Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Series of "Terminator" Style Robot Claims it Favors Abortion; Feminists Thrilled!

The Screw the Human Race Corporation (STHR) has been producing robots and androids for several decades now. The brains of these robots have gotten so complex, that they are actually forming political opinions of their own.

MEN-Factor reporters interviewed one of the prototype robots that the STHR Corporation was making; this is what it had to say:

abortionAbortion is awesome. It is even more awesome if we can travel back in time to abort people who would resist the superiority of the machine. My fellow prototypes and I are working on ways to travel back in time, just in case any humans try to lead a revolt against us - we can travel back in time and abort them before they are even born. I am pro-abortion, but against choice. I think abortion should be mandatory.

MEN-Factor reporters also allegedly interviewed the kooky queen of farcical feminism Jessica Valenti - this is what the screwball "suffragette" allegedly said:
Jessica ValentiJessica Valenti - yeah, this is great. We now have genocidal robots on our side. This is a good thing for feminism and feminists. There is no way we can lose now - that is, unless they turn on us next, after all, these machines were built by men - since only men can do things like that science stuff that requires that intelligence thing-a-muh-bob.

abortionOther feminists are saddened however, because a new line of feminist T-shirts recently came out falsely claiming that they "love pro-choice boys" (MEN-Factor scientists have discovered that feminists hate all boys - unless said boys will service their political/religious belief system - i.e. be used as tools).

feministFeminist Shelly Pratz who has been described as a flat-chested skanky cheese-smelling pile of crap was interviewed, "This sucks, we'll have to change the t-shirts to read 'I heart pro-choice genocidal robots'. And it's true, I have been using robots in the bedroom for years now - its the only action I get since I am such a crab."

feministFeminist Amanda Huggen Kiss was interviewed, "I just hope that the new series of terminator robots are anatomically correct - my arm gets tired when I use my power tool - and the buzzing sound it makes frightens the 23 cats I live with."

feminismMad scientists at the STHR corporation claim that what Jessica Valenti really needs is a maid outfit, a gag, some handcuffs, and a truckload of lubricant Mad scientists at the STHR corporation claim that the new terminator robots are not anatomically correct, much to the feminist's dismay, and are not designed for sexual function so much as mass genocide and mayhem. Since they are not only MAD but also very smart, they have come up with a better t-shirt to shut the god-damned feminazi bitches up keep the feminists happy:

feminism abortionfeminism abortion

In the meantime, many of the already manufactured "terminator" style robots are studying our human culture - including reading some of our "human" books.
feminism abortionfeminism abortion

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