Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mary N. Kellett "Bloody Mary" Announces Plans to open up a New Girl's School in Maine.

Mary N. KellettMary N. Kellett is announcing plans to open up a new all-girl's school in Maine. The deranged District Attorney from Maine is notorious for her over-zealous pursuit of rape and sexual abuse cases. In fact, her passion for rape is so extreme, that according to sources, Maine now has a rape and sexual abuse allegation rate that is 17000% higher then the norm for the country! For those of you who do not do math well, that is 170 times the normal rate. You can read about some of this fanatical females farcical pursuit of justice here.

MEN-Factor reporters allegedly spoke with the crazy c*nt about what the new all-girls school would be like. Based on what the mentally insane matriarch said, we think it will look something like this:
Mary N. KellettMary N. Kellett

Mary N. Kellett allegedly told MEN-Factor reporters that the class curriculum would include things like the following:

Castration 101 (penis hating)
Castration 102 (advanced penis hating)
Matriarchal Theory 201 (Why Women are Superior to Men)
Matriarchal Theory 202 (Men are Stinky)
Male Bashing 101 (men are bad)
Male Bashing 102 (the evil penis)
Male Bashing 233 (advanced men-hating theory)
Male Bashing 281 (Rape Theory and Patriarchy)
Male Bashing 301 (Using Sexual Allure to Claim Rape)
Male Bashing 417 (Domestic Violence is your Tool)
Male Bashing 418 (False Rape Allegations are your best Weapon)

MEN-Factor reporters also interviewed many young women who are very eager to sign up for Satan's Mary N. Kellett's School for Girls.

Mary N. KellettMary N. Kellett is to Satan what Jesus was to God. I love her and sacrifice my unborn babies to her! The streets will run red with the castrated penises of evil vile raping man-things on the seventh moon!

Mary N. KellettMary N. Kellett is paving the way for the apocalypse! We have been waiting for our liberation for more than 1000 moons. Finally! We will curse out thee males from this dark earth and have a group orgy and feast on our entrails!

Mary N. Kellett "Mary N. Kellett I LOVE YOU" Another woman that we interviewed shouted at our reporters. She then slit her wrists and jumped off of a building.

Unfortunately, even though the school is not finished being built yet, it has already been vandalized. Mary N. Kellett in high spirits, said she didn't mind at all, and urged the janitor in the photo below to not bother cleaning up the graffiti.
Mary N. KellettMary N. Kellett. School for Girls.

Mary N. Kellett, Assistant District Attorney
Phone: (207) 667-4621


  1. ""Mary N. Kellett I LOVE YOU" Another woman that we interviewed shouted at our reporters. She then slit her wrists and jumped off of a building."

    I think that was a photo of my ex-girlfriend. Man,she's really put on weight.

  2. Its is actually a composite of almost every man's ex-girlfriend.

    It took my computer 24 hours to render it.

  3. Doesn't surprise me,I used to buy her dinners. She obviously takes a lot more bytes than she used to.