Get your game on guys!

Male ResentmentDAMN!!!! I knew I was doing something wrong when I was younger! I wasn't beating any women, I didn't have a lazy eye, and I was preparing myself to have a stable career, and I worked as a security guard and lived in a sh*t-hole apartment, instead of leeching off of somebody else's Grandmother! No wonder chicks always told me to f@ck off when I would approach them! Looking back, I realize now, what a creep I really was. DAMN!

Amy Leigh Barnes


Amy Leigh BarnesAmy Leigh Barnes

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Funnies

A Message to the British Royal Family.
Princess Beatrice

If that picture offended you - GOOD!

I think I never posted these, if I did, well, moan and roll your eyes at them again.





Sometimes, in the mock news stories I do, some pictures simply do not make it into the story itself, because my brain had a major melt down, and I end up with a picture that makes no sense, or I save it in the wrong folder.

Make sense out of these if you can.
Washington PostThe Washington Post

Fuzzy Bunny SlippersFuzzy Bunny Slippers

Monday, May 9, 2011

Murder and Male Resentment Mondays

I think I'll make this a regular feature on my web-site! I thought of that title all by myself you know!
Our victim is definitely a mega-hawt young lady, aged 20. A skilled ballerina dancer, and definitely grade AAA porn material:
Jenni-Lyn Watson
Jenni-Lyn Watson

She reminds me of that woman from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off".

At the age of 20, with looks like hers, she could have gotten: a future lawyer, a future accountant, a future marketer, a future doctor, a future dentist.

Hell, I would wager a guess that in our f*cked up Anglosphere, she could have gotten a current doctor, dentist, lawyer, accountant, marketer, or whatever careers are lucrative these days.

Who did she choose?

And let's get this straight. Women get all the choices. A man can only target a woman he wants to hook up with. Ultimately, whether or not a relationship happens is the woman's choice, not the man's. END OF STORY.

Steven PieperHere is the lucky and mentally unstable man: His name is Steven Pieper. The relationship was described as an "on and off again and again" relationship. Steven Pieper was NOT described in any article as being kind, decent, or anything else. He was in fact repeatedly described as being mentally abusive.

Steven Pieper
Dang, I wish I had an abnormally huge mouth, and a smile that says, "I am faking this smile, I actually want to kill somebody!". Perhaps if I had done that in my youth - practiced such facial expressions, I might have "gotten lucky"!!!! He worked as a clerk at Pep Boys - I am going to fill out an application right now! There is no evidence that Pieper even attended college as Jenni-Lyn did.

Jenni-Lyn Watson

Oh, and since we live in a society overflowing with "male privilege", Steve Pieper now gets the privilege of going to jail for murder, unlike many women these days (note, the previous link describes how people are fighting to AVOID a woman going to jail, not a woman actually not going to jail - eyes crossed yet?).
Steven Pieper


Remember ladies: the next time you see a man who doesn't come across as a total psycho in a grocery store - and you're a woman - vent all your frustrations on him - then go home to your psycho boyfriend, and take a cinder block in the face!

In the near future, I'll give a rant about a pattern I have noticed. Perhaps it will spark some intelligent debate.