Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Man Rapes Crystal Mangum's Knife with his Torso!

Crystal MangumCrystal Mangum

USA Today Story Here

A 46 year old man by the name of Reginald Daye is now accused of raping a knife that Crystal Mangum (the FALSE accuser of the Duke Lacrosse team) was holding, by using his torso.

Reginald Daye was rushed to the hospital. Mike Nifong suspects he was then raped by the three Duke Lacrosse players while in the hospital.
Duke Lacrosse Players
Nifong is also alleging that the Duke Lacrosse Players have raped him, a gerbil, a pile of leaves in his neighbor's backyard, some potato salad at a picnic, a telephone booth, a bottle of Windex, some pickles and a box of silly putty. In an interview, Mike Nifong allegedly said, "Will nothing stop those Duke Lacrosse players? Pretty soon, they will have raped everything - even the moon, or my magic bag of dried apricots!"
Mike NifongMike Nifong

Nancy Grace the disgrace is also getting soggy between the legs at the notion of accusing innocent upper class white boys FALSELY of another offense. When she heard rumors that the Duke Lacrosse trio were implicated in the assumed victimization of Mike Nifong's magic bag of dried apricots, she went ape-sh*t!
Nancy GraceNancy Grace: I knew it! Pickles, potato salad, why I even heard that they raped a pregnant giraffe! This is so typical of good-looking white boys who rejected me when I was getting my brain filled with male-hatred in college. Now, they are even trying to rape Mike Nifong's magic bag of dried apricots. And as rumor has it, they are planning to rape the rings of Saturn too!

Mike Nifong announced plans to get re-instated to become a lawyer again, and he plans to put the comet shoemaker levy 9 on trial for raping Jupiter - in the a$$.
Mike NifongMike Nifong


  1. Time to Rock n' RollApril 5, 2011 at 4:36 PM

    Good one! Fucking hilarious. Let's see how the fembots try to squirm their way out of their close relationship with the ever-increasing liability known as Crystal Mangum.

    I might need some popcorn for this, bro.

  2. Great one, ScareCrow!!!


  3. I still can't wrap my head around the fact that some guy is actually having sex with Nancy Grace, even knocked her up. What the fucking fuck!

  4. There are guys out there - who are incredibly desperate.

    I'd wager a guess that Mike Nifong was one of them - he got paid in hummers from Crystal Mangum.