Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Obama Reveals Big Pretty Orange Ball to the American Public!

In a shattering news story, President Obama held a press conference today, in which he showed, for the first time, a big pretty orange ball that has been in the White House for nearly 150 years!
ObamaPresident Obama was very eager to answer questions about the big pretty orange ball!

ObamaPresident Obama then opened the floor to questions.

ReportersReporters asked various questions about the WAR in Libya, the economy, and how big tycoons on Wall Street were robbing the U.S. Treasury. Questions about the war in Libya were the most prevalent:

ObamaPresident Obama looked upset with the questions.
ObamaPresident Obama then re-opened the floor to questions about the big pretty orange ball found in the White House.

ReportersQuestions came from the reporters:
"Is it true we are WARRING Libya just because they have oil?"
"Didn't George Bush start wars in the Middle East too - how are you any different from him?"
"Why are you letting the bankers on Wall Street rob the treasury?"
"How are your economic plans any different than George Bush's?"

ObamaPresident Obama was more visibly upset by the reporters.
ObamaPresident Obama reminded reporters about the big pretty orange ball.
ObamaPresident Obama then re-opened the floor once again to questions.

Reporters"Mr. President, how come no criminal charges are being brought against the bankers on Wall Street?"
"Mr. President, how come you gave Federal tax-payer money to the bankers on Wall Street?"
"Mr. President, why did you refer to social security as a privilege when people pay for it?"
"Mr. President, you mentioned limiting government spending, but then simply suggested more tax increases - how does that limit government spending?"
"Won't the WAR in Libya just increase government spending too - instead of decrease it?"

ObamaPresident Obama was visibly upset by the reporter's lack of concern and interest in the big pretty orange ball.

ObamaPresident Obama's final remark about "getting humanitarian" with reporters who did not inquire about the big pretty orange ball quickly brought the crowd in line - Including our own MEN-Factor reporters.

Orange BallThe big pretty orange ball was first discovered by Abraham Lincoln (A Republican you dipsh*ts) in 1862. Abraham Lincoln ignored it and outlawed slavery despite threats to his own life - that were actually carried out.

John F. Kennedy also discovered the big pretty orange ball, but he too did not reveal it to reporters or the American public. He was too busy actually running the country effectively.

It has been alleged that Bill Clinton also discovered the big orange ball, and his wife, Hillary actually played "fetch" with Bill in the backyard of the White House - at least when Bill was not using it as an oral sex device.


  1. I am almost done with that video I have been making.

    I call it, "How to make a total fool out of yourself".

  2. I wish this wasn't so unsurprisingly accurate...

  3. @Zeta - Huh??!!

    What do you mean by that?
    Double negatives are not unconfusing.

    @notanmra - You think I am making a fool out of myself. I'd tell you what to go do with yourself, but I guess that I am a bit of a "court jester". Whatever.

  4. I mean that that pretty much is what Obama is doing, especially with finally putting out his birth certificate, his tax forms, etc

  5. @Zeta - the ironic thing - me and my brother actually thought of this story many moons ago.

    I figured that now was an appropriate time to post it.

  6. Well its not uncommon for a politican to flash something out there to keep the people occupied for a few days. This is just a really really big one and a stupid one.

    He should have just said to trump "fuck off, I am an american citizen how the hell is this even still in debate?"

  7. I nailed you mom you turd.


    I really wish you would stay off of the computer when you've been drinking!