Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Watch the one after it too - Listen to Your DICK!


  1. "You can't tell me when to have a boner, that's my business!!"

    Dethklok is some funny shit!

  2. Reminds me of a story my late mother once told me about an incident that occurred in an office in which she worked, about sixty years ago now.

    The office had a large open staircase running up the middle, which was visible to everyone who worked in it. One of the women who worked there wore what were then considered very short skirts. This woman was in the habit of picking up a pile of files, or some other handy excuse, and walking slowly and deliberately up the stairs whenever a man was working near them. She would then turn and ask, loudly, of the man, 'and what are you looking at?' Much to the man's embarrassment. One day a man replied, just as loudly and without embarrassment, 'the ugliest pair of legs I've ever seen', much to the amusement of the other women in the office. She never tried the trick again, and she wore her skirts at the same length as other women from then on.

  3. PS: Now that I think of it, he said thighs, not legs.

  4. @Captain - definitely! I own season 1-3 on DVD. They are freakin hilarious...

    @Gruff - I am going to have to remember that. There is a fat chick where I work that likes to make a spectacle out of her breasts (her only redeeming quality). She has asked men, "what are you looking at". If she ever asks me that, I'll say, "A fat cow making a spectacle out of her breasts - most likely because its the only thing good about her".

    Bop Bang BOOOOOM!

  5. ScareCrow, if she is making a spectacle of her breasts you should not say that because it will do nothing but make her mad and get you in trouble.

    A better comment is to say "Good looking udders."

  6. NAHHHHH....

    Gonna say - A fat bitch making a spectacle out of her breasts because its her only redeeming quality.

    I am notorious for being "over the top" at work.

    Has it gotten me into trouble?

    NOPE! Quite the opposite - I usually end up being the one with the balls to say what everybody else is thinking.

  7. Brevity is the soul of wit, Scaredy. Do you want to be lame or clever? Besides, you will be out of revenge range when she figures out the insult.

  8. Huh? Scaredy? Is that some kind of wise-ass comment?!

    I want to be cleverly lame.

    Out of revenge range?

    What on earth does that mean?