Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Funnies - and - Friday Freakiness

First, the funnies - being goofy is how I deal with my anger (perhaps I am not funny - whatever).

How about some Star Trek stuff:



Mary Kellett was raped by her douching kit:
raping bubblesraping bubbles

You all remember Mary Kellett don't you:
Mary KellettMary Kellett

Now, other people make some damned funny stuff too:


I found this one on avoiceformen
boys are stupidboys are stupid

Now, the freaky?? Made me say, "WTF!?"

I signed up for an account on the MGTOW forums just too see what it was all about.

I made one suggestion for a new blog in my first post.

I have already been PERMANENTLY banned! No reason was given as to why I was banned, and the message says, "Date the ban will be lifted: never".

It gets weirder - I then posted a message about this on another blog - the blog had a related topic - about the happy bachelors forum being moved - I posted a comment asking if anybody knew why I might have been banned so suddenly from the MGTOW forums.

The blog author took the entire post down?!

Strange eh? WTF?!


  1. That is strange!

    I've signed up too now... waiting approval.

    Maybe they will be offended by my name?

  2. Gets weirder still.

    There is no way to find out who owns a blog name.

    Finding out who owns a domain name is easy. I just spent an hour looking up various "MRA" web-sites.

    Mine is the only one that lists ALL my personal information - full name, address etc...

    Avoiceformen - lists Paul Elam's name - but nothing else.

    When I registered my domain name, I was given no option to be "hidden", or have my personal information retained as "private".

    Yet, all the MRA sites - no clue as to WHO is really behind them.

    Except MAYBE for Paul Elam.

  3. Oh, and P.S. - I respect him a lot.

    However; Angry Harry's web-site - when I looked that one up, it said it violated standard domain name protocols or something like that...

    I wonder what all the secrecy is about.

  4. “Progressive” feminists on Twitter threaten to cut off men’s penises if Planned Parenthood is defunded

  5. About the freaky part:

  6. @anon - not surprised. That happens a lot.

    For some reason, they believe everything is a "woman against man" issue.

    @deansdale - I read that article - the comments explained a lot.

    The whole site is under attack, so many people's IP addresses are going to be blocked.

    It tells me that WE are threatening them.

    They are on the run.

  7. That is freaky. I mean back in the olden days you had to tell a man why he was being blacklisted. Wait....can I say "blacklisted"? Shit! Now I'm a racist too!!!

  8. Dang, ScareCrow...

    I think I'll add one of those to my blog too...especially the slut one...god, I hate sluts!


  9. I should post an FYI:

    A forum administrator contacted me and told me why I was booted off.

    My account has been re-instated.

  10. Same here but it was the old Don't Marry board and I got booted twice for saying all the things I say now on my blog. It was the whole reason I started my own blog because I was getting booted. Actually this is my second blog. I had to shut down my first one because an old girlfriend figured it was me through my email address on my profile and wouldn't quit stalking me. My advice is to keep all your information anonymous. If the Feminutzies get their way and they probably will with all the White Knights running around the men’s blogs telling it like it is will be a crime of hate speech (truth).

  11. P.M.S. My information is not secret.

    Any woman who doesn't like what I write, can get the f$!@ away from me.

    I have argued with many women who get fed up in disgust and leave over things like VAWA and sexual harassment (in everyday life - not on the internetS).